Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle

29. Best Potato Chips In The World w/ Danny Sewell

September 25, 2023 Taylor Ruddle Episode 29
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
29. Best Potato Chips In The World w/ Danny Sewell
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Today I'm joined by comedian Danny Sewell as we explore his theory that New Zealand has the best potato chip game on the planet! Danny made such a bold claim and I just had to bring him onto the podcast to explain his theory. We get into what makes Danny qualified to speak on this matter, he ranks the best chips we have and why in a lot of detail. It was an eye opening podcast for me and I know you'll enjoy it too.

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Rattle Me This, I am your host, Taylor Rattle. Today's guest is a very funny young man and a good friend of mine, Danny Sewell. Danny Sewell is a stand-up comedian and a world traveler. He is currently based in Melbourne where he runs a show called Fairy Comedy. And he and I, as well as Finn McLaughlin, used to work for about half a year on the satirical news Instagram account, TheLamington. Go and check that out right now if you please. But that's not actually the topic we're going to talk about with Danny on this episode. I put a post out on my Facebook page asking for comedians or other creatives to contact me with interesting or niche interests of theirs that we could talk about on the podcast. And Danny suggested we could talk about why New Zealand has an unmatched or unparalleled potato chip game. And given that Danny is a little bit of a jokester, I actually thought he was joking in the beginning. But when I asked him about this, it turned out he was dead serious. Now this was a little bit surprising to me given that I've lived in Japan and I've often heard that people... I've heard that Japanese chips were the king of the world in terms of flavor variety and all that kind of thing. So I brought Danny on the podcast to get to the bottom of this. And as we found out... very early on in the podcast. Danny actually really knows what he's talking about. He's very well traveled and he has, let's say he's done the research in his particular field. It was an absolutely delightful conversation. I enjoyed it a lot and it has definitely changed the way that I look at potato chips here in New Zealand. So with that, let's roll the interview. Please welcome to the show, Danny Sewell. Hello Danny, welcome back to the podcast. Thanks for having me again. You're very welcome. Today we are discussing a very patriotic scientific theory that you have that I believe the world needs to know about and I believe it could change the fabric of snacking worldwide. Do you want to tell us your, you made a very brave claim to me that immediately had me hooked. What was your theorem? Oh, just that New Zealand has the best. potato chips or if you're from a worse part of the world, crisp than anywhere else. I reckon we've got the best chips. They're translating it for the layman there. Although to be fair to the POMs as my grandma calls them and I think we should bring them back. Bring that back, that's so funny. POMs, call it the POMs. Anyway, they do have one brand of chip in particular that I think slaps. Okay, so let's, when, how long have you been aware that New Zealand has had such a chip name? Because you're a pretty well-traveled gentleman. What countries have you been to that you found lacking? Okay, so I have been to 30, no 48 countries, 48 countries, and six continents, but I've seen the seven Antarctica from a plane window. When you fly from Australia to South Yeah. Global warming happening in real time. Yeah. A couple of polar bears struggling and shit. Yeah. You go past the second time and you're like, I thought it was a lot bigger last time. What happened? Yeah, it was a lot bigger last time. Man, it's not as impressive as I remember. Yeah. How have you managed to accomplish such travel in your relatively few years on this planet? Pretty much everything that I save, I use on it. I don't know, just like it's I just love it. You just end to travel. Aside from stand-up. Oh yeah. I love it so much. Wow. I did an exchange to Peru when I was 16 and then was like pretty hooked from there. Did a gap year living in the UK and then just use that as a base to travel around Europe and stuff. I spent my student loan ongoing in South Africa. That's cool. Yeah. Shot Descender. Thank you. The IID is just furiously typing. Yeah, literally. But big ups to Jacinda. They have this program where they send university students all expenses paid to India to establish connections and stuff. Yeah, yeah. I think that's cool. So I did that with India for a month. Wow. Yeah. So a lot of travel, experiencing a lot of different chip cultures. So I think I'm pretty well accredited. I also pretty much eat a bag, a share bag of chips every day. That's my vice. And before you like judge me, I don't like smoke ciggy's, you know, I don't drink that much, you know, I can, I think potato chips is a fine bite. There are, there are certainly much worse vices for one to have out in the world. Yeah. So yeah, there's a history of heart problems in my family. So there's a lot to live up to, you know, I've got to work hard to maintain that legacy. You come from a long line of chip eaters, your dad and his father before him. Long line of heart attacks. Actually a flat line, flat line of heart attack. Excellent. I think they say myself. So I guess my question is, at what point did you start, like, did you go to a couple countries and you think like, oh man, there's, like, you know, specifically this country is lacking in their chip game. And then after about three or four, you're like, goddamn, like everybody's sleeping on potato chips. Yeah, I think, I don't know why we do it here. Maybe it's because New Zealand. Um, at least, you know, like, like Pakeha in New Zealand, we don't have that much of like a strong food culture. Um, yeah, exactly. Like, you know, Spain is like fucking around with, you know, other random shit, you know, Asia's fucking around with different stuff. I don't know why, but for some reason, maybe do we like grow potatoes well in New Zealand or something? I would assume we do. Wasn't there that company called McCain who used to always. talk about locally grown potatoes. I don't know if they're a New Zealand company. That might've been like a British one and they just did New Zealand ads for it. Yeah, yeah. I don't know, but for some reason, we've just got like a real strong potato chip game. Also, you know, like big crops to like kumara chips and like sweet potato chips. Like we were able to smash that pretty well. Yeah, I would say we probably can because now that you said kumara, I realized, oh yeah, like that's a huge thing in like traditional Maori culture. So like we must be able to grow root. What are they vegetables? Root vegetables in this country. Yeah, true. So I guess let's get into some of your thoughts about like, we could talk about, you know, the bottom of the table, we could do a tier list of potato chips. But that's the thing with New Zealand chips, you know, like even the bottom tier chips, but I will still thoroughly enjoy eating, you know, like I may not actively purchase them for myself, but usually these chips pop up in the kind of like, bowl at, you know, a five year old's birthday. I go to a lot of five year old birthday parties. It's not a creepy thing. I just love laser tag. It's purely a professional thing. They need an MC. Yeah, it's really professional. I love stomping on little kids playing laser tag. And also the finger food at five year old birthday parties. Like, duh, why don't we bring that back for adulthood? Like, what are those hundreds of thousands of... Oh, fairy bread. Fairy bread. Yeah. Fairy bread, pretty cool. Cherry-o sausages. There was always that one weird kid that would peel the red skin off and not eat it. That guy definitely currently has a Netflix documentary being made about him. But like on the bottom tier, so five-year-old birthday party chips, you've kind of got like, I'd say the lower end Bluebird chips, like your Twisties, your Ration, your Cheez-Als. Not a massive fan of those ones. I put them in the same category. I think. Those are the three horsemen of the Chip-pocalypse. Those ones, they're kind of like links. For the international listeners, Bluebird chips are your pretty standard crinkle-cut potato chips, aren't they? And if they're in the bottom tier, I'd have to agree that our chip game is pretty strong because every now and then I'll get a craving for those chicken ones, you know, the yellow packet and... Oh, bro, like, man, honestly, so many thoughts. I know people... Apparently, I went to the UK and they don't really do the sea salt chip. You know what I mean? The stock standard chip. Yeah. Like a comedian friend of ours, Shannon Basso Galle, that was his favorite thing. One of his favorite things about New Zealand was these red packet blue bird chips. Oh yeah. Amazing. But yeah. The good thing about the Cheez-Als, Twisties and Rations, I know there are people that like love one of those specifically, but there's no one that really loves like all of those ones. Actually I've chucked Burger Rings in there too. A few thoughts about those, kind of wasn't that bothered when they changed the flavoring, like a year ago, two years ago, they kind of changed the flavoring. I wasn't that bothered by it. I thought it was okay. They made the Cheez-Als smaller. but that's okay too, because I can still put them on my little fingers, which is me. That's a classic move. That's how you're supposed to eat cheese balls. You've got to put the pen on all fingers and then eat them in one go. I had forgotten about that, but you're right. And so we'll just interject quickly there because you can feel the passion in Danny's voice and I'm just trying to universalize a little bit. So those chips are, what are they made of? They're crushed up something and then sort of reformed. They're a bit like, I guess for American listeners, it would be... like Cheetos, except I've had Cheetos and they're way harder than those. Yeah, American chips are kind of they go like Americans do with everything. They go a bit too hard. You know, like they just kind of like need a tone it down slightly and then they'll nail it. I think in terms of options, America rocks it. But that's kind of just like the capitalist thing that they're up to over there. They do go hard. Yeah, American. American chips are, yeah, even just like the base level chips like a natural cheese Doritos, there's something slightly different about the way that they make their like processed cheese stuff that they chuck on them. And you think it's better or worse than what we've got here? Worse. I think it's worse than what we've got here. Well, that's one thing that, so I'll interject a tiny bit with some of my credentials here. I lived in Japan for three years and they have a pretty strong chip game, but I wouldn't say it's quality. So yeah, I would put Japan's chip game like pretty close to New Zealand. Like if you're going on a chip tourist destination, you want to go to Japan. We're going to have to do a comedy tour of this. If you want to get your passport stamped, yeah, yeah. You want to go to Japan. We'll call it the Chippy Boys Tour and we'll do like each city we've formed is like a different tour. So one of my favourite things to do, Taylor, is just to like go to a Japan Mart or like some sort of Asian supermarket and then just look at a chip packet that I have no clue what the fuck is in there and then just like try it. It's like being on holiday for me. It's really, it's so nice. Do you know you've actually- They may have some like epic flavors, man. You've actually given me an idea. So I don't drink alcohol, so I've never been a beer drinker, but I love the idea that craft beer is the thing now. So you can go to your supermarket and you can just buy like a can of a craft beer and you can just have something new to try, but I never- That's a good tip. I used to drink like a chip smorgasbord where you have different- flavor chips, and it's not the single one that you can try the different things. More like I just never thought that like, oh, interesting chips could be something to like sample around. So I think you've given me an idea. The next time you see me, I've had three heart attacks and like just in a wheelchair. If there's anything that I want to do on this podcast today, Taylor has encouraged people to go out there and get chips. And if you have a heart attack, look, you've died happy. It's one of those things like, you know, if you play football, you're going to get a concussion. If you're going to be in a, you're going to be a chip connoisseur. You got to, you got to dance with your cholesterol a little bit. Yeah. Do I doing what you love? Yeah. So then I'll let you get back to what you're talking about. So you ranked the sort of birthday party, uh, bottom tier. What comes above that in your kind of expertise? Um, so. I'd say out of those four as well that my favorite is the Cheez-All, I like the Cheez-All the most. I'd say followed by I'd say Rafferty and Twisty's The Tide, and then the worst one is Burger Rings. Still, I like eating them, nothing special for me. But I know there are diehard fans out there. So then above that is the other level of Bluebeard chips. Burger Rings stands out there. Yeah, I know. There are a few. My god loves them. Yeah. Um, but above that is like the, you know, your stock standard bluebird chip range. I would say personal preference. And I don't mind if people choose either way. Um, I'm not that much of like a hummus guy when I eat chips. So I kind of like the, the OG pure experience as, as the chip company intended. Maybe not adding, not adding, not adding these heathenistic flavors. You're like one of those wine guys. The fruit hummus? Who are you? Don't put that on a wakatangi chip. Meticulous. You're like one of those wine guys who sips it and then like spits it out and doesn't have it with cheese or anything. It's just like the product is the goal. Yeah, he spits it out right away. I like the mush chips in my mouth and then spits them back out. You've just got like a little bucket thing that you spit them into your mouth. Yeah, my chip bucket. Oh yeah. Um, but I'd say my personal preference is the thinly cut. over the crinkle cut. I just like the way that it melts in your mouth. And when you get a thin cut one that has the bubbles in it. I'm a bubbly chip guy in terms of chip shape. I'm a bubbly chip guy. I love them. So you would like those kettle brand ones because those can be quite bubbly. So I mean, how soon do we want to jump into my favorite chip? We could jump into it right now, unless you've got anything else like that sort of comes between mid-tier and the high-tier? There's so much. There's so much, you know. Let's just move up the tree. Yeah, what's next in the tree? Yeah, it's too hard to accurately place them, but in the kind of like, I'd say like kettle brown bag chips at the top. And then, because there's a difference between the brown bag and the black bag kettle chips. And the bottom, which is that bluebird range, but again, bluebird chips, amazing. So always excited to see a chip and bluebird chips. they rock it. But in the middle, like, it depends what you're kind of going for. Like wakachangi, I think if you're having a fancy work get together and you want to be a bit more impressive than a bluebird chip, you get wakachangi chips. That's kind of like what they cater towards because you've also got dips at those sort of things, you know, you've got your hummuses and things. And that's what wakachangi chips, that's the niche that they rock really well, is that they're stronger than, you know, stereotypical crinkle cut chips. So they can actually... you know, not break in the hummus or the classic Kiwi onion dip, which I think is one of the best inventions from things that have come out in New Zealand, you know, greater than flight of the Concord, uh, greater than the all blacks. Like we onion dip is that shit so fire. So funny that they try to introduce two new Kiwi, uh, Kiwi dip flavors. Like a year ago, nobody liked them. Yeah. I can't remember what they were, but people like there were news articles, reports of someone using ship. Yeah. They're not around anymore. That was, there was a short list of stuff that I missed from New Zealand when I was away. And it was like, I feel like we have a good quality of cheese here. And then the other one was that Kiwi onion dip is you just can't recreate it elsewhere. Yeah, you can't. It's so good. Anyway, so yeah. And that's so yeah. What continue tips? They're dope. best packaging of any chips. They've just released a jalapeno and cheese flavor that I'm really keen to try. I love that shit. They're banging. The Delicioso chips, they put it in that fancy bag. They propped to them for having some of the most like experimental chip flavors out there that I really enjoy. They got me onto salt and balsamic vinegar chips. I think those are mean. I tried a salt and the stomach vinegar here in Australia, cornson. Yeah. That's a, that's a nice like, uh, when you want to take a break from having a chip and you want to feel a little bit healthier, but still not that healthy because the star rating on both of them is like two. You go for the cornson. Yeah. I rock the cornson. The Delicioso ones are good light chip as well. So it doesn't feel like you're being as unhealthy. Yeah. Yeah, so they have some main flavors. Doritos, they're kind of, I'd put that's like, that's your millennial, your kind of Gen Z party chip. Yeah. I have fond memories tied to the Thai sweet chili chip. Oh yeah. Pretty much every week for about two years at uni. at a D&D group and we're, die sweet chili chip was what brought us together. Yeah. And I feel like some people might want to play, you might not want to play D&D, but you know, everybody wants to eat that chip. Do you remember the time where there was a time in New Zealand where we didn't have that flavor and you just said- We didn't have that flavor. I remember when we didn't have Doritos. Yeah. It was a new thing. Like, um, cause corn chips were weirdly quite hard to get in New Zealand until probably what, like 15 years ago, maybe? And then they got the red and the yellow Doritos. I think they were the only two options for like a little bit. And then the brown ones came along. And then the purple Thai chili ones were like a game changer. Oh, we had brown ones. What a poor memory. They're not around anymore at all. Are they not? No. What were they? They were barbecue flavored? Yeah. Wow. Oh, wow. Thank you for unlocking that. That chip memory for me. You're going to go on eBay and find like an archived pack of brown Doritos. But I remember when Doritos came in, because I would have been in year four. So I was nine years old and there was a teacher. He was like the cool teacher of the year group. He'd like let his kids play like PlayStation. He'd do an Irish accent on somebody's day. But he would go to the shop called Martha's Backyard. He also later got fired. you know, no one was learning in his class. But he went to this place called Martha's Backyard in Auckland that imported American stuff. And he would bring red Doritos to class and give them out to his students. And I wasn't in his class, but I managed to get my, that's like a handful of chips from a cool kid. And boy, like that changed my life. I started going to this Martha's Backyard just to get like these elusive chips and stuff. Also, Back in the time a chip that I'm so gutted is gone, rest in peace. The CC. Oh yeah. You remember CC? Yeah. That was like a corn chip that we had for a while. That was like my go-to little kitty like chip bag that I'd have. Yeah. But my God, like, um, they have them here in Australia, but they're so different. They're shaped like Doritos. The taste isn't really corn chip-y. It's like flavored and stuff. They had a really hard chip. and it had little black specks on it, I think from the baking process or something, right? It was quite a distinctive chip, wasn't it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they had those commercials, probably would be considered racist now, but they used to have a dude, they'd be like, oh, at least he sees his tasting like these. And like, that was the line in the commercials for ages. And then they just kind of quietly dropped off. I don't know when they stopped. Dewey probably pushed them out, right? I remember them stopping, but yeah. Doritos probably would have been the big thing. Yeah. Yeah, so yeah, lots of core memories there. Another brand of chips which rocks it is the Red Bag Corn Chip. I can't remember what their name is. They're just called like Mexicanos or Mexicans or something like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they're circular, aren't they? Yeah, they're so good. I think that Thai Sweet Chili version is better than the Doritos version. It's so nice. Plus, they grow those potatoes in like the Hawke's Bay or whatever. They're the best for nachos because they're not just like a random plain corn chip, which is kind of a bit meh. And they're not like as like, you know, Mountain Dew, Halo, Harry, infield, gamer, intense chip as a Dorito. Not too dusty. A whole nother story about how Doritos got very intertwined with the gamer. Yeah, because they were selling dairies and stuff. I remember you always used to see a combination. Like you buy a Mountain Dew and you got a Doritos for cheaper or something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was weird and you could win Xboxes and stuff. And then in all those MLG meme videos, Doritos was always there. Yeah. But they're kind of straight away from that. That was their life. Yeah. So I just got the 10 minute warning. Let's get into your favorite chips before we run out of time. So tell me about these kettle ones. They're like the gold standard in your... Okay. So the best chips in New Zealand are the brown bag kettle chips, copper kettle. There is a black bag version, but I don't know, they're not, they're slightly worse. They're not... It's the same, I don't know, there's something about them that isn't good. Yeah, you gotta go brown bags. It's fond memories of trying the barbecue one for the first time as like a young adult. That was my favorite chip because with my granddad, one of the guys that died with a heart attack used to like watch All Blacks games. I hated rugby, but it was nice just to watch All Blacks games with him and eat barbecue copper kettle chips. So, fond, fond memories. But I think all the flavors are good. That's the best salt and vinegar chip out there. That's amazing. There's I'm not, I'm typically not a salt and vinegar chip guy, but I will actively buy that. That's the best version of it. Um, the honey soy chicken chip of that brand. I'd forgotten about those. You just said them. This chip, this chip in New Zealand and of all time. Yeah. So good. That honey soy chicken chip. When you get a bubble of that, that's the best chip in the world. But get this, get this twist incoming. tied with that being the best chip in the world is a Papa Jack. Papa Jacks, you don't know what Papa Jacks are. It's one of those. So one of the best chips in the world is a stock standard blue bird chip that I would also put in the realm of Twispies and Cheezles and Burgerings with a Papa Jack. Yeah. I think you used to be able to get the clown to come to your birthday party. Yeah. I vaguely remember the clown logo. It's just like... Oh, they're so hard to describe. The shape is so unique. Um, it's like a cylinder. No, no, no. It's like this kind of like rectangle, but they're like slightly curved. Um, it's like an off brand kind of pop a jack that you can only get in dairies and they're like bigger. That's like a pretty good sleeper chip. If you're out of dairy and you want something that's on a budget, budget. Lots of thoughts on Pringles. I think in Asia they'll have the best Pringles flavors. Yes, some good ones in Japan. They're so experimental and random. Those are dope. I love that. Yeah, just like other random thoughts, I think the best chip from around the world that I've had, best chip flavor that we don't really get in New Zealand, but Delicioso, just like a couple months ago, brought out a version of it. Corn cocktail. Oh yeah. So Lays, but in the UK, Walkers. Um, some like name things. Yeah. One cocktail chip in a pink bag, bro. Like, yeah, that is my favorite international chip. That is so, so fucking good. Um, also in Greece, you can get, uh, that's ZT chips. Yeah. I've heard those in Japan. Those are so sick. But I don't mind the way. Yeah. National flavor. Yeah. Um, yeah, those, uh, those are good. Oh man. I love just going to a supermarket. Yeah. Did you ever try wasabi beef from Japan? Yeah. Japan. No, no, no. That was an interesting one. I've seen that flavor in a store here. Yeah. I was looking to try that. I love wasabi flavored stuff. I think another like French snack that I like is going to the international section and getting that green wasabi pea bag. Those wasabi peas are so good. I have so many thoughts about chips. It's good though. They're the best man. They're the best. Yeah, so good. All right, well I guess we'll kind of wrap it up there. What are your socials Danny? Where can people find you if they want to follow you? He's also moved as well as being an expert on chips. He's a hilarious comedian, so definitely check him out. Yeah, I'm pretty good I'd say. I don't know, just don't. Facebook's not the best place, just on Instagram at DannySoul123. pretty easy, Sewell, S-E-W-E-L-L. Very nice. And you can also find me on Netflix in five years. Nice. And no, it's not so nice, Taylor. That's actually a bad thing. I think Netflix is gonna go bankrupt very soon and they don't treat their standup comedians very well. So if you find me on Netflix, that's a sign that I've done poorly in my career. What do you predict? Is there gonna be another streamer or do you think people are just gonna go into self-releasing on YouTube? Self-releasing seems to be the way. Like you just release it for free, maybe with a donation button and you just get your name out there so you make money from future specials and tours. Yep. That's basically my plan. Not because no one will buy my specials because it's intentional, of course. Yeah. I'll buy it Taylor. Can't see me winking right now. Well, thanks for joining us, Ada, for sharing your passion for chips. I'm definitely going to go and. I'll have a look at the Asian supermarkets around me and see if I can find anything interesting. Any closing thoughts? Go out and get Poppa Jacks. Okay. Just try them. Look, I might have a nostalgia connection to them. They were my favorite chip as a kid as well, but like they're banging. They're good. You can't go wrong. All right. Thanks for joining us, Danny. Cool. Thanks for having me. You're very welcome. All right. We're clear. That was a lot of fun. I'm so passionate. You really are. I love it though. Like we said, it's like one of the least self-destructive vices that you could have really. As long as people do a bit of walking. Imagine if I was talking passionately about crack or something and they are like different flavors in my favorite brand of crack. And you can get the best crack actually in Greece. It's actually really good. They've got Zadziki crack. Um, yeah, like I think it's one of those things, it's like the iceberg, you know, like on the, on the top, you see like, oh yeah, potato chips. And then like, as you're talking about it, I was like, God damn, like he's right. Like there's so much to the, to the potato chip game. New Zealand's good, man. Yeah. So good. We're so good. I wonder why. Hot take, hot take on Japan though. Fully. Yeah. Um, as, as like second tier. Yeah. Because I think just because they just do it. so differently. It's so differently and it's so them, it's very authentic. Yeah. They're always doing, like if you go to like the McDonald's menu, like every week it'll be like something different. And my ex used to tell me is because Japanese people get sick of things quickly. Like they'll have these new flavors and everyone will buy it for like a couple of weeks and then it'll be like, ah, I've had that. And then they'll circulate it out or whatever. It's a cultural thing there. I wonder why we have such a strong chip game here. It must just be because we can get potatoes easily, right? Potatoes easily. I don't know. I really don't know. It's like how we've got a strong chocolate game, but I guess that makes more sense because we're like a dairy country. Yeah, yeah, for sure. I think cheese is well. The chocolate game is world tier as well. Yeah, you could probably do a whole podcast about cheese and stuff from New Zealand. Like the one thing I sort of missed is when I was overseas, like... The cheese you can get in Japan is all like cream style. So it's like, you can't get like a sharp crumbly cheese there at all. So like, that was what I missed. You know, just that like, what is it like Edmonds or something here where you just get that like, yeah, like a sharp cheddar. That was like, as soon as I had that I was like, damn, I've been like waiting three years for that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Interesting, yeah. I have like a lot of thoughts on New Zealand chocolate as well, but the only problem is that I just, I just don't, I'm just not a big fan of sweet things. So I don't. Yeah. I'm with you. Yeah. Not Eileen when it was all savory stuff. Yeah. Oh, well this was cool, dude. Thanks for your time. It's probably not going to be up for a few weeks. I'm kind of like building like a backlog up and just kind of drip feeding them out. So I'll probably do a cover image that's you and me on a New Zealand flag background and do it as like a, you know, have all the chips behind us as like a patriotic thing or something because... Cool, yeah, I'm a patriot when it comes to chips. All right, dude, will you have a good rest of the day? Yeah, you too. Take care, man. Thank you. And we're back. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed that episode and I hope much like myself. It's going to inspire you to get out into the world and taste some of these interesting potato chip flavors out there. Just since this podcast has happened, I find myself looking at the potato chip aisle with new eyes when I'm out and about. If you've decided that you need more Danny in your life, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram. His Facebook page is simply Danny Sewall Comedy and his last name is S-E-W-E-L-L. His Instagram account DannySewall123. You can also check out the Instagram page for theoretical comedy. That is the show that Danny runs alongside Finn McLaughlin, another very funny young man. And coming up very soon on the 4th of October, you can check out their friend's show. It is called The Butt Brothers and it's a kind of Super Mario parody. It is at the same bar they do theory comedy at, Theory Bar. And I've been told it contains stand up, improv, sketches, and all manner of incategorizable... incategorizable? I don't know if that's a word. Lots of fun stuff at that show. So definitely go and check that out if you are in Melbourne. If you'd like to follow me online, you can find me on pretty much all the social networks at TaylorRottleComedy and always make sure to check out Can Do Comedy on Facebook and Instagram to see what kind of fun events we have coming up. In a nutshell, we do a quiz on Tuesday at Black Pearl Tavern in Christchurch. We do a quiz on Wednesday at Moi Moi, which is a great Mexican restaurant in the CBD. Thursdays we have got the Laugh Cellar at the Austin Club. It's my little pet project at the moment. Really, really fun show. Core Heart Entry, so it does not cost you much to come along and have a laugh. Great little room, heaps of fun. I've been really trying to push the podcast and get it out there to more listeners. I'm running a paid ad on Facebook at the moment, which seems to actually for once be generating a few new listeners. So if you are listening to the show and you've seen my Facebook ad. I appreciate you taking a punt and coming along from the ride. I hope you enjoy the show. If you're a loyal listener and you want to support me or help get the podcast in front of more people, you can leave me a review on, I think, Spotify and Apple podcasts. It's very easy to give that a, you know, people always ask for a five-star review, so why not? If you give me a five-star review on those and help me climb my way up the comedy interview podcast charts in New Zealand, that would be... fantastic I'd be super appreciative of that. One last little plug before we get to the song of the week as you probably know I'm going on tour with David Corrios in about two weeks. First date is the 4th of October we are in Wanaka I believe at the Rime and Reason Brewery I'm really looking forward to playing that place I've seen heaps of friends do gigs there and it looks like an awesome wee spot so I'm very much looking forward to gigging there. It's going to be a mad tour, we're doing about 22 or 23 dates over the course of October, spanning pretty much the entire South Island. So if you are, if you're a fan of David and you would also like to see me in one of these shows, go to and that will redirect you to our ticketing website where you can find out where we are going to be. Spent about three hours walking around the Christchurch CBD yesterday hanging up posters as well So I'm hoping that helps put a few more butts in seats. Would love to see you along. It's gonna be a great show It's gonna be a totally new 30 minutes from me all new stuff all very fresh jokes, and I cannot wait to Start doing that for some of you out there. Okay, that's enough palaver from me It is time for the song of the week. This song this week has been submitted by a Christchurch originals band called The Outboard Motors. I got a lovely message from Darren from The Outboard Motors submitting this song and the song title is What Do We Do Now? So I'm gonna play that very shortly and if you like it and you wanna see more from The Outboard Motors, you can find them on Facebook. Darren says they've got a Facebook page just called The Outboard Motors. So thank you very much Darren for submitting your show, your song, excuse me. I really appreciate it. It was a great track, really enjoyed it and I wish you all the best. with your band and all the success in the world. It's great to see local musicians doing original music. I love it. So once again, thanks for listening. We'll catch you next time. Here is the Outboard Motors with What Do We Do Now? Anyway, thanks for listening. I will see you next week.

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