Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle

10. Fast X w/ Steven Lyons

May 17, 2023 Taylor Ruddle Episode 10
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
10. Fast X w/ Steven Lyons
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Steven Lyons is BACK and this time we discuss all of the posters and media that have come out surrounding the second to last movie in the Fast & Furious series, Fast X! We go off on all sorts of tangents, from comparing the movies to Rocket League, to talking about a far future spin off for John Cena called The Pacemaker, as well as discussing the absolute insanity seen within the movies and trailers released. It's a fun episode, don't take it too seriously and I hope you enjoy it. Check out Fast X in cinemas from the 18th of May in NZ!

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Look at that, we're into the double digits! Ruddle Me This might be closing in on how many episodes I did of Ramblin' With Ruddle shortly. I'm usually so bad at sticking to long term projects, but I am really enjoying the process of creating Ruddle Me This, so here's to another 10 episodes at least!

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Good morning ruddlemaniacs welcome to Ruddle me this this is the ruddler himself Taylor ruddle we've got a cheeky way Wednesday morning upload for you today given that a lot of the things we discuss are of a slightly time sensitive nature I thought it'd be nice to do two episodes this week as you probably saw on the podcast title today Steven Lyons is back really excited to have Stephen come back and we discuss a whole bunch of new posters and trailers that have been released for fast X which is allegedly the second to last movie in the fast Saga if you're living in New Zealand like I am it releases on the 18th of May which is tomorrow so get along and see that I will probably go and check it out in the theater as we all know there's nothing quite like going to see a fast and furious movie in the theaters it's a very special experience Steven's also got a show in the 2023 New Zealand international Comedy Festival which is very exciting his show is called joyous Comedy Hour for your smile faces and this year he is doing it with Josiah day who is a very very funny comedian it opens tonight May 17th and it's running until the 20th they are at 9 30 PM in the Q theater Cellar so if you fancy yourself a joyous Comedy Hour for your smile face get along I believe tickets will be on the Comedy Festival website one other quick announcement I've got very excited tomorrow on May 18th I am running my first ever pub quiz it's called the pop quiz and it's on at a venue called Meepleopolis in the Christchurch CBD it's free to play and it starts at 7 pm you just need to visit bookings to book yourself and we recommend a team of four to six people first place gets a 50 voucher second place gets a 30 voucher and third place gets a 20 voucher it's gonna be featuring questions from movies TV shows animated video games wrestling Comics horror toys sci-fi fantasy and everything pop culture and I know pretty much every pub quiz likes to promote themselves is it's not your average pub quiz and then it is your average pub quiz it's just someone reading a bunch of questions off a piece of paper but I'm pretty sure I've got a really unique format for my quiz it's very visual it's very discussion based it's a lot of showing you some information and then you having to discuss with your team what the answer could be recognizing quotes from movies recognizing characters based on their silhouette there's even a round where you have to guess who the character is based on their Tinder profile it's going to be heaps of fun I'd love to see you there just check out my Facebook page Taylor Auto comedy for all the information all right I've gone on for long enough let's get to the interview very fun interview a lot of funny stuff Steven was in a really edgy mood this time so it made for some hilarious content and with that here is Steven Lyons talking about fast X

welcome back to the podcast statement hey thanks for having me back oh you're very welcome I've been looking forward to this quite a bit I think since the last time we did the first two episodes a whole bunch of new media for fast X trailers and behind the scenes and new posters and stuff have come out so this is really the perfect time I think it comes out on the 18th in New Zealand so we uh we're getting in just which means they probably must have come out around Christmas in the US yeah probably although I think we usually get them fairly early sometimes here but yeah sometimes we get them a day ahead if it's an international release normally we get it yeah the day before because of the date line I do love that pedantry it's I I believe that's to be in my head yeah so fast X you have you been keeping up with any of the media have you seen any of the trailers Etc I mean no not really yes yes I watched the trip I've seen the trailer why am I lying I've seen the trailer like three or four times but I have no idea it's like saying how good was that burger you ate at McDonald's I'm like which one so you know I had the same Revelation I started watching the second trailer it had been raced and then I went oh I've seen this already so yeah it's um I suppose what how much can you really remember from a Fast and the Furious trailer they're all pretty um action-packed and and save me in a way and I also get pretty broken by modern trailers because they'll have like a trailer for the trailer before the trailer God that's awesome they're like like a couple of moments from the trailer and then they're like gumming up the trailer for baywatched a thing like that they were like we're just letting you know at least releasing a trailer to let you know that the trailer is coming out tomorrow that's called the teaser let it be a teaser do the teaser then do the trade no no but the trailer is for the trailer the teaser is for the movie uh-huh yeah it's it's silly um the what was I gonna say oh I've lost it it's right let's just move on to the I'm not I'm not fully kept up with it although I will say just to get it out of the way early on I did spend the last week watching Fast nine ah and that was um do you know I watched the end of that movie uh just before there's another because you mentioned you'd seen it and I I said to myself which one's nine um so it's the one with John Cena and I forgot that they had that magnet gimmick at the end of the number nine is that right oh yeah yeah yeah magnet truck that has very very strict and varying rules yeah they it just just determine depends on what they need from the scene as to what the magnet actually pulls does how many people did they murder in that scene I felt so the quantity of human beings that will have been like just like like yeah I get it they're already smashing cars through things people are dying but the amount of like people with like you imagine if you have like a limb like or you've got like you've had you know you got like a pin in your hip and then all of a sudden you're just gonna get a cup of coffee and the pin gets ripped out they must be non-magnet by now right I think my father had a disc and back that used to sit off um like metal detectors at the airport but I don't think I think all the ones passed then uh don't do that anymore so yeah maybe but even still like it seemed like that they could pick and choose what they wanted it to grab like because there was a piece where they pulled down all the power lines into a bunch of police cars yeah and yeah I was like completely targeted for a generic just a gym yeah it feels like they wrote it for Magneto to be that character they were like oh look we couldn't get the we couldn't get the license for Magneto so we'll just replace that character with truck yeah that's uh Truck Works exactly Lorry oh yeah definitely Laurie we'll go with Laurie if any of the trucks were gonna be there it also gonna be Lorry it also seemed like the density of the cars must have been like the amount of dark matter because like how are those tires gripping to the road it seems to me more like you know I had to watch a scene where they kidnapped John Cena I had to watch it twice because I was so confused by yes how they thought it was going to work um yeah because they steal his car off the ground through a block of shops yeah that's right and then it kind of just Fades to Black and then they're like all right now he's a captive at this bunker because it whacks the car up against the side of the truck or something doesn't it yeah my assumption is they went all in on one side of the magnets and not the other I don't know that was those movies are just like you said the you worded it as this they're like superhero movies without superpowers and that really helped a lot of the nonsense and these movies go down a lot easier from me oh it is um I will say like Fast nine don't get me wrong I had a great time my only thing that I did wrong was like thinking I was gonna watch it in one or two like Steps because it is just so much going on yeah it's um uh one thing I like about the fasts and movies I don't know what point they started doing this but you remember there was the chase scene in Edinburgh in nine and then it looks like in ten they're going to was it like the Vatican City or something um so I think that's a cool fun little recurring thing for them to do these crazy car chases and interesting European locations yeah it's like all of a sudden like we are it really because the first few they didn't do this but then they kind of like but after Tokyo Drift right I think they really went oh [ __ ] we've got the formula we know what the show is and we're all wrong I was wrong okay because I I led you Australia this isn't a superhero movie without powers this is where in the world is Dom Toretto right yes like this is this is all all it is is just going around like this one like the past nine especially they end up going somewhere and they're like remember when he said Mexico Mexico Oh a Mexican flag just where we're sitting because we coincidentally stopped here like oh my God come on come in San Diego [ __ ] well I guess that's the the successful elements too and modern Fast and Furious movie are like um tax breaks in various range that's what it is they're offering them hey Vatican City you know we've had a lot of um I want to drive an American muscle car through your town exactly yeah

you're gonna rip a bunch of cars off the that are just parked in the CBD we're gonna rip them out of the parking spaces my feet how mad would you be if you were just in a shop or something you didn't you just saw you know you just heard a commotion outside and just get back in your car is just like you know in pieces on the other side of the road yeah and then you run down the road and you all you hear is the director go that's a wrap and a bunch of people lift up Corona beer in the middle of your Bavarian Town Square enchant USA for seven minutes yeah the uh uh I was gonna say the the set pieces to a to a fast and furious movie though are um you know exotic location uh action movie stars slash pro wrestlers as guest actors uh and then something gimmick at the end like the one where they were dragging the big Vault behind them uh oh yeah getting sent in the car into space the magnets which I weirdly forgot completely about until I rewatched it the other day so I was gonna say do you have any predictions about what the gimmick for fast X is gonna be oh man look look I'm always hopeful anytime this situation comes up and it does but I'm always hopeful for the return of railguns and all I'm saying is you know hey oh wouldn't it be crazy if we put a rocket on a car well wouldn't it be crazy if you made a car into a rail gun well it looks like they have done the rocket thing I've watched all the trailers and John Cena's character Jacob is driving that's a nine are they bringing the Rockets back well he's driving some Mad Max looking thing with rockets on the side of it in the trailer for 10. so possibly yes I I would not be surprised if we were seeing some like uh some some Nick lit like I I wouldn't I wouldn't be upset if they did some like scale changing maybe they need to hook him with micro machines and do like a thing where you know that's some super villain like little remote control cars yeah yeah yeah I'd watch that I'd play that game yeah oh my God release that video game yeah

oh just another gimmick I just remembered they had to have those cars that could go in reverse they could switch I don't know oh the gearbox switched around or something the problem is so much it is they like it's like the when the bridge goes out in fast nine and they like fire the thing and he like he uses the bridge to swing his car over and you know you can be mad about it but it's like oh look he's tired I had to come up with new [ __ ] well that's you know like so much stuff has been done that's the thing about these movies is like at some point I suppose they're gonna run out of tricks to do the from the trailer but the look of it this is weird because it seems like it's the climax of the movie but the show big bomb going off in Vatican City and they also show shots of this big bomb like rolling around the city and they're playing like um oh gosh what was that game called there was a game on Steam and you were basically playing soccer slash football with cards oh yeah yeah um oh cranky I was it's not turbo League what's it called yeah something League um uh terribly I'm just Googling it now good for my brain because as long as you edit all of this out because I actually play that game it's rocket League rocket League that's what it was so I'm going to leave all that in because that's you know it's great work my rocket League Community will be so mad at me yeah Jonathan I'm sorry I forgot what rocket League was but I will see you on the pitch yeah if that's what we call it exactly as soon as possible but so I don't play against other people I don't have that level of confidence nor matchmaking patience now I could I I would be broken if somebody sent me a a message after a game like I used to play Tekken online and my worst fear was when you get that little message saying you know so-and-so sent you a message and it could be there but is it not let a guy message me you know I ended up helping him out I saved him out because he had a lot of money that was stuck in bonds and you know so I was able to cover him over and you know I drifted apart now but I'm sure he'll pay me back as soon as he gets the money yeah no no one would have any reason to lie on the internet I think I think you did a good thing there yeah rocket league so I wonder if it's going to be like rocket League where the middle ball around um

so I wonder if they're going to have some gimmick relating to that or if it's just going to be hitting you know they might have a force field on the front of the car because I think that's what rocket league did I can't really remember no no rocket League they just hit it it's just a big ball oh okay yeah well yeah they're not bound by the rules of you know the car is breaking although to be honest neither is Fast and Furious so absolutely they can all just have fun the other thing I saw on the in the trailer was this is so fast and furious as Dom um jumped well his car jumps out of the way of two trucks colliding and then he's driving down I don't know like Hoover Dam or some big some big Dam and his wheels are actually on fire and he's he's driving faster than an explosion like the Flames of an explosion yeah and I'm guessing the bottom of the ramp is conveniently curved so it's a bit like one of those did you ever play the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games where you'd be in a canyon and somehow all of the rocks in the canyon would be shaped in like a half pipe and all that I assumed that Tony had people come in and do that that's true he does have that kind of money doesn't he yeah well not win the first one of those came out no definitely now yeah no for sure that series is uh I do love that yeah just every corner is smoothed out yeah and like it's just these big natural half pipes and and grind rails in the middle of you know the Grand Canyon or something laughs so they're fine with that I'm excited to you know like I feel like you know yeah I just don't I don't quite know what the gimmick's gonna be based on watching Fast nine for the first time I feel like the gimmick might just be love and it'll just treat him you know hanging out like yeah they seem to have gone for a plot device that they often use for Superman for Dom and that uh you know Superman you can't really defeat him in 101 combat but you can take away the the family that he loves and that seems to be a theme of this movie is that Dom's built this massive family over 10 movies now and yeah Dante the bad guy is gonna uh take that away from them by presumably killing them yeah I feel I feel like the the stakes really that High guys like let a few people die well I think that's the interesting thing with these kind of movies is they all tend to want to come full circle by the last uh the last installment and by the look of it just based on the poster which we will get to in a second but from what I've seen in the trailers it looks like the end of the movie is just a street race and um like Rio de Janeiro or is that the place with the big Jesus statue yeah sure it's in Brazil Christ the Redeemer yeah and um and uh so in these movies they're gonna have it seems like what they're going for is just a you know after all this Mayhem bombs magnets shooting cars into space it seems like the climax of the movie is just going to be a street race you know drag race Savannah if they're Rio de Janeiro then I definitely like with Christ the Redeemer um I I want you know Dom yeah and his brother to like put their crosses at the base of Christ the redeem yeah and then and then this is what happens is they they both like go into a Jesus pose and then they start glowing and then they float out of out of the scene and that's the end of the series they ascend up to heaven that's it yeah they are saying yeah yeah they go to uh meet God who's really uh you know God's family I suppose it's uh how nothing would that be if they actually did that for the end of the movie it's just Evil Knievel but played by Morgan Freeman ah yeah that's uh that's a new take on God I suppose we're like yeah and then all of the people will be there oh actually what am I talking about it wouldn't be it'd be Evil Knievel but played by Paul Walker oh yeah that's yeah

you know and they get there and then everyone would be there even the people they just left because you know Heaven has no time well that's the thing is there's still going to be another movie after this so the last movie could be them racing God in heaven are they actually capping it are they gonna be like we're living and through supposedly there is going to be like 10 and 10 too so it's like a Final Fantasy 10 uh situation there I don't know if they're gonna I think they'll have another franchise set up right they'll ever like spin-offs that was what we theorized was gonna happen last time is they're gonna they've they've said that they're gonna end it fast like I'm gonna guess they're gonna call the next one Furious X um but you know surely there's going to be faster you are giving them too much Creator the next one will be called Furious X part one yeah that's true they will definitely defy expectations of the title but yeah who knows I'm looking at it right now I've got it in front of me the fast X logo yeah what do you think of it the glimmery stuff sure it's fine I love the X-Men movies from the early 2000s it looks like it's meant to be a light like the same GLA uh plastic on the light of a car is that right yeah yeah and I hope they give us some cars with weird X lights I'm into it I've noticed that they changed the universal logo to be in the same style um at the start of the trailers which I always kind of like when they do that yeah it lets us know they had a little bit of extra money they didn't know exactly exactly so should we crack into some of these uh there's not a lot else to talk about the poster really at the logo sorry it I think it looks cool it's definitely different they've gotten away from the the brushed steel that you liked so much and the last ones oh it'll come back yeah yeah they couldn't they couldn't totally do away from the Chrome or metal bits yeah but um I do like them so the first poster in that folder is the one we talked about before with dom uh with his Rosary not a lot too there that really seemed to me like a save the date kind of poster this is a teaser poster yeah exactly but I don't know what I'm really thoughtful in darkness yeah with the cross hanging over away from him which does doesn't doesn't seem as positive as you'd expect no unless he's doing his rosary it could be the broad End of the Road the brooding mood is back I think we we noticed this last time that it's they tend to go one of two moods with the posters there's either brooding or there's like action-packed badass kind of um mood okay [Music] grandiose it's either like solo solemn or like family epic yeah yeah but they did release another one which is what made me want to record this podcast again which is the one with all the characters in it have you got that one in front of you now because there's a lot lot of posters in this folder there are a lot of posters the last 10 of them are just individual characters which I just chucked in there in case you wanted to see but I think we're mainly going to talk about this poster here which I guess is the official poster um did you want to describe it or shall I have a go with it oh is this the we've got the X-Men cross yeah exactly there with Professor Xavier in the middle yeah you know then we've got what looks to be Aquaman in one corner yep Peacemaker in the bottom left you've got um is reach Jack Reacher yep Jack Reacher is just below Peacemaker oh my goodness I've got the transporter yeah you've got a oh Christ what was she called not Melisandre missande from Game of Thrones oh man they're killing it we got a lot of people the studio decided are famous enough that you don't need to see their names yeah yeah that's like most of the cast I would say at this point like come on you know who they are it's kind of weird looking back when it used to be such a status symbol to have your name on a poster and now it's like the ultimate power move to be like no name you know who I am you know the face is yeah the the guy who was in that movie that you saw her a couple of years ago not not that that one the other one yeah you know the face but not the name but they're all in a perfect cross section like I like it or around you know a wonderful protagonist as he looms above Christ the Redeemer in what can only be described as false God praise yeah meanwhile below the hilltops uh for variously designed sports cars revving their engines and saying we've got we've got horsepower yeah and and then at the bottom there's the logo because yeah otherwise you wouldn't know what movie could feature yeah Vin Diesel is is so specific if his face is on a poster you assume it's fast and the furious you've got a 99 chance of guessing Vin Diesel is on a poster it is about Fast and Furious there is no other option unless it's in a library and it's him encouraging you to read with no sense of irony I wonder what he's gonna do after these movies finish like do you think he's gonna reboot why does everyone have to do anything I don't even know why he's doing the movies at the moment he doesn't have to well I think these are just for fun this is just for fun it has to be I'm I'm too much of an optimist to believe otherwise I I feel like Vin Diesel was this is sort of his his baby do you know what I mean like when you hear about how there was all that Strife backstage with The Rock and him and Jason Statham all kind of having different creative inputs on it it seems like he's really looking at it as like this is my my Opus if you will yeah this is his I mean uh do you kind of like this is his brand like you know I'm not saying he's responsible for it but it is responsible for him and therefore he gives a [ __ ] about what goes on yeah whereas you know like the rock is the rock yeah you know Jason Statham is Jason Statham where's Vin Diesel is Fast and Furious that's true yeah they still have their own other they have their own other projects and that's not better or worse no you know would you rather be known as The Transporter or the guy who has 10 movies all about him having a crazy family that likes driving from Brum it's definitely worked out for them hasn't it yeah the crazy thing is that it's like the cast is there's got to be a real like if you've got all of the cast together and went all right we want to line up in order of who needs this [Laughter]

a bunch of them are like oh my God this is amazing I get to do this thing and then on the other end they're like oh my God this is amazing I get to do this thing now I can like live comfortably yeah absolutely like um it must be cool to be one of the celebrities like John Cena who doesn't need it but like gets to do it oh man him in fast nine he it looked like he was having a ball yeah it was the same as like winning did pacemaker for me is like and I'm not saying like there are some meaty scenes in pacemaker that he had to do do you mean this majority The Peacemaker that's what he's in his 70s and he's still trying to go in the ring give it up for pacemakers he's just walking around it's all too fast I love that that's that's a t-shirt waiting to happen there it's just you do that um that Tick Tock filter where you make them old and then yeah change The Peacemaker logo to pacemaker it's the heart attack

all of his enemies are just things like heart medication

also falls under that category of like doesn't really need the work and relishes in doing it like he there are some scenes where he's wearing a flowing white shirt and he looks like the main character of one of those old romance novels oh yeah I don't really know what that style is called and even if it happens like it's swashbuckler yeah that kind of Errol Flynn um the sort of thing you would find on your Nan's bookshelf you know she hasn't read it recently but she's had it for you know 20 years or something yeah yeah it was the before 50 Shades of Gray romance novels yes very true when I was living over in Japan someone at the share house had one of those books and it's like every single line in it wasn't innuendo like even I remember one walking into a cave they said something like they penetrated the cave and I was like crikey this that's really taking any shot that it can get at getting like some smut into all the sentences yeah they're like you got to use the whole Buffalo like every sentence is a chance for a pun they use the whole Buffalo that's a fantastic term I like that I'm gonna I'm gonna Endeavor to try and include that in my vernacular going forward this is he stood up could you say he erected him yeah there you go that's what you got yeah I guess we could you gotta turn every sentence uh you know you put the they put his he unlocked his car turns into he inserted his key into the Willing Keyhole oh yeah God knows this is gonna I'm gonna have to put the uh gonna have to put the explicit warning on this podcast we'll cut that second it might get a little bit too steamy for some of the listeners

um okay back to faster X back to fast X um Jason Momoa just set us off into a frenzy there I know yeah it was and it is he's a he's a gorgeous man he's a nursing steer uh and he he is he's he seems like a great fit for the series because he's an action dude who likes doing stuff oh absolutely as soon as I saw he was announced for it I thought wait he hasn't done it already yeah you're like oh yeah I guess he slipped through the cracks I wonder if there are there any other actors you can think of who you're surprised haven't done a fast and furious movie I mean I'd love to see more Paul Giamatti but I understand yeah what what kind of role would jamardi be in the fast hits I think any role you throw him in as a good or a bad guy I think he would slay was Jamari he was the bad guy and Big Fat Liar wasn't he good question I'm gonna just quickly Google that the guy from sideways because I think it was him and he was incredible in there but yes it was him he was Marty wolf and Big Fat Liar and he was so brilliant he was so hateful in that movie yeah right so I yeah absolutely I'd love to see him in fast X oh what I want is him but I want him to be like a Kingpin but he drives like a really [ __ ] amazing truck you know I feel like it's been a while since we've had just a truck-based kind of thing like a Hilux or something like that no no like an 18-wheeler oh like a proper like like he's a truck yeah yeah like it's like a long-haul trucker no you know and maybe we'll get like the Japanese influence there and his truck has like a shitload of LEDs on it nice yeah they could hang that Subway handle from the back of it yeah you're aware of that uh Subway handle yeah so not Subway the sandwich store um in case that's where I sound like it's going but there are these hand holds so you've you've lived in the States before you know how in the subway you have those rings that hang from bars oh yeah yeah so there's a thing in JDM culture where there's like a show of defiance that people would steal those they would cut them off the Subways yeah they would hang them from the back of their um cars as a little bit of a sort of sticking it to the Man kind of thing yeah the only thing is eventually it became so commercialized that you can just buy them in the 100 yen store now so not not as impressive okay so if you just buy one uh humans will even like will just make any active Defiance uh normalized and um you know unexcited yeah exactly like yes I do remember saying that there was a what do you call it um like a like a bragging and bragging rights I guess like a show of um status I guess that the more beat up the ring was um that was just that showed how lowered your car was um I think like the Australians tend to if you could fit a shoe in between the top of your you know the wheel Arch and the top of your wheel that's like the perfect amount of lowering that they like how big a shoe I would have to assume probably a loafer um but I just like the way I like the saying the word loafer so possibly a Croc yeah why not I just like saying the word Croc I don't say why not yeah loafers and Crocs are they both pretty pretty you know not so at all shoes um you don't think anyone's like bringing some documents to the party I think if it if a Doc Martin was allowed then my car would have street cred in Australia I like that and then you'd have to ship it over there that seems exhausting yeah there you go we're off the puns again oh no that wasn't on purpose oh don't you don't start me on puns I'm trying to be well behaved you can't fool me I uh uh I'll give you a break that time but uh no we're not even gonna do

good work what's it what's the next poster we got we're gonna looks like it's the Korean poster and it looks very similar to the American poster except it shows way more of the action and in place of what I assume is the climax of the movie with them racing in Brazil it shows the scene with the bomb and the Vatican City now so that's the bomb is the little weird middle circle thing yes the thing that looks like the um the robot from The Incredibles man are we are we just overdue a basic nuclear threat because I'm okay if that's where they're going they're like look we've done a lot of convoluted [ __ ] what if we just put a nuclear bomb in the middle of a city that [ __ ] [ __ ] up right it did look like it was a nuke when it went off um so it's almost um it's almost quaint compared to some of the plots we've had in the last movies isn't it like oh you're just going to blow up a few blocks in a city like the last villain was trying to infect the entire planet with a virus yeah what did that virus do I never quite understood I think I zoned out when they explained it yeah I don't remember either I think it was um you know generic everyone will get sick and then maybe they sell the cure to make billions kind of right I don't know I I'm all right with that I I'm with you I forgot I can't remember but so this thing's got we got a big old ball thing we got you know three cars from various eras motorcycle and exploding Jeep nailed it yeah I mean I don't find that quite interesting that the American poster and you know Americans tend to be stereotypically like boom fire Michael Bay explosions they've got this cool atmospheric image and then the Korean poster is the one that's like look how exciting and bombastic this movie is going to be because they don't need to if you're if you are in America right now you know exactly how bombastic a Fast and Furious movies no you know like if you are over the age of born you know exactly the level of insanity to expect yes like no one is seeing the American poster and being like Oh I guess it's a calm you know movie about a family building four cars to do synchronized racing that's true you you we know we know that everything that's pictured in the Korean poster will happen yeah because they will be skidding some cars will blow up someone a motorcycle will jump over or something going away from Flames at some point we get it the classic motorcycle shot yeah oh cool yeah yeah I guess motorcycles do do I think I find interesting as well is they've got a Korean language version of antique Olive Nord font like it's the same style but it's obviously in a different language oh yeah yeah so I wonder if native Korean people see that and they go oh God that font or if I would say that the the typeface that they've used is more like more elegant than the America than the English version it doesn't look like it's all consistent like The Strokes look like they're all consistent weights which is cool I feel like they just found an italic bold font yeah I wonder what the title is because that looks like a whole lot more characters than fast X yeah does it have a different name in different countries well we established last time we did this that they're called wild speed in Japan so I have to imagine they all have their own title for it um I don't know if there's any Korean listeners out there which according to my my statistics there are not but if you speak Korean and you can read this uh leave a comment and let us know what it says yeah what is it what's going on over there I'm really curious to know actually and then the next couple of posters in the folder are interesting ones because it looks to me like that is the Chinese language posters um and they've also opted for a bold italic font this feels more Fast and Furious it does doesn't it yeah the like squeezed in like yeah it's a little bit too chunky for its own good got a really heavy outline on the text I do like the actual arrangements of the characters though because there's two posters and they both have like the teams Adams Family and then I suppose Dante's family although Jason Statham's on that poster so maybe he turns on them again that's interesting where are they friends well he was a bad guy in one of the movies but then in all of the trailers it looks like he teams up with them again so I don't know maybe he starts bad and does like a face turn although Jacob is in the background of that one as well so maybe it's not their teams maybe it's just you know we had to fit some of the characters on this poster and some of the characters on the other poster I mean that is very much what it feels like looking at it's just like it's like hey we faked these posters does this look look okay okay if you're on the Dom one if you look at the characters on the far left he's lit from the wrong side yeah you're right you're killing me guys like come on this is the thing where like I love Fast and Furious but it both knows what it wants to be doing and is too lazy to do it like it's just like you are a billion dollar franchise and you're telling me that you can't just go oops where does light come from I guess um maybe they took all of these photos at a separate point and then they just handed them to the designer and said can you make something cool with this oh 100 these are all just they were lined up come in one at a time probably not even on the same day they just run all of the promo photos but it's heartbreaking because it's kind of that thing where like none of these feel like planned posters except the first first one we had of Dom with his cross that feels like a poster that they actually planned right the rest of these feel like an assemblance of assets yeah they just collected a bunch of assets and then said let's see what we can do because that fast x one with the X in the background is definitely they're all taken in different uh uh you know they obviously didn't line people up like that yeah they didn't go oh this is the plan let's take photos for the plan they went hey I've got photos and I think it would be funny if we put them on an X yeah I think my issue is that it just feels like there's no wrong answers like anything that they pitched they went yeah make that as well yeah and the designers rather than going hey why don't we make one really good went fine we'll just do whatever that's one thing that I think you might have actually just reminded me of a bigger topic is the idea that movie posters aren't really I don't know how to articulate where you just sit like like you said they're just a collection of assets put together in a kind of appealing way but you think about things like I did a podcast about the Indiana Jones poster and that was like clearly planned really deliberately and if you think about the ones that really stick in your mind like the Scarface poster or maybe The Godfather or I'm trying to think of that well that was back when we used to plan yeah that's what I mean you don't see it a lot like I can't think of a movie poster that I've seen within the last 10 years that has been really the tragic part of it is that it's um it's not a sign of creative boom it's a sign of capitalist Booth yeah it's just trying to get it done as quick as possible and yeah because it's not like they're going oh what are the best ways to represent this movie what are the best ways to capture it they're going what are the broadest ways to capture it how can we capture the most people and get the most you know like do we do you know like yeah do you need four or five versions of a poster and the answer is no but why would you not do it when time and labor is so cheap at the moment yeah for them you know they're just like yeah we could just pump out I wanna I want one for each character yeah sure yeah that is that is a real shame I wonder if this could be a future episode for me to look into is to look at some from the last few years the sad thing is there are a few that I can think of that really struck me but then the movie was awful like I watched one called escape the field which was um had this really cool artsy white space design and then the poster really grabbed me and then the movie was well it was okay but it the ending was terrible and uh which some people would argue makes the movie not okay yeah I guess and I think me telling people that the ending was terrible in its own way as a spoiler I say I didn't enjoy the ending but I guess this comes back to the idea that you said that the Fast and the Furious movies aren't handed by how artsy and cool they can make a poster because people are going to come and see it regardless wait I didn't say that

[Laughter] I don't think everyone's just going to come and save us in the Furious true yeah the people that like it are going to come and see it but it is like getting uh the figures that it's yeah no one no one's relying on a fast and furious poster no to to like sell them on a movie but everyone is going to be inspired by it yeah like if they create a poster that makes you happy then and it is kind of like that does seem to be the majority of what they do is just going like oh what about this what about this and then you end up with that long tail marketing where they can get as many people you know who are just like yeah I want to see an explosion oh yeah that's fun yeah it's also when you've got a franchise this big right is like people want to find out like oh did you see this oh is there a clue in there about what the movie is going to be about yeah I think that's what I thought was cool about looking at these posters like before I went and watched the trailers I saw the big ball thing in the background and I was like what's going on there I wonder if that's a spoiler for the movie but it features very heavily in the posters I guess it's like when you're a big name comedian as well like you and I are both Comedians and poster designers so I guess you know when you have a name attached to it like uh we'll use John mullaney because that's the one that's in my head most recently problematic yeah has um his last tour post it was literally just a photo of him as a kid and then the words from scratch and because you know people know the name John mullaney I guess it's a bit like the Fast and Furious you're either gonna you're either gonna come out and see it or you know no poster is going to convince you to but I don't I'm not quite sure about you but I am definitely at the stage where my poster has to be as good as it possibly can be to get people to come out and see it because I'm very unknown you've got your I guess this is probably going to come out in about a week and a half I might actually put this out midweek after we record this so a couple of days before the movie drops will you have finished your run of Fest shows by then uh my comedy fish show is uh in Auckland from May 17th to the 20th at 9 30 p.m at Q theater Cellar there you go so I will endeavor to get this up on maybe the 16th so people in Auckland I know I have a few listeners in Auckland definitely go out and see Steve and Josiah's show is that the one I'm thinking of yeah Josiah and Stephen joyous Comedy Hour for your smile faces how did you come up with that title uh that is the I wrote a whole bunch of titles that made me happy and then I pitched uh a few of them to Josiah um and then I was like hey is it okay if we go with joyous Comedy Hour for your smile faces because um I wanted a show title that I create could create a fun poster for yeah reuse yeah so that I was able to like if I want to go and do a lineup show somewhere then I can use that as The Branding without very cunning yeah um and something that was just bright and colorful and silly no definitely I will I'll be showing that on the screen now to all the video watches on YouTube I think that might be quite a nice little Borough to wrap up the show and we've we've waited on for quite a bit about the Fast and Furious franchise is there anything else you wanted to add or shall we kind of uh end it manly League I would love to say like I'd love to see you know I'm sure someone has done you know like a mundo print of The Fast and Furious franchise but it is kind of these posters are pretty generic and I and I and I think that they have the background to both celebrate that or to make a choice and you know go hey what if we actually like you know put the money in and found out like what would a one poster look like that would unify us but also that's not good for marketing that's just me being you know artsy yeah I think the Star Wars movies were a little bit the same in that now that well I guess Star Wars is never going to be finished but now that there are several complete trilogies you've seen people designing like nine posters that are all of one style like minimalist or um you know I've seen ones done like 70s uh pulp magazine covers that kind of vibe so I wonder now that the the series is allegedly wrapping up uh we're gonna see some like box sets or posters that are all released consistently or are people going to make or even for like the future of it when they do spin-offs like a spin-off you know tangent is a great time to go what would happen if they Consolidated the look and feel of Fast and Furious exactly um and they're so close it's it's like so close to having a singular voice but that Voice keeps having to be current and seems to be like constantly about quantity over quality of execution or like what they're creating and it'd just be so cool if they did do a spin-off to go let's choose a brand like a visual look for it yeah the same way they did for the logo and they kept true in the logo they've done a great job of keeping the logo consistent they're in there yeah and people can easily invalidly argue there is a visual style to all of these posters that is unique to them but my thing would be I'd agree but it feels like most of the posters from this time and from last time were just so close but they just didn't have that final like that final review or or that and it's not final it might be like if we take the X and this for example of just going before you shoot it like what are we doing here what's the goal here yes I'm very familiar with having to work without a plan without a theme in mind um which is really frustrating isn't it I think I'd be really curious to see how long the designers were given to come up with the posters it feels like just based on what we've discussed that they were probably given you know a week or something like that they were just handed a bunch of assets and said can you you know put something together because they do feel very last minute but it like we say that it looks like that and I agree with you but it can't be yeah it can't be you know I only wish that it didn't that it wasn't like me these are 100 million dollar movies yeah we can't be it's got like you had to get all of these wonderful actors into do these photo shoots yeah and we're just saying like none of that is none of the the poster is just that last like thought now yeah it's it is really sad but I suppose like you say it's the capitalismo um time is money so just get us something that works it's almost like they they are shooting for like yep that'll do rather than like man that's gonna blow people's mind which in their defense is kind of that's what it is but it's this weird thing of like oh yeah that'll do plus how can we blow your brains away with this stuff yeah you're just like wait how do you come up with like magnets driving through a city but also you can't edit someone picking up a postcard correctly they use the all of their creative juices on the actual film itself not the not the promo around it I guess I don't even true I think this is the whole thing I think it's just they're so selective with what they care about yeah that's true I um because the editing is not like editing on Fast nine was doing my hearing you know the shooting in it was like I mean they have this gorgeous amazing shot where they're like you know it's a drone shot and then it transitions to this cool pan up as one of the cars pulls in and Parks directly centered in front of this like symmetrical wide shot and it's gorgeous yeah and then the carpool's just a bit too far forward Ah that's right and that's in the movie yeah like like just just stop the car in the right place yeah so do you think that's uh indicative of their attitude towards everything when it comes to creating a film that it's like it's not you know not quite perfect but like that'll do like that's good enough and I think that they know that enough of it will be amazing mind-blowing yeah they're like we cannot sweat the small stuff and I think that it's a bummer like if that car had parked perfectly centered then I would have gone ooh yeah yeah but I think they also know that they're gonna have like a three minute amazing fight sequence later on and that will make me go oh and then hopefully I'll forget about the car not being centered or the vast majority of people are healthy brained people who didn't notice the car wasn't centered to start with ah who just thought hey that's a fun shot they're pulling up to a house this is reminding me of I recently watched Gene Kelly's singing in the rain and I'm a big fan of like Jackie Chan movies and they're both you know reportedly uh perfectionists and a lot of their stuff is aged very well like people still look at it as like damn that's that's incredible still you know 30 40 years later I wonder what's going to happen with the Fast and the Furious movies because of that attitude of kind of being wowing us with some big stuff but they're not Flawless do you think people are going to be still watching them in another 10 years 20 years well that's the thing too right like you know um I can I can [ __ ] and moan as someone who's not having to do any of these things or making any of these choices but it is also this is modern movie making and possibly these things are built to be more ephemeral than they used to be you know when they made Singing in the Rain they were like can you believe we're making this this is incredible let's get it done and now we're like you know we make a lot of movies yeah there is a certain assembly line quality to things like Marvel movies and that it feels like they're just churning them out as many as they can kind of kind of playing with house money until it runs out right well we've reached a point where we and we've been this way for quite a while now where we trust a director yeah you know we go oh will this director give a [ __ ] um yeah like think about all the people who were like oh my God this person oh yeah you know like oh Stanley Kubrick was exhausting to deal with because he wanted everything to be right yeah yeah I guess so I guess that would be you know um but there is and then but that's not to take away from the joy of a movie like I mean for me fast nine it was hard because there were so many of those moments where I'm like ah just a little bit more would have made this incredible but equally oh so much fun in there there's so much crazy [ __ ] that you know hey we gotta drive faster so we can get over all these landmines does that work it does now let's do it

uh I think that's a pretty good way to cap it off to be honest I can't really I can't really add anything onto that um should we should we end the podcast yeah we're coming up on about 55 minutes now so well perfect there we go we finished with the jingle it's poster It's a poster and now we're done posters I think I'm gonna appropriate that oh over the extra jiggle because that was that was magnificent I have actually changed the name of the podcast since um since you were last on it it is now called ruddle me this oh I love oh and then the posters are within ruddle me this yes exactly so I'm doing this will be a good chance to get the plugs in there actually I am doing you know amongst normal interviews with Comedians and other interesting people from within the Arts I am also doing paranormal episodes so if you have a a ghost story or a Cryptid or a UFO that you want to talk about on a future episode definitely uh let me know about that I saw a UFO when I was a kid and I saw a ghost I lived in a factory and there was a ghost that I saw one time as an adult you lived at a factory I lived in a factory I mean it had been converted to Apartments so I did leave out some key information there oh that's all semantics that doesn't matter never lived but it was definitely like I guarantee you this is the ghost of someone who died in that factory yeah I mean they didn't haunt me but I was just like hey that was a thing yeah yeah the uh so you don't have to get me on now because I've just told you the entire story damn it Stephen why do you keep robbing yourself of these opportunities well that's that handled nicely wrapped that up in a nice bow um I guess we'll just we'll just cap it there I'll get all of your plugs and stuff in in like a little post interview segment so don't worry about that all your links will be in the uh the show notes I'll check a link to your your show as well in case anybody wants to get in on some last minute tickets but yeah anything else you'd like to add or should we just uh wrap it up there no thanks for having me um always a pleasure I'm sure I'll have positive things to say about one of the posters sometime that's you know what I'm not I'm not normally this grumpy because why I tell myself I think we don't turn on the news to hear good things what are you talking about uh thank you so much for having me on again appreciate it and we're back I hope you enjoyed that episode I had heaps of fun talking to Stephen make sure you get along check out his Comedy Fest show I imagine it's going to be an absolute great time you can follow Stephen online at Steven Lyons comedy he is Steve Lyons on Twitter and Instagram as for myself as always I am on all the social media platforms except for Twitter at Taylor ruddlecomedy and of course I got my comedy special all my covered Jokes which is now live for free on YouTube you can watch it by visiting special or just searching into YouTube for Taylor ruddle all my covert jokes tiny quick Life Update I'm into about week three two or three of my uh unemployment but we'll call it being a full-time creative or uh you know legal purposes my hands are starting to feel better I'm definitely being able to stay off the PC way more than I was when I was at my day job so my hands don't have this constant ache there's still not 100 it's going to take probably a few months before I'm completely pain-free again but I'm going to be getting into the gym really hard next week trying to get in there every morning and sort of treat them like a job and then I think I should start to see some really good improvements with pain levels and everything like that I've been super busy booking gigs in I guess it all just kind of happened at once the second I quit my day job the floodgates opened heaps of opportunities that people have been counting at contacting us to run shows around basically Canterbury at this point we've got heaps of cool stuff coming up some of it is only penciled in and it hasn't been announced yet so definitely if you want to see some stand-up comedy around Canterbury and even in the CBD just between you and I make sure you follow our Facebook page can do comedy that's can do comedy you can also follow us on Instagram I think that's Can do comedy NZ unfortunately couldn't get the same handle on both a thorn in my side but yeah follow us on Candy comedy that's where all of our events go live you can buy tickets you can find out where to book and we've just got heaps of fun stuff coming up that I would love to see you at hope you enjoyed the episode hope you have a wonderful rest of the week look after yourselves and keep on rambling ruddler out

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