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5. Fast & Furious Posters (6-10) w/ Steven Lyons | Poster Podcast

April 17, 2023 Taylor Ruddle Episode 5
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
5. Fast & Furious Posters (6-10) w/ Steven Lyons | Poster Podcast
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 In this episode I chat with Auckland based comedian Steven Lyons about movies 6 through 10 of the Fast & Furious series. We also chat about the idea of an actor's likeness being taken over and used in the case of their death by things like AI and Deepfaking. We get into the history of James Bond movie henchmen and the classic kung fu masterpieces of our youth. And naturally we riff on how ridiculously awesome the series has gotten as well as our predictions for Fast X.

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0:00 Fast & Furious 6
13:24 Furious 7
18:09 Fate Of The Furious
23:40 Hobbs & Shaw
31:29 F9 The Fast Saga
34:58 Fast X
39:45 Series Recap
41:37 After Dark
53:32 Announcement

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fast and furious six yeah number six the evolution of brushed steel now it's polished like gorgeous polished metal yeah it's um it's a little bit of a the next step and that the photography of the last one and that they're on some kind of anonymous road gravel Clifton I'm not quite sure what they're standing on yeah I've got a blue sky in the background and then like you said at the start they were just kind of standing there looking um they've gone back to brooding though yeah they have happened okay like Fast Five they're all in action stance yo fast and furious six they're they're back into brooding time yeah although I noticed guns like slowly become more present yes that was because I think I guess Fast Five is the first one where we've got three people people with with guns in them and then fast and the furious six Doms holding a full-on shotgun yeah I always wondered what I could never remember this but um The Rock's character was like you know he was a sort of um as the plot demands it special forces police officer or I'm not quite sure what exactly his job was but yeah he's kind of a like unnamed generic Secret Agency kind of is needed he can follow them to Rio and like hunt them down um I forget which one it was but it was one of the films where the trailer was made a big deal of showing him shattering a cast by like flexing his arm I think that might have been six I'm not quite sure they all kind of meld into one here but I'm trying to work out the background looks like it's London to me it definitely is London yeah yeah and I guess I don't know where that road would be no pictures of Jones Sky bridge I think the characters have definitely taken presidents over the cars like they've they've left the cars in there so that you know there will be cars but it's kind of like you know don't don't worry about those there they're just you know the weapons of the characters I suppose when was Paul's last I think that was oh man you really set a trap for me here otherwise I'd normally do all of the research on this stuff see um I'm just looking at the posters now to remember seven was his last one because eight I have a slightly amusing anecdote about seeing that in the movie theaters and he wasn't in that one so yeah seven was the one he uh has kind of send off although apparently they're going to keep the character alive and he's going to be in the new movie coming out so I'm not quite sure how they're going to do that maybe deep faking has gone really good yeah well they deep faked him for uh seven I think yeah but apparently he's gonna have talking lines and stuff in this movie hell yeah they can do that yeah well I mean I kind of love that we're at this weird intersection of is that okay because his family I feel like his family wouldn't do it if he wouldn't if he wasn't okay with it yeah but then equally do they have the Liberty to make that choice um and then can you own that like you can't own someone's but at the but you can because they had that with grand moth token in Star Wars yes if they had to go to his estate and his estate was like yes we do like money um or they would like yes we'd like him to continue being part of that franchise and all of that storytelling I wonder as well if um in the case of Fast and Furious they may they may have signed on it for like yeah you can do a couple of them but if they would have been telling them hey can we just make like 12 more of these I think you know they would have been like ah come on that's a bit it's a little exploitative yeah but but with something like I mean and it's very unique in Paul Walker's situation where this is a franchise that he loved and he was quite outspoken about um being connected with is that it's like I don't know I mean I'm I don't consider myself an actor but I have acted and the idea that like after I'm gone I could just keep doing stuff kind of brings me joy yeah that's definitely um but that also you know is how I believe like I'm like oh when I'm dead I'm gone so have fun go nuts yeah you're not gonna miss you're not gonna um you're not gonna uh yeah as long as it's not hurting my family or yeah like anyone else then yeah absolutely yeah if you're gonna throw me in a Mustang and have drive off a cliff and then land on a helicopter that spins upside down shatters its blades and lands inside a Boeing 747 as it takes off yeah throw my face in there there's worse ways to be used isn't it I guess I mean give me a pun or something yeah yeah it's when they start using you to sell like insurance or something like that then you might kind of be like hey come on like you know don't have a lot of respect for them yeah good point good point I want they they probably are going to have to eventually have post-humus contracts because yeah I remember Dave Chappelle's whole thing was he signed a like in perpetuity contract with uh the Chappelle show yes I wonder how much longer it's gonna be before you have to start signing these in case you die while we're making the franchise we can keep using your likeness contrary it'll I I guarantee you it's already happening it'll already be yeah there's so much money involved in these movies and now that the technology is there why would you not yeah like um why would you because now that and the Precedence kind of been established it's happened a few times and it's happened when people haven't died right they've had to do the reverse of but we're someone's still alive but they want to take them out of the movie which involves putting someone else into the movie yes yeah it was apparently the Blade movies were um who is who is there that played blade that was um Wesley Snipes yes apparently even in the 90s he was being difficult like there was a there's an urban legend that he refused to um do a camera shot he was lying down and he refused to open his eyes so they had to CG him opening his eyes and so I guess you're right this does go back a ways and yeah especially with things like the Marvel Cinematic Universe where you know you're probably signing like a billion dollar contract to do you know like Sam Jackson being in the movies but not really like that starring in them but they kind of need your likeness and oh you're gonna pop up here and there like are you familiar with the author called Brandon Sanderson no no he's got this um this big series called the cosmere and they're all fantasy novels but he's been kind of play planting the seeds of a shared Universe for 20 years something like that and he's got one character who's kind of he's not a main character but he's going to be and for right now he's only just shown up in the background and he's showing up in other stories and I think when they sign the character you know the actor to play him across because they're obviously going to really make it into saying you're gonna have to sign on for you know we can use you when if we need you kind of thing yeah and it is that weird thing if we are at that point where they really are treating people like yo that they can just pull you out and be like all right you're here and now but isn't like the new I mean the newest Ant-Man just came out and I think they recast his daughter oh wow I didn't know that and like um I think was the thing of um yeah we love the idea that emcu is all set in stone and all of that stuff but it's like I'm pretty sure all of this stuff is up for grabs when your money machine activity and yeah like that they did not win movie well I think they knew I think that they had this Vision right and like you know and they were like oh my God if we don't replace him right now then he's like yes like the whole thing that he was saying was hey I'm part of this thing and I'm you know kind of a big part of this thing and going forward I'm only going to get to be a bigger part of this and they win oh good point you seem difficult all right um let's make an example of them yeah I shouldn't say that all right the guy um the actor who plays war machine now is amazing Don Cheadle he's great yeah yeah right like I'm not gonna go like it's not as though they not just some guy here like yeah yeah was like a compromise yeah that's right yeah is there anything else you wanted to say about fast and the furious six is posted it's a little bit Bland to be honest like like you say they've kind of built Their audience up hey don't you call it Bland they put a lot of effort into that very subtle Dutch tilt that's true I have been validating probably several designers and photographers work but uh I I think yeah I mean this is a Frankenstein poster this isn't one person's baby yeah it was designed by committee oh 100 yeah but it's a beautiful the thing about Fast and Furious movies which is why um I was excited to talk about them is the posters are there's often a lot of minimalism or in that new Simplicity in there where they're not afraid to because they know the brand is so powerful they're not afraid to go yeah it's just a poster it's a bit like Coca-Cola sometimes you do wonder do they really need to advertise and it's the same thing like it's less trying to convert people to see a new Fast and the Furious and more just telling us that there is a new one out yeah yeah if you'd like to check it out and go to the movie theater or not whatever well in the um the posters yeah they don't they don't need to tell you what's going on they just need to get you excited that the thing you like is happening again you know it's like it's trying to Market Christmas yes I heard the um the Poirot novels there the Christie novels were essentially just um you know we want the same story told but different each time and I feel like maybe the Fast and Furious is a little bit like that you kind of know what you're signing up for like yeah there's gonna be family there's going to be a new celebrity villain there's going to be a lot of really cool election sequences and they're going to end it by having a barbecue and drinking Corona yeah it's um I was gonna say something which I feel like would get me in a bunch of trouble um I I will reword it in a more enjoyable way it is it's playful James Bond yes right is you kind of know the cast you kind of know the people but you know there'll be a new oh there's a new this person oh there's a new that kind of person yes and you're but you know what to expect you're like I expect yo and for Fast and Furious movies oh just expect a good time yeah you're right actually because maybe they've always done this I'm not super familiar with Bond but the goons what were they called the henchmen they were quite often minor celebrities playing them ever got that kind of right yeah some some um sometimes they were minor celebrities sometimes they were people before they were celebrities um but often they were character actors and just interesting people yeah and that's something that um I kind of love that the Fast and the Furious and a bunch of movies do that now where they have that confidence to just go not everyone has to be everything like you throw someone in who's fun go get something in there that's going to stimulate us and compel us yes I do quite like that it's like you've seen um Once Upon a Time in Hollywood yeah yeah they were talking about the days of um a TV star guest starring on another TV stars show and they're usually like a villain of the week or whatever and I feel like in the way the Fast and Furious movies have that kind of energy like I think the latest ones got Jason Momoa in it and like yeah so

we're going back to the stuff that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to make his career his first ever um on-screen appearance was in a TV show where he was just in one episode and he was just the muscly guy yes and you can even think back to the old martial arts movies like um you know you might find I'm just thinking well into the dragon has um yeah and as well I mean it's a huge amount Kareem um Jafar yes that's the name yeah the very tall man and yeah that was a wild Cameo and um I think it has even more I think that there's like at the time there were like to all of these people where you're just going oh man yeah yes there's also a funny trend of um like another one would be Val Kilmer in um die hard he was one of the um at least I think it was him he was one of the um the terrorists here Bill Kilmer in uh Die Hard maybe I'm misremembering that Ellen Rickman yes he was the he was the uh and then I think Phil Kilner was one of the goons uh but yes it is it is a lot of fun to see people before they were kind of big just you know putting in A Hard Day's Work um so number seven is a really vague poster yeah a Vengeance hits home yeah I feel like this is a teaser poster yeah that's what it does feel like doesn't it because there's no other information on it but the others were equally as kind of vague I uh yeah and this one was one that stuck in my head the most because the funny thing about going through these was thinking which one do I remember seeing at the movie theaters just around yeah um but yeah I thought it was interesting that they really focused on the car here and like you can't really tell who the characters are in the background but yeah I can definitely tell that the middle guy is not Vin Diesel because whoever's in the middle of that is huge that could be the rock probably yeah but I just yeah I love it and that's that thing where like this is a franchise that gets So Meta that they're like you don't need to see the actors you don't need to know who they are you get it yeah like you know all your favorites are back all or they're not yeah I think it's it's yeah like this it was funny to say in the first few days as the franchise is picking up steam you'd have actors that would sort of disappear for a couple of movies and now I think that it's really cranking they're all they're just all in the movies what I mean the way that we make movies has changed so much though too and the expectations around it of like there was a time where you'd be like I don't want to go you know like actors you would be like oh that'll put me in a box or that'll do this thing whereas now they know oh my God I'm gonna turn up it's gonna be four days of shooting I've got three scenes you know it's you look at The Expendables like the first Expendables movie with Mr church and they meet in a church and Arnie turns up as trench because he wears a trench coat yeah oh God what are you guys doing but it's just this gorgeous scene where you know like he didn't you know like they didn't need him in that movie he didn't need to do the the movie artistically yo financially but he wanted to do the movie because he's like how fun is this yeah and that I think is where the Fast and the Furious movies have kind of landed is that it's like if if you're an actor and you get a call hey do you want to be in a fast and furious movie yeah if you're an established actor or you don't take yourself too seriously you're not going to hesitate you're going to be like I'm in I want it you know why not right yes all right that's great yeah I uh that's just be such a bizarre call to get her well yeah and that thing of like especially like cameos where there's got to be a bunch of weird cameos that don't even like make it through yeah I know I'm watching something recently I feel like Christopher Walken is quite often yeah he's in it for a scene and he loves it

how could you not I was like do you need me to sing they're like no there's no singing he's like I'm gonna sing anyways um but yeah not not a hole but what else to say about the Furious 7 poster they the first time they've I think it's the first time they haven't used fast in the title fast and furious six Fast Five Fast and Furious yeah it's the first one they've just called it Furious yeah because yeah the director was Furious that they kept having to make these movies yeah he's like I have a really beautiful Small Town movie that I want to film about my family oh no we're not doing okay fine another three of these fine is there one director for most of the fastest I think he did from maybe he did maybe five through to the end I don't think he did the last one because he had a family emergency something to do with his daughter I think maybe got sick I should have researched it properly but yeah he um he's still listed as being an executive producer and number eight but he wasn't officially directing it I think I guess we're like 80 years away from just if if 80 years we're like five years away from AI just doing the whole thing just like we're just like there's enough Fast and Furious now that we can just type in the machine will make the yeah chat GP that'll that'll do the script we'll just feed That Into You Know stable diffusion to Output some you know some still frames we'll use those and then just start animating in between uh it'll be it'll you know I'm really looking forward to seeing the first AI movie that it's yeah lower your expectations yeah I mean maybe that's why I'm looking forward to it you can watch uh AI Seinfeld 24 hours a day yeah that's right I um I've been reading a little bit of those or just modern modern retellings of Seinfeld episodes that it's somehow they get it just brighter yeah yeah yeah but uh yeah yes the fate of the Furious which oh I think I'm trying to remember if that's the one with John Cena in it I can't even remember I don't know based on this poster he's in the car on the right because that is very like looks like its suspension is struggling yeah explain his way with all those muscles oh can I give a uh like I can't speak to Fast and the Furious tidbit sure but um Dwayne Johnson I saw an interview with him talking about when he was on the TV show ball loose oh yeah so in in Ballers he's a very like you know he's gun and wink he's doing great he's a sports agent yeah and so he drives all of these really incredible like sports cars and in this interview he was laughing about the fact that he's Dwayne Johnson he's like how big is that guy the dude is massive and he's like I can't actually fit in these cars of course so apparently they had to like the car would pull up and then they would have to cut to him like standing up out of the car oh wow but you can't fit in it because he's so big and all those sports cars are super compact well that's one thing I have in common with Dwayne Johnson then here we go can't can't fit in a Lotus history struggle to fit into a sports car but I think I think yes this must be the one that I have a slight anecdote and and that I saw the second half of this movie twice in the theaters because I went out with a group of friends to watch it and we didn't realize there were two extreme screens which is the big loud thing and one of the guys we were just kind of guessed and went we went in and it's right in the middle of a big action-packed chase it was when they were in Edinburgh and I thought wow they're really they're really starting this movie out with a really action-packed action sequence aren't they and just the more we watched it the more we're kind of nervously looking to each other like this feels like it's the climax of the movie I don't know if this is the start and then I mean the good news is it didn't really ruin my for you no it could well have been the start of the movie for all I knew and so we watched it through and then we went okay yeah we definitely went into the wrong Cinema so then we found the correct Cinema and we just went inside and watched pretty much exactly the same second half of the movie again wait so you never got to see the first half eventually I did but okay not on that day no I mean I picked it up you know um John Cena bad guy um Family they've apparently got a big secret base like a secret Clubhouse now of course where else would we keep all of our cars that are one of a kind but somehow replaceable yeah um aside from that I don't really remember anything I don't I'll tell you what they really they put a lot more effort into the kerning they fixed the the letter weights yeah you'll notice you look look at the rhythm of it feels a lot nicer yeah it's still an ugly ass font but it's working look at that s for too long I'm fine and then like you said they've made a bold Choice with the f8 at the top which is another very very fast and furious thing to do just you know see what happens that style of um imagery though too that they've got inside the f8 um there was like a five-year period where that was the visual style for every TV show like if you if you remember lost or like all of these like mystery like oh what's happening oh what's good it's like exactly that of like Prison Break online yeah prison break it's the yes it's blues and I think the blues came out of like a counter to the greens from like the Matrix kind of era but we've got like all these blue blue cool tones and then warm faces all looking concerned Heroes is another one I think that had that same yes look to it 100 now that you've said it I know exactly what you're talking about and yes yeah it's like a lineup of uh of you know a stat lineup of actors looking worried I almost think that the Walking Dead had their period of doing these shots as well I mean this that exact imagery but with a greeny brown and then a little bit of dirt boom yeah Walking Dead yeah but they're sticking with the Simplicity they're sticking with the bright white background which I love high contrast they're just giving you a little tease of some cars where you're like oh okay I also appreciate that the cars that are in here are like 100 if you're a car person you're like oh [ __ ] it's that yeah yeah absolutely yeah and they're really iconic cars if you know what they are yes and don't no me neither after about number three when they stopped saying the names of the cars out loud I had no idea what they were it was just kind of yeah it's heartbreaking when they forget to you know keep me looped in yeah I'm like come on guys uh yeah I have to do the research the um I really like how the name is like Central in this poster it just feels good to me that's like you know it's horizontal straight in the center like you say they've they've done a lot more with the painting and the layout of the text and then they've got their kind of flashy but the actors in it I'm guessing yeah this must have been the first one that Paul Walker wasn't in because it's the first one he's not on the poster of yeah and then I think Jason Statham was gone at this point so he's but then we've got the next is the next one yeah the next one sure which was I watched about half of this movie and felt like I was watching a new Bond movie have you seen this one yes I have there was a bit weird Idris elba's character I don't know what he was meant to be like a super spy yeah kind of Green Goblin I think that's why it's a presents right like all the other ones are based in reality and this one um it jumped the shark really different in there and I just remember yeah he jumped out of a building the Rock and Jason Statham both I'm not even calling them about their names who can remember their characters names it's impossible for me after a certain point like you know if you're watching um what Steven Seagal's movie um

his his character's technically called Casey Ryback but to me he's just Steven Singer and even Jackie Chan to a certain extent like I watched one where his character has a name but I kind of was like oh he's he's just you know he's the same character from police story or um drunken master or whatever uh I think it's I feel like that with um especially it feels like they made the rock this character like way more like him in this movie like I don't remember yeah as much of a goof as he was in these ones yeah they they kind of went which you know makes sense it's a different thing they're doing it they're doing their own adventure exactly and if the rock wants to have fun let him have fun yeah why not oh but I switched it off about the point they jumped out of a building and I think the rock I think he just landed on a car or something and he was fine and then you know I greatly appreciate that you feel like Hobbs and Shaw was too absurd for you this was this was my line apparently I kind of feel like I should have finished it but I just remember the time going this is this is a big jump from Fast and the Furious like it I think the plot was something about a virus that was going to wipe out all of humanity or something like that and I probably should go back and re-watch it but I just remember going I was not prepared for this level of intensity the problem was that they yeah that it was fast and furious presents people from Fast and the Furious doing not fast and the furious in the style of Fast and the Furious yeah so it's just like you're just like oh because that was I mean I I had a great time watching this movie I could barely remember any of it but it had it bright light it had explosions it had handsome men being strong and and you know like yeah I guess that's that's about most of the movie was just handsome guys being strong um although according to the poster there were also women in the movie yes I do remember um I don't know what she was called she was a thief or a cat burglar or something and I think she was Jason Statham's sister or something and what's the deal with like Idris Elba doesn't even get his name on the poster it's bad enough that the two female leads don't get their name on the poster but then like I think he's Kevin Spacey and seven like his photos on the poster bro we know you're in the movie well this comes back to the idea of egos I sense that um I I have this thought in my head that maybe these two had their idea of what they wanted to Fast and the Furious movies to be and it wasn't lining up with um Vin Diesel once they went fine you guys just do what you want to do yeah and so you have to imagine that these two were directing traffic on set and I'll do this and we'll do this and I'd be curious to see if they had their point system for um punches and kicks everything like that in this one as well also from from like interviews I've seen with Idris like I feel like he would have just been like I really like I I have a like I have a good career like I'm just happy to be in a fun movie yeah if you guys need your names in big lights that's all good yeah I'm getting paid and I get to have fun and make a really cool action movie where I've got super powers and how often will I get to do that and dear God I hope they make another Suicide Squad because the first one just did not land was he in Suicide Squad the first one I don't think so ah was he no I'm thinking of um was he in this I I honestly haven't seen either of them so I couldn't tell you the um you're making me break my brain he's in the suicide squad eyes in the second one oh yeah he replaced um he replaced Will Smith oh so he's dead shot on the second one fascinating no this is oh God this is where I got broken and this has happened to me before with exactly this is he's not dead shot he's Blood Sport

yeah gotcha and the funny thing is as well as people have been wanting Idris Elba to be the next Bond for years and I feel like he kind of was bond in this movie like the gadgets the yeah I remember he his costume turned into a motorcycle or something at one point didn't it let's do it I seen her man I seem to remember him um he got run over or something by a truck and his his suit like kind of popped up again and turned into some kind of vehicle and so maybe this was some kind of backdoor pilot for to see what he'd be like he's been doing a bunch of those where he's just like slowly building a body of work to be like come on [Music] he was great and uh the harder they fall I don't know if you've seen that when I was a cowboy movie um he's like a you know I mean he's a he's brilliant and he plays like he can play serious and he can play fun he's like yeah I'm I'm a big fan although apparently I forgot that he wasn't and that's how badly I wanted him to be in the first Suicide Squad movie you were just seeing him on the on the screen instead like gosh yeah because yeah I think that a lot of movies to be honest I thought he was in it with Will Smith too yeah it's like it wasn't even like a separate thing wow that's so funny that they just made like ah it's not the same character but you know you know who it's meant to be it's different guy it's a different guy you know it's not it's not it's not Superman it's Century we're doing fine yeah it's it's not a it's not a what is his name Captain America it's a soldier boy yeah yeah that's right exactly the Patriot was it isn't that the that is another one I think oh no U.S agent U.S agents brilliant well because the US agent is in the Marvel Universe now gotcha they're really beating that dead or something oh man they're gonna I mean that's the fun of it just like that's I will say that's kind of the difference between like oh one of the many plethora of differences between like Marvel and like Fast and Furious is like Fast and Furious is like just keep it simple keep it real simple just don't like Marvel's like we got all of this it's like no no just just keep it just keep it real simple I hope no one tells them about the idea of a Multiverse because I think that's the kind of thing they would be like oh we can uh we can do oh they can't do it no Fast and Furious if Hobbs and Shaw taught us anything base it in reality that's true you're too weird yes that's very true the other thing I did um I should have kept watching is because um Roman Reigns the wrestler who's The Rock's cousin is in Hobson Shore but I never reached as far as that point so I should actually watch it and see how he is yeah I think he's he plays his cousin at the end I think right or they go to Hawaii I think right or do they go to this oh yes so I've definitely seen this yeah I've just seen the making of because I watch wrestling so you see all kinds of like onset picks and everything yeah but yeah I think we're are we under F9 yes we are indeed the fast Saga which is another one I think this was the one they went to space in which was again huge scales like end of the world kind of um I think that was the one the poster looks fun yeah they they actually made a range of these uh like I I learned the name for them but whatever the whatever the name for the poster that shows one character on it they've got a special name for you yes yeah yeah they did a color for each of them and had them sitting on their Signature Care they did yeah and I thought that was really cool um again they show their willingness to just try something cool and see how it looks because I think the smoke is really distinctive it definitely stuck in my mind yeah it's a um wherever they get so they it's a yeah it was a photographic technique that people were doing right where they would um put down like smoke and then have people walk through it and do other stuff and um yeah they've done I mean it's the thing about it is it's it's bold uh the solo posters it pops it looks amazing group poster with the five different colors it's not quite it's not quite working and the big the big um segment of like dark smoke in the middle kind of overpowers everything else you can only see a tiny bit of the red which is Dominic's color by the look of it and yeah yeah when you look at if you I mean if we're digging into color theory the the rhythm's off yeah it is because you've got um that white in the top left corner yes is making the black in the middle even more or consuming and then we've missed out on some red and we've got like just the tiniest come on guys so it definitely draws the eye it also looks like it's been done in post rather than the smoke being colored there if that makes sense oh yeah would have been a um it was a huge saturation yeah

uh and then or if they did do it if they did take it as the color they've definitely digitally Amalgamated them yes good point they they were definitely enhance well it also goes into that um back into that space that we talked about earlier where it's like it's it's unnatural yes like if smoke was that close to each other it would yeah yeah I don't know whatever color mixes yeah and uh it has a little bit of you know those um skydiving where they they put down those flares to yeah let them know where to land that's what it reminded me of I don't think that's that vibrant for me it just looks like a whole bunch of people in Call of Duty are bringing in airstrikes going on airstrikes yeah exactly yeah stop leaning on your cars you guys have got to get out of there yeah there's gonna be it's gonna be a disaster in a few seconds but then again yeah they've the title F9 like what else do you need to know there's another Fast and Furious coming out here's some good photography come see it yeah but fast is back yes you're right I wonder I wonder what the official title of this one is F9 can't be the full title maybe it is that's the Furious 9 the fast Saga but I know I think that no it's IMDb says F9 F9 the first Saga they really just do whatever the heck they want hey they've earned it man this is true it obviously forever they're gonna run out of combinations eventually and then we've got the last one yeah fast X which is supposedly um the first of two parts to come out in the last movie this is I can't no one can be mad at Fast and the Furious if anyone is mad at Fast and the Furious you you gotta relax like yeah what is like the tagline on this poster is the end of the road begins like even if you are an English teacher you cannot be mad all right because they know what they're doing it's just Dom getting emotional over his Rosary yeah and then instead of Designing a logo they just took the X-Men logo and swapped men for fast they're like um that old XFL the football league from America that tried to take on the NFL the logo looked pretty much exactly like that perfect last X that's got to be a satisfying moment when your franchise gets enough entries to be able to use x in the title because it's just a such a cool such a cool leader yeah so but vastly different to the rest of the posters like again this could just be a teaser it's a new you know this is this is number 10 this is a new thing yeah it's a whole it's a whole new day so I'm definitely looking a lot older in this one like there um I don't know if they have they brought in the screenwriter from Logan that's just Tom and it's like it's set like way in the future and it's become clear that Dom age is way slower than everyone else like all of the other and he's like the only person driving a fossil fuel car everyone else in Teslas yeah yeah you know what there's eventually they'll look back on these as kind of a relic of its time like you know wow eventually already I mean yeah fair enough what I mean is like people will be driving in their Teslas and I'll be going wow you know are they going to look back at like like us watching people test the nuclear bombs and going what the hell are they doing yeah behind the lead Shields yeah they're definitely going to be they're gonna be like oh my God can you believe they're driving those cars and they're not wearing masks yeah and then they'll be like can you even believe that people had individual Transportation ah yeah that's true and they weren't self-driving yeah isn't that crazy well some of them are self-driving that's true yeah is that in there there's got to be in at least one or two of these movies they'll be like a derisary comment left by like one of the characters of like a self-driving cars you know that's life oh yeah no what I want is it's Vin Diesel and he looks over and he goes don't worry it's self-driving and she goes self-driving and then he holds up a brick and then just puts it on the accelerator and they both bail out yeah that's brilliant I wonder um I'm so curious to know like is it going to be like the um trying to think of movies like The the last Harry Potter movie that was like part one and part two I wonder if it's gonna be like that or is it gonna be you know fast 11 is the final movie like is it gonna be fast X part two I'm really curious as to how they're gonna is this fast X or is it X fast that's true that's unclear that's got to be someone needs to oh it's fast X we've got six yeah I'm really because there was another video game final fantasy did Final Fantasy X and then they did Final Fantasy X2 which wasn't Final Fantasy XI so they could go down that road but I think also and they are the only people who could get away with it maybe I would have no if they called the if they called this movie Fast X and then the sequel to it fast X2 part two yeah I would still be okay it'll be fine I would still be like you do you yeah it's like I I am assuming if this is called Fast X then the second one will be called faster X or Furious X I think Furious X would be all right Furious X yeah that's great yeah which to be honest that's my fault I should have stopped texting her the

um it's a little bit like that old um what was the The Code Talkers in um World War II they were the only ones that could understand their language it's just a bit like that you know we ever need to come up with a new Enigma code we'll just get the people who decide the names of The Fast and the Furious movies on it and no enemy Army will have any clue what it's about yeah Russia's gonna be like what what's going on in Japan's just like wild speed yeah like a version of it there is that is that what it is yeah watch me that's the series yeah I think that's about it we don't have a ton else to talk about because we haven't seen the movie yet but uh that was a lot of fun talking about all those I learned a lot about fonts from your knowledge anything else you'd like to add about fast X I mean those are all great they're I mean they're all over the place absolute chaos but that's kind of what I love about it is they just chose they won they chose one thick weird font and that's the only thing that's kind of continued on through that's true they've really continued that on every single movie they uh they dug themselves a bit and they just kept digging didn't they they knew what they were into yeah I mean it's it's one of those series that's you can criticize it all you want but like you know it's obviously hasn't harmed it at all and how well it's done it's almost like they're successful in spite of themselves sometimes what's a series that you can't you can't you can't really come at it too much I mean I'm sure that there's parts of the original ones that haven't aged well in terms of misogyny or fossil fuel or you know substance abuse or whatever the hell else is well I mean but they started with people committing crimes and doing things that we as a society have already gone oh not quite okay yeah but also they did that quite often as social commentary due to the situations they were put into so I don't know chill out and watch some cars flip over and land somehow on their wheels one of those series is you you don't need to think too don't need to think too hard about to uh to enjoy I think that it starts to unravel a little bit if you uh start a question logic and things like that huh yeah it's on it's only gonna fill you with remorse this is true yes so thank you for joining me on this did you look at game show us did you have a good time yeah that's how it works that's what we're doing um yeah man we had uh wait are we still doing outro are we just chatting I guess this is the point we could start the uh the after dark portion of the chat I won't take up too much longer at your time if it's getting really

recently and you've um have you recovered from that all right uh yeah yeah it says um definitely some long covered but that's um yeah like I think that it's something where you know we're very lucky in New Zealand that we yeah you know a lot of us have avoided it for as long as we have like yeah um and it's uh man it really it just really kicked my butt and messed up my brain but the good news is that like um long covered brain fog is not that unlike just having ADHD so uh for me it was like oh okay I just need to rebuild some of these things and try to you know put some steps in place so that I'm a little bit more um present yeah um and then my sense of taste and smell came back and I was like all right yeah let's get on with life I feel like I got really lucky because I had it and it was one of the motor cases like I actually just thought I had a regular cold and I'm really glad that I tested when I did because I I was in the shower feeling like a little bit sick and I thought I'd already dropped out of I was going to a um a musical Bingo gig I was going to host and I had already missed it because I thought I had covered beforehand and I thought I can't cancel that again it's probably just a card I'm probably just being paranoid and then I tested it and it was the boldest line I've ever seen on a test before and I was like oh okay yeah and no it's but I didn't have his breath of a time as you did I just had a sort of head cold and I sort of yeah recovered in a week or so so that's I hope you're um hope you're on the mend yeah no I mean I'm perfectly I'm back to normal now I mean it's been yeah it's probably been about a month and a half um since I got it but yeah when it hit me it was very rough and I had to cancel like a week of shows and it was my first week doing back so I was like oh wow I lost yeah I lost basically A month's income in in a week yes that's a roughly you know yeah but it's also I mean that that's one of the risks of being you know just being out and about and doing live entertainment you know I'm in rooms with people and doing stuff and I'll be honest I you know I had to fly to the US last year um and didn't catch covered so it's pretty good very happy about that you know it was that thing like I was waiting to fly back to New Zealand and you have to you have to it was the week before they stopped you having to have a clear test to hop on a plane right so I was just I had a two and a half hour window where I was just sitting in L.A going do I have to like find a hotel for a week oh really was it were you are you one of the people that like for me I always think I'm getting sick I have that kind of paranoia of like oh geez my throat hurt a tiny bit there like is this the first do you have that as well whenever I'm in high risk situations with covert yeah the next couple of days so and I've had I mean I've had friends who have suffered from that where way they're like oh man I'm really worried I got covered because I was at this bar last night and there were all these people around and my throat's real sore and I was like were you yelling yes okay yeah wait wait a day wait a minute and find out yeah and then equally it's way better safe than sorry yes and that was what I kind of heard on the side of caution and then as if that wasn't difficult enough for you you guys had cyclone and Gabrielle um swinging through Auckland um yeah yeah I I had two shows um on waiheke when the first little bit came through and then when the full uh Cyclone came through I was back at home but you know I'm in land I'm elevated so it's been a very strange time because my experience is so incredibly different to some other people's experiences so it's um very much just about having that empathy and you know trying to look out for what other people are up to and make sure that everyone's okay yeah and I think that my brain sort of struggles to get around as I was honestly talking to a comic about this the other day is Auckland is so big that like certain parts of the city can be fine and then other parts are just underwater and uh yeah coming from Christchurch where it's about a 30-minute drive across the city um yeah yeah even just seeing because Island Auckland is kind of built in that little Bay and it's like all the different little pockets of it and yeah just um well the first like two city blocks of downtown are all reclaimed land and massive soil because you've also got to remember Auckland EO is in the height of a housing crisis and so every piece of usable land has kind of been snapped up and not all usable land should be used some of it should be you know some of it should stay as the mangroves that it was yeah we've learned that the hardware in Christchurch I think and I just bloody news article the other day saying they're going to put some houses on the what was the red zone now it's a public park we're humans we're humans we have no memory and we we are constantly just going what can we get away with uh you know we're just mischievous little kids live in a capitalistic dreams going on well sure it's a swamp or oh sure it's a fault line but oh could we get away with a townhouse Lightning's not going to strike twice surely yeah guys how about you just you know like send some people to Japan to survey some of their giant residential apartment buildings and throw a couple of them in that you know are going to be earthquake and flood proof yeah that's a big thing at the moment with intensification is something that is quite hotly debated in Christchurch and I think I suspect that's probably a lot of people have reservations about tall buildings because of uh the possibility of the earthquake but it's like well yeah go to YouTube go to YouTube and look up like Japanese skyscrapers during earthquakes or during hurricanes and be like how is that okay and it's like that's not even them under strain that's the designed sway that's just a little warm-up for that building yeah that building's like oh it's not exactly a tsunami I'll be fine no that was one thing that when I was living there as you have earthquakes every other day over there and it would be that thing because we're constantly experiencing them here for years I would always notice some of my co-workers were just they're yeah no there wasn't earthquake that's just the building swing he's just like the what now yeah exactly we kind of I I mean I love living in New Zealand but sometimes I think we forget how incredible we are and that we can you know like we we have the power we have the technology we have you know we can do it if we if we care yeah we put the time in if we put the effort in especially in Christchurch which is the place people could learn engineering you would think we'd have a little more faith in ourselves yeah yeah but it's easier and so as soon as you get your degree you leave so you can afford to pay it off uh sure there's uh that's a tricky one I didn't go to UNI so I couldn't yeah I'm very glad I didn't uh didn't undergo a lot of debt uh just that did you you studied graphic design or did you just yeah yeah I didn't pay off my student loan until I came back from the US um how many did you do a three years or three years yeah but I also when I was in the US um I was working and I was sending money back and paying it off as I win yeah and then also I mean you only have to sit down with people with American student loans and you go oh my God my student loan is very achievable we have it pretty good yeah yeah like I think my student loan at its peak was only about eighteen thousand dollars yeah um yeah which for me right now is horrifying dear God imagine if I had that money that would be you know incredible but at the same point I have friends who have theater degrees who have you know ninety thousand dollars US yeah and you're going I love you guys but what that's brutal but it's I mean for me it was I always had because I was born in the U.S so I always had the dream of going to University in the US yeah um wasn't until I looked into it that I was just like oh this is just not a reality like it's just even if you were because you're you said you were half American does that mean you have any kind of citizenship over there yeah yeah I'm a full citizen so yeah yeah I vote and I that didn't make it easier stuff was it I mean you got to remember it's not that I'm foreign and it's expensive it's just expensive expensive yeah uh yeah it's just and it's also I mean there is Community College and there are more affordable ways to to get an education now um but equally there are affordable ways to get an education in New Zealand and yeah yeah Community College kind of level yeah yeah um so and I mean I went to um straight out of high school I went to a Polytech and you know got a certificate or what whatever it was then I had a job for two years and then I went oh yeah I'm gonna go to UNI wow yeah so I didn't enroll until I was 21 I think oh nice well that's at least you're kind of knew I think a lot of people just kind of do it because they don't want school to end and then you know four years later they're like I still don't know what I want to do and then yeah I'm glad I didn't uh I'm glad I didn't in many ways yeah well it's a I mean it's a real weird one I I mean I had a great time and it was incredible like the amount that I learned and the tools that I've used and I've I have used a lot of you know that's how I managed to pay to move to America that's how I paid to move back to New Zealand and you also know a lot more about design than I do so maybe I mean that serves me that well but oh well I mean you you look like a a massive uh start on a on a post podcast so that's you know some kind of clout I guess we're doing it exactly yeah um I think that's about I'll probably wrap that up now let you get back to your evening um appreciate you coming on the uh the sheriff you're Keen to do it if you have an idea for a series of posters you want to talk about for whatever reason maybe you've got some theories yeah definitely Keen to do another one but get me back for some 80s sci-fi movie posters yeah well if you if I'm talking about if you can find a selection of them I can uh do a little bit of research

uh after we finish talking I will be sending you um what my computer output is um AI generated posters for um Fast and Furious that sounds fantastic and I will tell you what the this AI has no limit on how many times Vin Diesel can be in a fast and furious movie oh that's brilliant have you have you told it to do the next 10 years of Fast and Furious movies I mean definitely if it has almost every single one of them has at least four Vin diesels in it just like the same on the same poster oh yeah oh yeah yeah sometimes on the same body I think that's a that's a view that's what they're going to be eventually as the rest of them will get sick of it and Vin Diesel you know what I like money I'm gonna keep doing these it's just a thousand Vin diesels one of them does have spaceships in it so nice future

nice there you go that's a great way to send it off thanks for coming on the show and uh we'll catch you next time I guess yes please so that was the second part of my interview with Stephen Lyons where we talked about all of the Fast and the Furious movies in their posters as you could probably tell having just listened to the interview Stephen is an absolutely lovely guy and really really smart when it comes to design part way through that conversation I realized that Stephen is somebody who actually knows what he's talking about when it comes to design and I severely do not I hope you enjoyed the lesson I think we're definitely going to bring back Stephen on future episodes but a little bit of an announcement now in regards to the future of the poster podcast something that I've been humming and eyeing with for a long time now about what to do with my podcast I've never really been sure whether to go for a broad approach to try and get as many listeners as possible or to choose something Niche and just find the people that are residing within that niche but after a lot of thinking about it and doing my annual annual quarterly review for the year which you can find on my patreon patreon.comity I've decided that going forward I'm going to change up the format of this podcast to more of a general uh media comedy professional wrestling Sports even basically just anything that I'm interested in talking about as to not limit myself to just talking about posters and I've also just had a lot of people that I've encountered over the last quarter of the year that I wanted to do an interview with but it wouldn't be super relevant to do a poster interview with these people so as of right now I don't know what the new podcast is going to be called I suspect I'll probably end up calling it the rod cards it's an idea that I've had in my head for a while and we're still going to do poster episodes in the future but I've decided to use the umbrella term of the red cast and then just have themed episodes so we might do some general interviews we might do some poster review podcasts we're going to do maybe watching episodes of an old TV show and reviewing them those are always fun to do and I think people really like listening to them I've also been wanting to talk about retro video games and stuff like that so I know most people probably aren't going to hear this announcement as it goes up I imagine maybe in a few months people will be listening back to the episodes and they'll wonder why the name of the podcast changed so in case you're wondering that was your explanation I just felt like I wanted to not limit myself as much and and not worry so much about getting it perfect every time and focus more on getting content out there seeing what people respond to and adjusting my strategy based on that so with that this will probably be the last podcast I publish under the poster podcast name thank you very much for listening I hope you've been enjoying the journey so far we've got some really exciting episodes coming up soon that I am really looking forward to recording and getting out to you appreciate time and I'll talk to you very soon again