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27. Phantom Files Vol. III - The Burnt House, Ghost Girls & Some UFOs

September 11, 2023 Taylor Ruddle Episode 27
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
27. Phantom Files Vol. III - The Burnt House, Ghost Girls & Some UFOs
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Volume 3 of the phantom files is here! I thought I'd spring this on you without warning as a wee surprise. 5 fantastic stories in this episode with a bit of a change of pace with some UFO sighting stories. Hope you enjoy it!

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Don't forget you can still submit stories to me at! Audio is best, but if you don't feel comfortable, you can write your story out and I'll have somebody voice record it. Anyway hope you enjoy, the next episode won't be too far off as I have a few stories left over!

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Welcome back everybody to volume 3 of the Phantom Files. As always my name is Taylor Odo and I am your creepy Chronicle curator. It's been a very long time since I released the last episode of the Phantom Files so I thought it might be fun to spring a new one on you all for this Monday's release. As always I've got a fantastic handful of creepy stories to play for you this episode and in this episode We're taking a slight deviation from the usual ghost stories and we have a couple of UFO stories. I've never experienced a UFO encounter myself, but I always used to enjoy reading about them when I was a small child. I had some kind of book on alien encounters that definitely kept me up a lot in fear after reading that as a child. So anyway, that's enough out of me. Let's get on to the stories. The first story tonight has been submitted. by Ryan and Scott of the Beyond the Shadows podcast. I'm horrifically late at finally playing this episode, but these two guys have an awesome podcast all about the paranormal, unexplained conspiracy theories, all that kind of fun stuff. And they've been insanely supportive of me and my podcasting. They've shared my stuff. So I definitely would love it if you could go and check out their work too. But anyway, roll the tape and we'll see the story. everywhere on our bikes as all kids do at that age I suppose. We explored every inch of our rural town and all very few. wander further up the river, fish again, and then so on, until we were several miles upriver in a remote area neither of us had ever been before. We came upon an old abandoned house that looked almost lost in time, for lack of a better way to describe it. It wasn't falling down or anything, but it looked neglected, as though no one had been there for a very long time. There was a very rusty old basketball hoop sagging in the yard. The thing that struck me most strange about it was- fact that there was no discernible driveway, not even one that had been grown over in recent years. The house was very remote, and it very much looked as though there had never been a path, a driveway, or any way of getting in or out. Curiosity got the better of me and Dan, and before long, we just had to explore the house. There was nothing particularly scary inside, just a rustic old house that looked to have been way up the stairs, I clearly heard the voice of an old lady say from somewhere upstairs, hello? Dan and I just froze and stared at one another. I didn't say a word. After a minute or so, the same voice came again from somewhere upstairs. Who's there? Dan and I took off and ran like hell back out of the house and down the riverbank. I looked back over to the riverbank and saw a man standing there. He was a man of honor. He was a man I called Dan the next morning and I didn't even have to explain what I was feeling. He felt the same way. Wow, dude, you never told me this story. What kind of shit is that? You said, I'll tell Taylor, don't tell Scott. But save it for bigger forums. And good to be Taylor. That story's crazy. Scott liked it. Hopefully you guys liked it as well. Thanks again, Taylor. We're gonna go find this place. It was an honor to be able to tell the story on your show. Yeah, Taylor. We love what you're doing, man. Your podcast is awesome. Keep up the good work, bud. Thanks, guys. What a fantastic and chilling that story was. I really appreciate you submitting that Ryan, and it was a pleasure to listen to it and play it on the podcast. I really don't know what to make of that though. I have heard these kind of things of like ghost or paranormal experiences where you experience something as it was like 20 years ago, and then when you come back it's at the present day. Really, really creepy stuff though. I've never experienced anything like that. glad to be honest. I'd love it if you two did an episode where you went and found that old place and maybe you have a third excuse me a second experience. I think that'd be great. So once again thanks for sharing your story and listeners definitely go and have a listen to the Beyond the Shadows podcast it has made it into my regular rotation of podcasts. As always don't forget I would love to have your stories to play on the show so if you have a paranormal experience that you'd like me to play on the show Record a voice note and email it to me at ruttlesfantomfiles at and I will handle the rest. Our second story for tonight was submitted by Lois and our regular listeners of the show might recognize Lois from our previous episode when she did a podcast about the Grey Man, I think I called it. Lois is a member of the Ghosts and Paranormal group on Facebook and I believe that's where we got in touch. And so she submitted a second story. which I'm really looking forward to hearing, so let's roll that now. maybe two and a half, three days long. We were the only house on that road too. We were at the very end of the road that was attached to the dairy farm that we worked on. And as we settled in, probably about months, a few months later or maybe more, we would be sound asleep. And at the early hours of the morning, we would hear this loud knocking on our bedroom window. I would... up in bed and open the curtain and look out the window but there'll be absolutely nothing out there and my husband would look too but there was nothing out there and this wouldn't happen every night though this would happen probably um I know not every night but um probably less than a month it would happen and every time we always get these knocks on the windows we would definitely sit up in bed or either hop out of bed open the curtain This happened in my daughters room as well. She would get woken up with these massive knocks on her windows and she was quite scared and she was actually jumping out bare. And then sometimes you know I would go into the bedroom and close our curtains just to get the warmth in and I just every time I hop, every time I walked into my bedroom and the curtains were wide open or it was dark outside I just had this uneasy feeling that I was being watched. All the time. Every time. And down the hallway, the third bedroom on the right, that room was always cold. Always cold. Our two rooms were quite warm though, but just that particular room was always cold. And I actually used to smoke and I used to go outside and have a smoke, but this particular one night I went outside and lit a smoke up and sat down and it's actually a watershed just across from us. Lots of little beautiful fruit trees and stuff like that. And this little apparition appeared in front of me. Like a little, like a, it looked like a little, I had a feeling it was a little girl. Probably around the age of maybe four. And she stood there, I don't know, for about a minute. And then I looked back and like she, I could see her just like disappearing, just flying away sort of thing. And often in that house I would hear a lot of whistling. those knocks on those windows were absolutely terrifying. I didn't like that one little bit. to do some food shopping, to do our monthly food shopping. And we're driving past the cowshed that we milked in and the cows would walk from the race into this big square yard. And at the end of the yard, where the cows walk through the gate onto the yard, I saw these tall, dark figures. Probably two or three of them, they would have been at least six. seven feet tall and their eyes were glowing and I said fuck what the fuck were they? So I actually turned around and had another look and I could see them running away. Until this day I never ever will know what they were. I've never ever seen that sort of thing before. So that was quite scary. I don't really tell many people about my stories because you know some people may think I'm crazy but to be honest. I can't help what I see. I've been seeing lots of ghosts since the age of 16, so yeah, that's my other story that I'd like to share with you. Thank you. Thanks so much for sharing those experiences, Lois. It sounds like you have a whole kinda... You've got a real hotbed of paranormal activity following you around. I don't know what it is about ghosts and knocking. The listeners of the show will remember the last sort of couple of episodes. We had a lot of stories about hearing phantom knocks and people running up the stairs and... Very strange. I don't know what they get out of it, but... Yeah, I... people that listen back will remember my experience as someone or something knocking on the door very aggressively a few years ago. Uh, little girls seem to be a recurring theme in ghostly visions as well. Little, little... little girls and old people seem to be... They, they, they're people, yeah. Don't know, people tend to see them a lot. Um, not sure what exactly the pattern is there, but um... Yeah, a lot of times when I hear people just telling stories of little visions they've had here and there, it's always either a little girl or an old person. That third story really intrigues me, these massive shadowy figures, seven or eight feet tall with glowing orange eyes or glowing yellow eyes. That really sent chills up my spine when I heard that part of the story. I'd be curious to know a little more, Lois, so if you're listening to this episode, um... Maybe send in another voice note describing what they look like. Were they normal human figures or were they all kind of stretched out and exaggerated kind of like the Slender Man or were they just big like were they even human like? I'd really love to learn to know more so if you feel comfortable tell us a little more about these figures I'd love to play it on the show. Our next story was submitted through, I believe, one of the Facebook community groups by a person called Tamsin. And they've also had an experience of a little girl in a graveyard, which is pretty quickly becoming a running theme in this podcast. So with that, let's roll the story. And we're back. It is nice to have a non terrifying ghost story every now and then. Although I suppose it is scary in its own way to see things appearing and disappearing and everything. But I would say that particular spirit or whatever it may be doesn't seem to mean you any harm. So I suppose leave it be, right? But anyway, thank you for submitting your story, Tamsin. It was a pleasure to play it on the show. And um... I hope you've gotten some rest, you sounded a little tired at the start of that video, so why not take a day out for yourself and have a chill out day or a pamper day. I think that would be great. Alright, and the first of our two UFO stories for this episode has been submitted by Wayne. A user in one of the community groups recommended that I get in touch with Wayne as Wayne runs a business called which you can go and check out on Facebook as Wayne uploads all of his photos that he's taken of some of these UFOs. So I recommend you go and check that out. Wayne had submitted quite a long story to me, which I've chopped down a little bit. So if you're listening, sorry about that, Wayne. I just figured dance. Since most of the second half was Wayne describing the photos, I wasn't super great for a podcast format. So what I've done. is I've taken the part where Wayne talks about his experience seeing the UFOs and then if the users would like to check out the photos they can go to on Facebook and check those out there's some really good photos on there and I recommend checking them out if you're into UFOs. So with that we'll roll the roll the call and thank you. evening of the 29th to the 5th of 2023 to meet up with outside of Cust and another car was following her and also pulled over and they spotted this light in the sky sparkling bouncing around doing interesting things and they watched her for about 15 minutes and Ria out of curiosity phoned the police and they informed her that on the night of the 29th of the 5th of May that had 85 phone calls into the police about the lights in the sky. Move forward to the 30th of the 5th I've been into Christchurch, caught I was travelling north-west up Tram Road heading towards Oxford, the night's straight piece of road for about 20km. As I come to the last bend before I hit it up to the main road to Oxford, as soon as I turned the corner, I spotted this glowing gold light in the sky and I knew straight away what it was. It was just too big to be anything. It was doing all the right things to not be an aircraft or a helicopter. I sped up, travelled about 5km to the end of Tram Road. hung a quick lift and then pulled over on a large grassy area and set my phone, which is an iPhone 13 Pro Max, on top of the door frame and I started taking photos. I can't explain it. It's nothing from this planet. I have seen strange things in the years gone by. I've worked out in the middle of nowhere on fishing boats and charter boats on the Barrier Reef, sitting 200 miles off the coast of Australia and we've seen things. You only see them for a short time. They're gone and you're like looking at each other thinking, did I just see that? This thing was going nowhere. I sat on the spot for probably 20 minutes. I took a couple of photos. I sent them to my partner in Oxford, and they went outside and they could see it from Oxford. And that's a good another 12 K further up the road. They were standing in the backyard, taking photos and sending them back to me. This thing moved about in just strange ways. It's just so hard to explain. One minute that was a white light, looked like a small moon, but when you see the photos, if you go back onto my page on on Facebook, and that's the first of June I was published at that, and there's 70, nearly 80 photos on there. The photos start like normal photos from a distance, and yet this thing is way, way bigger than any star. It has a tail on one side. At times, it was, if you know the area, you're looking back over Lees Valley and you're heading up towards the Lewis Pass, it was way off in the distance. Then at times, it just seemed to like jump forward. It was closer and bigger. I took a series of photos, and if you jump on the photos and then you zoom in on them, you're just gonna be amazed. I can't explain it. Some of the photos have a secondary object, which is circling it. and that object in one of the photos is either moving or it's changing shape. It is just freaky. The object moves behind clouds and just totally illuminates the clouds. And for that to be doing it, the object wasn't that far away from the clouds, I believe. You can scroll through all these photos and I can't explain it. It's just so clear. It's like a mini moon up there with a second object to one side of it. Now, as I said, I was using an Apple 13... Pro Max, there's a series of photos where you can see they're taken from a distance and then with zoomed in on them and then some of the photos are blowing them up. A couple of people said, oh, looks like the underneath of a smoke alarm. It kind of does. But my point here was when you get onto the photos and you can see these lines and rings underneath, it must be massive. The phone is on full zoom and then you blow these photos up at home to get the detail. It must be miles and miles. and miles wide. I'm gonna get 10 miles and you can all giggle at it. But if you look at the photos constructively and you think how far back that is, then you zoom in on it and then you blow that photo up. To get that detail recorded on a cell phone, it's gotta be massive. Nothing small is gonna show up like that. It is just massive and unbelievable. When you find these photos of the rings, a few days later I started. going through UFO pages and yeah there's some scammy ones and there's some pretty hard to deny ones I found the same photo. It appeared in a post in 2017 please don't ask me what page I was on. I was on dozens of them. I was flicking through when I put my photo up next to it they're almost identical with 2023 and that's in 2017 they are literally identical I found another post in 2003 on another page, and lo and behold, excuse me, fuck me dead, here it is again. Now, it's either the same craft, or maybe it's a place like Toyota which builds spaceships, but to see almost literally the identical photo, 2023, 2017, and 2003, it can't be a coincidence. And if you really like something to go into it, On sky there's a program called Skinwalker Ranch. Now two weeks ago, they had this light, UFO, UAP, whatever you want to call it, fly over. And they were showing it to the other guys on the program. And there was a brief moment he froze it. And damn, that really looks familiar to what we saw on the night. And these are well-known scientists and people that just do this sort of thing for a living. You know, the... top officials paid by the US government and they as they say they can't explain it. When you zoom into some of my photos you can see where we're blowing them up and some of the colours the red, the purples, the yellow, the pink it's like nothing on this earth. You've just got to get on there and have a look and if you still think we're full of shit after you look at those photos then god help you there's no saving you there really isn't. are just amazing. So enjoy your night and have fun. Thank you. And we're back. A nice little change of pace there having a UFO story. Thankfully not too scary of an experience. And I've had a look at Wayne's photos on there. Some great colors and yeah, definitely, definitely not something that I could explain as to what it might be. So who knows, maybe it is a spaceship. And what I found particularly interesting was the fact that Wayne has seen this particular craft appear in other people's photos and in a documentary and all this kind of thing. So when we were chatting on Facebook a little bit he mentioned that this was a craft that he theorizes has been visiting Earth for a long time which is very interesting. I know Wayne's keen to corroborate some dates and sightings of the UFO, so if you live in the kind of areas that Wayne described and you'd like to get in touch with Wayne, go back to on Facebook and have a chat to Wayne and maybe you can get to the bottom of it. So thanks Wayne for sharing your story, really appreciate it and hope you get some answers. The final story for today is another fairly short one and it is another UFO story. This was submitted by Angela in one of the Facebook community groups. Less listeners of the show may remember Angela from the Frozen Arm Story, which was absolutely petrifying. That definitely is going to stick with me for a long time. And Angela has a UFO experience of her own. Once again, I've gotten a stand-up comedian friend of mine to record the story, and unfortunately when I asked Audrey, who did the last story, she was sick with COVID, so I've had to make do. I actually recorded a version of it myself. But just yesterday, another comedian friend of mine, Sean Williams, she was kind enough to... record this and send it over. So we will roll that now. Thank you, Sean. My name is Angela and this is my story. I lived on my mom's farm, prob going back five years ago. Me and my two girls had been out for the night. It was a still clear night. You could see quite a few stars were out. Getting cold, so must have been coming into winter. We had just pulled up our driveway and about halfway down I stopped and we all spotted this thing in the sky. The shape of it was so clear. It was round in the middle of it and at the top and bottom of it, kind of went into like a diamond shape, but without the pointy ends. To be honest, exactly like a UFO. It had lights all around it and underneath. We could see the outline of the UFO and even the door on it, which was on the underside. You could even see it was dark gray and had a dark gray strip around the middle of it, horizontally. Me and the kids didn't say a thing or even move while we could see it. We just sat in the car and stared at this object that was hovering in the sky. Couldn't tell you how long we sat there for watching it and trying to work out what it was. It was like our minds went blank and just like that it was gone. We were all dumbfounded as we were all lost for words and taking a photo didn't even cross our minds. No thoughts came into our minds. It wasn't until after it had gone and we were all like, did you see that? And we are back. Thank you very much for recording that, Sian. I hope you enjoyed that listen there, dear listener. If you keep listening after the outro music, I might place mine in the end there just as a little why not. So you can check that out after the end of the show. which is right now apparently so thank you so much for listening to part three some fantastic stories in this one i hope you've enjoyed them don't forget if you've got a story of yours you can send it to me at ruttlesfantomfiles at i would be absolutely delighted to play them on the show as well as all the usual things you can give me a five star review on apple podcasts or spotify or whatever listening platform you choose to use that would really help me out a lot and just encouraging people in your life to send me their stories. They'll be fantastic. I think I have just enough stories to create a third episode. Maybe I could use another couple but another episode of The Phantom Files should not be too far away. So until that day comes, stay safe and I will see you next time. Alright, so in this story I am going to be playing the role of Angela. So here we go. My name is Angela and this is my story. I lived on my mum's farm, probably going back five years ago. Me and my two girls had been out for the night. It was still a clear night. You could still see quite a few stars were out. It was getting cold so it must have been coming into winter. We had just pulled up our driveway and about halfway down I stopped and we all spotted this thing in the sky. The shape of it was so clear, it was round in the middle of it, and at the top and the bottom of it. Kind of went into like a diamond shape, but without the pointy ends. To be honest, exactly like a UFO. It had lights all around it and underneath. We could see the outline of the UFO and even the door on it, which was on the underside. You could even see that it was dark grey, and had a dark grey strip around the middle of it horizontally. Me and the kids didn't say a thing or even move while we could see it. We just sat in the car and stared at this object that was hovering in the sky. Couldn't tell you how long we sat there watching it and trying to work out what it was. It was like our minds went blank. And just like that, it was gone. We were all dumbfounded as we were all lost for words and taking a photo didn't even cross our minds. It was like no thoughts came into our minds. and it wasn't until after it had gone and we were like, did you see that? So that was Angela's UFO story.

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