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38. Jokes & Clips From The New Material Tour 2023

November 20, 2023 Taylor Ruddle Episode 38
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
38. Jokes & Clips From The New Material Tour 2023
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I recorded every single set David and I did on our 20-show new material tour in 2023, combed through it and picked out some of my favourite crowd interactions, jokes that I only did a couple of times, as well as other spontaneity that only happened in the room, I even have audio in there of me falling off the stage at Inch Bar in Dunedin!

If you attended one of the shows on the tour, this might give you the chance to experience what the other nights were like, and if you didn't attend, maybe you'll change your mind next year! Either way, I hope these clips give you a giggle!

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Welcome back to Ruddle Me This. As always, I am your host, the Pakeha Playboy, Taylor Ruddle. Now this is a relatively special episode. I have recorded, those of you who have been listening, you'll know that I recently completed a 20-date month-long comedy tour with TV comedian David Gareos. And between the two of us, we actually recorded pretty much every single set we did on this tour. So mainly for review purposes. As with anything else in a comedy, a live comedy sort of environment, there were certain things that only happened in the room or certain jokes that I only did once or what have you. And I suppose we can call these the cutting room floor jokes. So for this episode, I thought it would be really fun for me to have a bit of a scan through all of the recordings and pick out some of my favorite things such as jokes that I only did once for reasons that will become... when you hear them, things like crowd interactions or just other little one-off things that only happened in that room on that night. So if you were unable to make it to any of our shows or you actually did attend one of the shows and you would like to know what the vibe was, the vibe was, Jesus, the vibe was on the other shows then listen on because you'll be able to hear all sorts of little pieces from the tour. I'm going to be giving some context on certain pieces and to help you maybe understand what exactly was going on. So that's enough whittering on from me. Let's get after it with the jokes. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you'll come back to see me at another live show in the future. Thank you very much. Given that David Koraos was much more famous than I am and most of the crowd were mostly there to see him I had a couple of lines at the start of the show just to tally some expectations as well as to kind of play on the fact that he was known and I was not So here are those two bits there Give us a little cheer. Do you recognise David from the Burger King commercials? Yeah! Probably recognise me from Burger King standing outside the front asking for money. I don't know. Most of you probably don't know who I am, and that's fine, you're not supposed to. The other day we were driving down to Wanaka and David told me that if I wasn't on the show it would only cost $15. You will pay $20 to get in today, haven't you? So that means you're about to experience the full unbridled rant of $5 with the same comedy. We're really going to stretch that comedy doll over the next 25 minutes. It's about 16 cents a comedy a minute, for the numbers. Unlike the Domino's $5 range of comedy, like, yes there are better comedians out there, but you really can't compete with the bounty that I'm offering. Christopher Larson could watch me do stand-up comedy and still have $55 left over for his groceries. How out of touch do you have to be to say that, right? I could never be a politician because I'd be like, Mr. Roto, how much do you spend on groceries a week? And I'd be like, you don't want to know the answer to that question? You don't want to know the answer. Piece about being worth $5 of comedy was something I used to do at the start of the show to kind of temper their expectations. And while it happens, our now Prime Minister, or soon to be Prime Minister, Christopher said that he only spends $60 a week on groceries, so I thought I'd get in a little topical reference there in case you're listening to this in the future and you have no idea why me saying the $50 thing was so funny. Hello, Nelson, you guys feeling all right? Yeah! I, uh, probably don't know this, but I did all the booking of this tour, so I got to decide what venues we play in. We got to ask for any requests in the writer and stuff, and I asked for these Japanese tea walls, because I always... I always wanted to perform at a venue where it felt like I was about to be assassinated by ninjas. So if you see any shadows running behind me just let me know. This here is one of my favourite one-liners ever. Hope you enjoy it. My doctor asked me if any of my previous sexual partners had HPV and I said all of them. I'd never sleep with anyone that didn't have Harry Potter 5 on DVD. This one here is me actually, I can't believe I'm saying this, it's audio of me falling off the stage in Inch Bar. I tripped on, there was like a little step in the stage and I tripped and I thought I'd actually really damaged the soundboard. Luckily I just knocked one of the little knobs off the little metal slider thing and everything seemed to be in order. But you... in the room you can hear it in my voice that I think I've really damaged this thing but thankfully not. Let's see how far we can stretch this comedy collar over the next few minutes. Can I give this a little more juice? Oh no! Oh my goodness, hold up. Is that better? No, I'm completely buggered at the moment. Oh fuck that's not bad. It's still going right? Yeah. Man, that first step's a doozy. Thank you, Jared. I'll sort that out later with them. I'll call some money and some new fix it. Okay, good start to the show there. Comedians destroy some of the technology involved with doing the show. Right, jokes. Let's do some jokes to take your mind off of that. Another one, London, that I quite like. The only reason I kept... I wanted to play this one in here was because... The day after David was telling me that it really caught him off guard and you can hear him laughing quite long in the background So I just wanted to put that in Every year my friends and I have an Oscar watching party My neighbour absolutely hates it He comes over to complain every year And every year I tell him, look Oscar Didn't like it, you'd buy some curtains, right? I think what happens is when I'm trying to spell things over the phone, I panic. And like, you know how, like, what was your name? Nick. So we're like, we're getting laughs off of names now. It's an odd crowd, David. And what was your name? Jessa. Well, I figured out what the rest of my set is going to be. What's your name? Bea. This next piece about taking photos at the airport I may actually still one day use based on a very real thing that happened to me. I love a tear-filled airport goodbye, you know, when you've like, you've done like a long-distance relationship or something, you've got to have those really uncomfortable tear-filled goodbyes. And then like, I had one of these a few years ago, it was basically the last time I saw my at-the-time girlfriend, but now ex. You know, I didn't know it at the time. We were soon to break up and we're having this big hug at the airport, both of us, tears streaming down our face and this American lady walks over and goes, excuse me, can you please take our picture? Like read the room right, like that. You could find like, you know, heaps of people around in a moment of vulnerability and so I'm like standing there with the phone, like you know, big smile. Okay, now let's do a silly one. little short one here for context when I said something about millennial women finding me irresistible, a guy in the front row just started pointing to the woman that he was with. Because the weird thing about looking like Shrek is millennial women find me irresistible. And they don't know why. One in the front row did. I hope that's not your boyfriend there because this is going to be a quiet ride home at the time. Is anybody from Christchurch? You were from kind of there, one of the back. So, you've never been. Here's what kind of place Christchurch is. It's summed up by an experience I had with a man, which, no, hang on, don't... Not what I meant. That sounds like a glory hole situation. No, I had an encounter with a gentleman and... I'm just... Not any better, sorry. Good to see you again, by the way. this piece here. I hope it's clear from the audio but I was asking the audience members if their children had said anything weird or out of pocket and I hope you'll be able to hear it but if you can't the woman said that her child referred to something as bumhole bees. Now to regale them with a story of my father and his mighty speed. It's just amazing. Does anybody have kids in the audience today? Yeah. Now Harold, your... I was going to say progeny but I'd use long words like I said. At 16 and 12. Did they ever say anything weird like that when they were younger? All the time. What, do you have a highlight that sticks out? They still do. 14 years old, yeah. Any highlights to count? Oh, the little one was afraid of bumhole bees. Bumhole bees? You couldn't say bumhole. Oh, right, okay. I love how I just took that at face value, like bumhole bees. Yep, okay. I understand that fearfully. I would be terrified of those too. Is this floating anus or something? You know when you're doing the gardening and you run over like a wasp's nest or whatever and they'll come up at you. At some point during the Rolleston show, a small dog ran through the door, evidently saw me on stage and went, nah bro I'm sweet, and then he ran back outside again and I thought I'd riff on that. So we got there in the end. Thumbs up if you're done. Is it all good in the back of the room? Yeah. He should know the jokes I'm gonna make. I'm all see-through man. Cardi's see-through. next piece was fun I actually had someone in the crowd who had seen me before and I think wouldn't be offended if I called them a fan and so I just thought of I thought of exaggerating that and shouting something at David and I don't know if you can hear it from this audio but you can hear David in the background go fuck you Taylor all right Nelson the first crowd that actually clapped the same amount of time that I got to the stage normally that stops a lot quicker Happens when you're 50% of it's all where nobody knows who you are. So it's been good for me. Has anyone seen me do comedy before? Yes. Did you guys come to my friend show last year? Yeah. Oh yeah, okay. Who's your fans now David? This one here was me talking to a teacher or something and she said apparently everyone sleeps with everyone so I riffed on that. Enjoy. Do we have any teachers in today? one at the back. Do you know like how old do you kind of teach? Oh, so that's less, like you don't get, do they still teach you or how do you, when you see them at the parent or teacher interviews, you find out a lot of things about their marriage. Yeah, pretty much. Has there anything like, have you got any real good goss you can share with us tonight? Just for the... Thank you very much. Give me one thing, give me one thing. Oh, I think I've... that's fair. Do it. Do it. You don't have to use any names. You know the room up, this is what I got. The room up? brothers, blah blah. Everyone sings with everybody where I'm from. Is this a Queenstown thing? No. Because if it is, I might have to move to Queenstown. You know what I'm saying? Go find me a child and pretend I'm a struggling single father. I figure why I was asking people their fears. But every now and then, some people had a funny fear that we got to riff on. Most people have normal fears. What's your greatest fear then, my friend? Being alone. That's the price! Now that comes up at every single show someone says being alone. Okay, then what about you my friend, what was your biggest fear? Why man's a tentative window? That's a good thing to be afraid of. That's a fear that keeps you alive. That's a fear that keeps you alive. And then we'll go with, let's see, maybe my friend with the glasses there, what is your biggest fear? Yep, yep, yep. Birds. Birds inside the special ones. Yeah, there's something ominous about it. Like, how did you get in here? Yeah, that is quite scary. Are you one of the people that believes birds are a government invention? That's why I find them so scary. The thing about these tours is even though the shows went incredibly well, not all of the jokes worked at all and I'm going to play you some audio of this particular bus joke that I tried three or four times in a row and just could not get it to work. Is it, I don't know, in Christchurch we have this weird, like they decided this would be a good idea, is it's a bus and a bicycle lane. Those two vehicles share the same lane and crushes. The most vulnerable people on the road, and then like a house on wheels, where the driver does not give one fuck if you live or die. Oh, we'll just throw those into the internet then. They're the same thing, the same category of vehicle, bus and bicycle. Imagine if you put a boxing match together where you had the former heavyweight champion of the world, Anthony Joshua, fighting a bus. Okay, that's the first time I've told that joke and the last apparently. Just gonna put a little cross next to that one. Woo! Nine minutes into the set. We got more. You know, it'd be like if you made former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson and made him fight a bus. thing. So that joke I've done three times so far and it's gone exactly the same reaction every single time and the first time it was out in Kerwee so I thought oh that's a false negative right there, they don't know what a bus is out in Kerwee. Then I did it last night here again same reaction and then you know I thought ah, I don't know what they're talking about so that's gonna be a no. I don't think Nelson's gonna hear that joke. You've all helped me get it myself. I'll just end it at the other line there and we'll be on. So that's putting bikes with buses in the same lane. It's a bit like if you started like a new UFC weight division and it was like heavyweights and toddlers. OK, that joke's still not going to laugh. I've done that about four times. And each time it's different. And I think, ah. That's a false negative. I'll get him the next show. And here we are. So we're just going to move on from the $5, you only pay $5 for me folks. Um. This bit here was from one of the Austin Club shows. I was doing a joke about weight or something. And one guy nudged his friend. So then later on I tried to help the friend who was nudged get his friend back. You ever hear someone use the phrase It sounds nice doesn't it? It sounds better than unemployed. I think it's a good way to put things if you don't want to say unemployed you sound between jobs. So instead of telling people I'm fat I just tell them I'm between gym memberships. It's quite a good system to be honest. Are you having a good time? I'm sorry. No, I genuinely want to hear what you have to say. My friend tapped me on the shoulder and I wasn't happy with it. Oh shiz! It was too relatable. Man you look... You look good though man, like I'm dreaming about that physique over here. I am at the very cross front. You could be my personal trainer, we'd really see some progress here I think. Of course, right? He did not sound keen but the rest of the crowd didn't hear that. There's another phrase that I hear people use a lot, is how they say, I'm not me when I drink. You ever hear someone use this phrase? Like I have a very good friend of mine who's a bit of a fiend when he's on the old alcohol and he always says, I'm not me when I drink. But like... He tells me the things he did. Did you nudge your friend back there? I don't know whether this next piece is something that I came up with or something that I read somewhere and then vaguely regurgitated. It comes to do with the fact that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, they respect the fact that Mr Hyde didn't go to medical school. I do apologize if I've nicked this from somewhere, but I thought it was kind of funny on the night. You can also see that as well a lot of these jokes working, there was quite a lot that didn't on this tour. We know, get fucked eh, Jontie? Yous guys said I could have the last piece of pizza. Doesn't that make a bit more sense coming out of this body? The dumb boys. Family. That's what I call it, it's like... That's like, he comes out of me, you know, it's like the Incredible Hulk or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or whatever the thing is. I like the consistency with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because Mr. Hyde didn't go to medical school. There was only Dr. Jekyll, so they appropriately call him Mr. Hyde afterwards. Two people found that funny, so we'll just move on from that. Are you two doctors? Good foot. Who's just like, give me a chair or something if you're in medical school at the moment? Alright, cool. Not what I expected when you come to the meeting. Is anybody studying? Give me like a little chair or something. What is your area of study at the back there? Yeah, yeah, yeah. IT? Oh yes, kind of my field I guess. I didn't know you had to go to uni to do that. You don't, you don't. Oh okay, shit. So how much debt are you in from that then? I didn't start on that. I take very little. That's actually not bad as far as uni goes right? Yeah I studied graphic design and I think my loan was like $40 or something. It was great. Pay that in cash. Before you leave the country it was great. This bahir was asking the crowd about local characters and apparently there was a king of Dunedin. What happens when you do a road gig as a comedian? The MC will be like, you know, coming all the way from Christchurch, it's Taylor Ruddle. And then there's this weird expectation in the air that I'm supposed to riff on Christchurch a little bit, but not a lot of funny things in Christchurch. Like, it's just been tragedy after tragedy for 20 years. And not a great foot to start a comedy show on. And I can't get real specific, I can't be like. Hey, you know the crazy guy that asks for money on the corner of High Street? Like, no one knows what I'm talking about. We don't have any, you know, the wizard got like, that was the only character we had. Like, he was the last of a dying breed, I think. And to be honest, probably not a bad thing. Do you have any characters like that in Dunedin? Yes. What have you got? We've got the king. The king, yeah, the king. So we've got a wizard, we've got a king. We could put like a whole chessboard together or something, couldn't we, in Dunedin? What is the king, what is his gimmick? And like, does he do anything or is he just kind of... I don't know. He rides his bike around. He just bikes around. Bikes around dressed as a king. Hey, it's eco-friendly, right? He's got a gold helmet. A gold crown. He's the king. And a helmet. It's a helmet, bro. Fuck. He bikes around. That's a custom job for sure, right? He would have had to see someone about that. They don't just sell those. It looks sharp. You know, like, oh, yes. And like... What does he does he like yell anything? What does he just mind his business? And he ends to protest against the bad. Looks like he wins there doesn't he? I don't think you've got a mayor into him, I think you've got a king into him, that's amazing! And what was his, um, what was his, like, what was his, uh, you know, like his claim to the throne, or like what was his best platform for protesting the mayor? He just felt like he was going to have a go and it sounds like it worked out for him. He had like a sandwich board of issues with him. That's amazing! under, you know, over his king uniform. Damn, so he had like the, um, the purple robes or something like that? He had them, yeah, it was a bit low. And he still... He still... I think after the show I'm gonna go and try and find the king and I'll, uh, I'll bend the knee because he sounds like somebody gets... Sounds like he gets things done. Did they, like, what was it, how did the... How did the bear die? Was it like that thing in Game of Thrones when Joffrey, like, cuts his head off or like what the... The classic comedy, uh, canter. Yeah. Oh shit, yeah, okay, cool. I was asking for that. Alright. Another routine I did was about hungry walk. And one of the pieces is me wondering what happens if your hungry walk parcel is deemed unacceptable and a guy actually told me what happened. And so then it's the moment of truth because I don't know what happens at hungry walk if you... If it's deemed unacceptable, like do I have to choose what I want to put back into the buffet? I don't think they want me doing that and it hasn't happened yet. You can charge the price. I hate charging the extra. Oh, fuck, okay, you've had this happen before, have you? What, how, how much did you take the piss? $5. They can charge you $5, that's alright, yeah? What was the criteria, was it just some stuff overhanging or what, because I've never had this happen? They could close the lid so there's a $5 bin close the lid charge. That is fantastic. So I mean it's still a pretty good deal, right? Like you can get like at least another $12 worth in that space. So that's still pretty economical. I don't know what was so funny about this piece here. It was in a part of my Hungry Walk bit. But I said something and the audience seemed to think that was kind of sinister the way I said it. And then you get home and you've got to shake it out of the thing. homogenous brick Chinese food falls onto your plate You know you do whatever you got to do with it and um Yeah, that sounded really sinister I'm not building a house with it or something I have one brick and now every day I go to Hungry Walk and eventually I'll have a Chinese food house This bit here was quite funny it was David requesting that I do the Hungry Walk joke The reason I was so flustered was because I already thought I was running out of time because we'd agreed to go a little bit shorter in the Nelson show just because it wasn't a pub environment we thought would keep it tight but this was quite a funny interaction. Keep the other little cars away. The other day I saw a Mazda Denio parked in there and I turned into Walter White from Breaking Bad. Walked over and was like, stay out of my territory. That joke just never gets old. Don't stop me from doing it. We're on show 18, I think. 19, yeah, still nothing from that one. The last thing I want, we'll do a couple of one liners and then I'll tell you one thing and then we'll bring David on, so. Do the hungry walk joke as well. You want me to do the hungry walk joke? I don't have time, dog. No, do it. Okay, I'll do the hungry walk as well. I'll give requests, he's my boss basically. That's why your boss's telling you to dress six years quicker. I did a lot of talking about ram raids on this tour and this particular one was me asking the audience in Dunedin if there had been a ram raid. And this is what they said. And then I asked Queenstown, you don't really have them in Queenstown, right? I do. I heard like something like 14 Mazda Demios get stolen every month here and like boosted around. People learn how to steal them off TikTok, I think is the thing. And yeah, I was just thinking, maybe the reason it doesn't happen a lot here is because there's not enough, like stretches of open road with all the roadworks around. You can't really get a good run up into one of the stores. but no one's heard about any happening here or anything like that. I'm just kind of curious. Nothing like that. there was one that happened? yeah there was one yes this is what I'm here for it was a dark time tell us more someone died oh fuck alright so that is for part number two remember five dollars worth of comedy I'm giving you five dollars worth of comedy there are the other two oh that's where the money is with those two so someone died in a ram raid that's uh you know Yeah, I was going to say, was it the person driving the car? Yeah, it was afterwards. What were they attempting to steal? Alcohol. It's always like the you don't even need a cut you could get a sledgehammer or something. It's ahhh madness. Oh well so that's that. There's another clip apparently someone ram-raded a dairy to steal pies because of some deal in Dunedin. Yeah, not a lot in Dunedin from what I understand, right? Like, has anyone ever seen or heard of anything like that? Nothing hilarious? I have. Will ya? Yeah. That was the confidence of someone who's done a rap before. Didn't get caught, somehow. Yeah, well that's how you pay for the tickets tonight. What is that? It was 11.58, I had a $2 pi day. Wait, wait, hang on a second. There's a little backstreet that said, it's $2 pi day, what's the deal with that? Well, every Tuesday night and day does like a deal on it. It ends at midnight. Oh, shit, yeah. In the mid-58, there was a car crashed into the night and day. This was like a year and a half ago. Holy crap, and that was because they were running late, so like, I don't know, time to turn on the parking. This next bit here is from the Roleston show. There was a guy in the crowd who was like your typical loose unit Kiwi guy. He had a long curly mullet, flip-flops and shorts, and he was drinking out of a big Crate Day bottle. such a lovely dude and he seemed very self-aware of his image. So at one point when I was asking people can they drive, he had this response. Google Maps where I have to go somewhere for the first time. Like, at least to the point where we're on the street view, I'm trying to zoom in on the little signs to see if it's a 6 o'clock. And so, you know, those three parking things. Those sounds easy. I'm nervous about this. And so, I can actually tell you, based on what you drive, what your favorite type of parking is. So what kind of parking do you drive there? Suzuki Swift. OK, so you are a demon at parallel parking. You can get sanded. So then what about you? What do you drive? Also a Suzuki. OK. What do you drive? Toyota Yaris. Toyota Yaris? What is it? That's like a stationary kind of thing? Toyota List. You guys are going to laugh a bit, I do, later on in the show. I'm relating to this audience a lot more than I speak to. What about you, what do you drive? Toyota S-Twitches Lucky Yaris. Oh, okay. Sir, for anything that I didn't know, what are my cars to drive? What do you drive? Me? I don't drive. Is that a, uh, is that a, uh, a motorbike to drive or a... And this is a piece that, like, I'd been doing it for most of the tour and I really liked this routine, but it just wasn't really connecting with people. They, they, yeah, I just couldn't figure out how to get people to really resonate with it. But because I sort of stopped doing it and it was in a relatively complete state when I did, I thought I'll chuck this in anyway and maybe you'll enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to see a heist movie, but it's a ram raid. Like I'd love to see, you know, you've got to follow the typical formula of the charismatic leader. He gets the whole team back together. They're all like 11 years old. And like, you know, he's got beef with like the bottle store guy for some reason. That's like the, that's the real reason he wants to knock over the bottle store. And you've got to get your team together. Everybody's got a speciality. Like they've got Kyle. He would be the driver. He's the deadliest man behind the wheel of a mastodonio in Christchurch. Then you would have, you'd need like the tech specialist. That would be Jaden, which is J-A-I-D-E-N, in case you're wondering. You know, he's got like 30 followers on Snapchat, so that's his tech thing. He's gonna get the message out to the world. And then you've got the strong arm guy, he's Jaden as well, but he's J-E-I-G-H-D-Y-E-N-E. You know how white people like to do that to names? And like his specialty is he can carry a bottle of Hennessy in each hand. That's a feat of strength at that age. And then you've got the old boy. You know how there's always the old one in the heist movies? It's like his last job before he retires. He's like 17 or something. He gets killed in the escape attempt. Something falls on him or something. And as he's laying there dying, he just wants his share of the alcohol to go to his daughter. never have to think about alcohol again, I don't know. And I think you could keep the name as Ocean's Eleven because that's her all day all night. So, no changes to the name there. I think that's a good name for that. If you've got money to fund a movie, come and talk to me after the show because we can get this made for like $1.50. Thank you. This next joke is basically the way that I was closing out my sets. I was really happy with the jokes and I think it was really funny. The only problem with them was it's too local. It's very Kiwi. All the cities that I reference are very local references. So for that reason, probably won't make it into the show if I'm going to take it overseas or film it and put it online. So with that, I'm going to put the whole kind of end of the show in its entirety here and that will be the end of this episode. I was really blown away by how long of an applause break the Nelson crowd gave me after this. I was even getting a little bit emotional just from how kind they were to me with such a nice applause for the last show of the tour. So I'll tell you this, we've been asking all the cities if they've been having ram raids in the whole tour and there's been some fantastic answers. First of all, I've learned how much of a Christchurch problem this is. No one else is really dealing with it. So like the first place we went to was Rangiroa. I think you're all familiar with Rangiroa. It's kind of a rural... community and when I asked if they had ram raids there was silence and then an old man really earnestly just went, we have rams here. It's like a rungy or a ram-raid, it's just like... Can you steal your neighbor's best blue-ridden working style or something? Really didn't like how hard Ash Burton and Kerr Weigel after that joke. Like, yeah guys, let's pretend it's any different out here. The second one was in Queenstown. We asked if they had a ram-raid in Queenstown and the crowd... They didn't think of it for a second but they went, Oh yeah, we had one by accident. I turned into the pink ladies from Greece. Tell me more, tell me more, is the driver alright? And so what had happened was some holiday tourists had rented a car and they accidentally backed it into a shop kind of front thing. And then I guess they were just like, well, when in Rotem? And ran inside and started taking stuff. The best one in the whole tour, I suppose, has been in Wanaka. We asked if they have ram-raids in Wanaka. And the laugh that came back to me was very arrogant and haughty. It was like, oh ho And I didn't really want him to feel left out, so I ran rated a bunch of stores on the way out of that. And I'm related, but I'm going to be selling merino sweaters out of the back of my car after the show. So if you want to pull through, give me a two for one deal and we can cripple the economy of Wanaka together. Well that's basically all from me. Do you feel like you've got your $5 worth of economy out of me? That's a long press. You're still going, right? So that's all from the cutting room floor of the David Correios and Taylor Ruddle new material tour. I hope you got a little bit of a giggle out of some of those clips. It was such a fun tour. I really like a once in a lifetime sort of opportunity. Once again, big thank you to David and to Notorious Management for asking me to join them on this quest. I had such a good time and I hope you've been able to... experienced some of the joy that I had while I was participating on this tour you'll probably hear from a lot of the clips I'm laughing along with the audience which is pretty it's typically a bad habit for comedians but I just can't help it I just enjoy performing so much. Haven't really got a lot to plug for you this week as usual the Tuesday night quiz at Bright Ears Bar and Bistro 7.30 p.m. every Tuesday 6.30 p.m. at Moi on Well Street in the Christchurch CBD The Last Seller at Austin Club, 7 o'clock every Thursday except for the last. And then on the last Thursday, Sprig and Furr and Miraval, $10 entry for that. As always, I'm Taylor Riddle Comedy on all the social media platforms. Leave me a review on your favorite listening platform if you'd like to figure out a way you can help me grow the podcast. The listeners have been steadily growing and it's been absolutely awesome to see people seem to be getting really invested in the show. I'm delighted to have you along for the ride and I hope you'll stick with me for many years to come and I hope I can keep providing you with interesting guests and weird little podcasts like this one for you to enjoy. So with that said, we'll catch you next week. Ruddler out.

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