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39. Survivor Part 3 w/ Henry Hickman

November 22, 2023 Taylor Ruddle Episode 39
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
39. Survivor Part 3 w/ Henry Hickman
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Hey Hey it's another Wednesday bonus episode and Hickamania is running wild as we release the final part of this 3 part conversation about (allegedly) the greatest TV show ever, Survivor! I reckon probably go back and listen to part 1 and part 2 to get yourself up to speed before this, or just dive right in, I'm not the boss of you. In this episode we cover the last third of Survivor's history and get into what the show is like now, how it's streamlined its filming process and possibly even a bit of what does the future look like for Survivor? Listen to find out.

 Part of the Survivor Trilogy of podcasts, catch part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

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All right, we're back. Sometimes I believe that I could go on Survivor. And then I had that time between recordings where I downed two burgers and a diet coke in the span of like, how long was it? Maybe 10 minutes? 13 minutes is the rate, the race-borne period. Yeah. And I think to myself, you know, maybe, maybe I couldn't do that then. So friends, welcome back to another episode of Rottle Me This with your host, Taylor Ruddle aka Hollywood Rudd Rogan. We have finally reached part three of our long interview series with Henry Hickman talking about allegedly the greatest TV show ever made, Survivor. Hickamania is running absolutely wild at this point. We've been uploading a lot of episodes with Henry in it, so what I've done is I've released this as a bonus Wednesday episode as to not oversaturate my feed. with all this delightful survivor goodness. So like I said, we are up to episode three, part three, excuse me, of this interview with Henry Hickman about the television show, Survivor. This is the final part where we cover the sort of tail end of the show, leading up to the present day. We can see what they've done to kind of streamline their filming process, I guess you could say, and what's, I guess, what's in the future for the television show, Survivor. Once again, if you're joining us from the NerdNight talk that Henry gave, welcome along. I hope you're enjoying your stay. I think we're gonna be collaborating with NerdNight a little bit more in 2024. We're gonna come up with a sort of pipeline where maybe the guests who do a talk at NerdNight can come on and do the podcast and maybe do like a companion piece to their talk or something like that. We haven't really figured out the details yet, but I've just chatted to. the delightful folks at NerdNight and they seemed open to collaborating. So I'll watch this space and we'll see what 2024 brings. Excuse me, I can't talk this morning. So with that, let's bring one more time for the third and final time to the show. Henry Hickman, everybody. And we are back for part three of our discussion on Survivor. Welcome back to the show, Henry. Thanks very much for having me again. I promise I'll try and wrap it up this time. That's all right. I think we'll get to the end of it, but much like Survivor, it's a cheap show to create. There's a lot of content, sorry. We're gonna just milk this for what it's worth. So where do we get up to at the end of that last episode? I think in my listing of the eras of Survivor, we were partway through the theme era. Yeah, 37 and 38 I think. We just talked about David vs Goliath. Yes. Which I do have another comment on. Please. Doesn't the season name, David vs Goliath, instinctively tell you who you should be rooting for? Yeah, there is a built-in protagonist in there, isn't there? Yeah. Like, if you get to the end and you're on the jury and you see a David and a Goliath at the end, who like, how do you vote for the Goliath? It feels like sort of a flawed concept in that regard. Who, I get what they were going for. I was gonna say you didn't want to spoil too much about these seasons, but was there much in the winners edit in the way of, you know, making the, making the David's appear to be sort of underdogs or anything like that? Oh yeah, they were they were painted as underdogs the entire time. And the Goliaths that got near the end, a lot of them were painted as, well, one in particular was painted as quite incompetent and another one, won a reward and got super drunk. And I still don't know if that was meant to be funny and relatable as most people took it. Or if, cause like he, they walk into a tree and they go, ah, bit. And I'm like, fuck, that's me. That's me for real. So I don't know if they wanted to, if they wanted me to like it more or less because of that. Yeah, that's an interesting decision. I wonder. It's phenomenal. Yeah. I would say it's definitely maybe a relatable situation for a lot of people. But that makes you want to give them a million dollars is another story. Yeah, exactly. There's a little interjection here. Is he familiar with the sketch? Sure. Mitchell and we're a little. Oh, I love David Mitchell and I love is it Robert Webber? Yeah, Robert Webber and so you'd be into peep show as well then presumably. Oh, yeah. Oh, wonderful. Well, that's another fucking podcast we've got to do at some point. I think my flatmate might be even my flatmate genuinely. once fell asleep because all of the peep show episodes are on YouTube, but there is one massive video just called peep show part one, peep show part two, peep show part three. And my flatmate like fell asleep watching peep show part one and woke up and it was like halfway through peep show part two. And he still claims that he watched peep show. I don't know if that counts. I don't know if you get to fall asleep part way through, wake up and just keep going and go, yeah, I watched it. I'm not going to pretend like I haven't done that myself. Was that specific episode? I know the video is you're talking about, but the reason I bring up Mitchell and Webb is because in one episode they're talking about the... We were just talking about in the first part, I think about how much money they win from playing Survivor. And in this Mitchell and Webb sketch, they talk about the... It's like the highest amount of, or the lowest amount of money they can pay someone that's poor people think is a lot of money and it was $100,000 because it's not, you were saying 125,000 is not going to get you on the property ladder. You've got to be taxed like crazy off it and people will be willing to destroy their body to get $100,000. Well guess how much the winner of the first season of Survive in New Zealand got? $100,000 and they put it up to 200. They put it up to 250,000 for the second season and then they cancelled because it was clearly too expensive. That's not even a lot of money though, like that's... But it was $100,000 but the only caveat is that New Zealand, you don't get taxed on winnings for games. That's not too bad then. But it's still not gonna get you on the property ladder. No, that's like having a really good year at like a decent job. Yeah. God. Like what are you gonna do with that? Yeah. You're going to look at it and go, well, I guess I have $100,000. You're going to be able to rent a really nice house for half a year. I'll put it in my serious saver and accrue 4% interest on that for a while, I guess. Brilliant. All right. Like if I want $100,000, what would I do? I'd go on a decent holiday. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I don't even think I'd bother investing it. It's not worth investing. It's not worth the hassle of opening an investing account. Yeah. Anyway, tangents upon tangents, uh, continually lift off. David versus Goliath, brilliant season, slightly flawed concept. I still highly recommend it. Yeah. Some would argue that season 35 to 39 could be classified as another Dark Ages because they just went insane with the themes. And also from season 33 onward, you know how Survivor used to go to different locations? That was the whole thing. I'm gonna just see if I can list it off now. There were in Borneo, Australia, Africa, Marquesas, Thailand, Amazon, Panama, Panama again, Vanuatu, Palau, Guatemala, Panama again, Cook Islands, Fiji, China, Palau again, Gabon, Brazil, Samoa, and then Samoa again, and then Nicaragua twice. And then the South Pacific, I don't quite know where that is. They did that twice. Yeah. And the Philippines. But then and then Cambodia was the last original location they went to. I'm sure someone will point out that I've missed one of them, but that's they went to a lot of different places. Yeah. From season 30 in season 32, someone almost died of heatstroke in Cambodia because they had him dig for salt and pepper as a reward. They had to dig up these balls. It was a shit reward. And the original playtest of the challenge, because they get people to test the challenges to make sure they don't kill people. The original playtest was on a cloudy day and the testers had markers to dig up the balls and the producers were worried that they were too easy to find. So they took the markers away and dug them even deeper. And then it was like, it was like... 90 degrees Fahrenheit so what's that 32 Celsius maybe even hotter yeah in the hot sand digging genuinely feet deep to try and find these balls yeah and this one dude like three different people had heat stroke and one dude almost died and had to be evacuated because of it oh my god yeah and because of that survival now only films in Fiji well partially because of that the other reason is the Fijian government gives them tax breaks to keep filming in Fiji because it increases I was going to say it seems like when you reach a certain point, it's just easier for them to buy an island or something, right? Like when the UFC went into lockdown kind of in pandemic, they bought an island and I think it was like the UAE or somewhere in that part of the world. And yeah, it was called Fight Island and it was like, it allowed them to shoot their fighting events there. I don't think, I think it's, they don't use it anymore. So how long has it been in Fiji for how many years sir? So season 33 would have been in, I want to say 2016-2017. So it's been there for a minute. So the past eight years. Yeah. Or a quarter of the year's life at this point. Yeah. Wow. Oh actually no, exactly a quarter because they just passed season 44. It's been this season 33. Yeah. And I suppose with Fiji being a relatively developed country, medical emergencies less likely? Yeah, well medical emergencies still happen on the show. But they can deal with them? They get treated, yeah. Like in season, this happens in the first like two minutes of season 44, so I'm sorry if it spoils you, but some dude like dives head first into a challenge, doesn't dive low enough, smashes his head against the pole and is evacuated like two hours into the show. Yeah, yeah. Like two hours into the game. Imagine like dedicating like 40 days of your life, you have to commit 40 days of your life to being on Survivor and keen listeners will notice that I've taken 10 days off of the first number I said back in part one, we'll get to that. You've dedicated 40 days of your life to Survivor and you knock yourself out of the show in two hours. That's heartbreaking. So he's just done, like he's out. Yeah, he gets pulled from the game, he's out. Wow. Yeah, that sucks. It's stuck. So what was next? Yeah. So then on season 38, with our Edds of Extinction, which they did a twist where if you get voted off, you can just sit on a different island until like the final five or six and then compete with everyone else who got voted off to come back into the game. What a terrible idea. So they just sort of like... Wait, I don't understand that. Okay, so I voted you off. Yeah. You can now go sit on the edge of extinction for the next like 30 days or however long until the final six. For some people it was 33 days and for some people it was like two days because they were at the final seven when they got thrown off. You get to sit there and you can quit if you want, but otherwise you just sit there. You can have no food, just vibing. And at the final six, you get to compete in a challenge to come back into the game and only one person wins. And so like all at once suddenly. Like. 12 people were just eliminated because they lost that challenge. Yeah. They just, someone got voted off first, sat on an island for 33 days instead of getting to go on their nice wee vacation to Thailand. Yeah, yeah. And got nothing for it. Oh wow. They didn't get any extra money, they didn't get any extra anything. Yeah. They just got a really good weight loss, I assume. Yeah, that seems like it would accomplish that. Man, that's wild. Yeah. And then they come back with the Undertaker at the end to try and win. Yeah, throws mankind off Hell in a Cell. Imagine if one of those people wanted that. Do you think the fans would be like horrified? Do you think they'd think that's hilarious? All right, listen, let's cover your ears. The person who came back did win. Oh, wonderful. And he is constantly regarded as the worst winner of all time because he played for six days, got voted off. Came back on day 36. Played a phenomenal last three days. I love it. And then won. I love it. Like, that's the cheesiest victory ever. It was fantastic. Awful. Really funny though. Really funny season. Yeah. How mad would you be if you'd played a great game up until that point and then you just get swept by this guy at the end? Pretty fucking mad. No kidding. Oh, God. And arguably every single person. who was there probably deserved it more than him. But then the people who were on the edge of extinction, they didn't get one bonus. They got to stay on, they got to be on the jury. So the person who got voted out first was also on the jury. There were like 11 people on the jury instead of the usual seven or so. No, there were 14, my bad. There were 14 people on the jury. Do those people that were on the edge of extinction, did they know what had happened in the game or were they kind of basing their jury decision on like? what they knew of the people before they got sent there. So much like juries and normal survivors, they get to sit in and watch travel council, but they don't get to watch anything else. But imagine you've bonded with someone on the edge of extinction for however much time, who are you gonna vote for? The person who sort of validates your struggles and is a representation of what you believe you could have been if you'd been the one to win that challenge. Yeah, yeah. Or Gavin, who voted you off. Yeah, that's funny. Yeah, that's completely. They're trying new things every season and you know. Yep. So in 39 we got Island of the Idols. Do you know, does Boston Robb's name ring a bell? No it doesn't. Cool. Does the name Sandra ring a bell? She was on Heroes vs Villains, so was Boston Robb. Yeah, I don't know why but Sandra from Survivor does feel familiar. They're both pretty famous for Survivor. Yeah. Or at least in the Survivor Sphere. Yeah. And they got... brought back to be mentors. And so every episode people got to go to the island of the idols and play a little game with Sandra and Boston Robb and maybe either win a reward or lose their vote. That's kinda cool. Yeah, it was pretty cool. It was really funny though, because the island had massive statues of Sandra and Boston Robb's heads. And there's this little running joke that Jeff Probst has a man crush on Boston Robb. And everyone's like, yeah, he definitely has that head in his backyard. Yeah. phrase to it every day or something. I saw an episode of The Simpsons the other day where Mo, he says he's going to go on holiday to Easter Island and Homer's like, Oh, you're going to go check out that, uh, the island with the big heads and Mo goes, uh, what? Wait, what? So I don't know what, I don't know what Mo thought he was going to. But the giant heads just reminds me of that. That joke is, I find that joke so, well, I don't even know if there's more to it, but I find it so funny, just the concept of someone. Choosing to go to Easter Island. Yeah. But they don't know about the giant heads. They're just going for like... Maybe... They just think it sounds like a cool place. Yeah, maybe he just heard the name and he's like, yeah, I like Easter. Like you don't see any more of him. He's just gone. Like he's going on vacation or something. What if you go to Easter Island and you're like, what the fuck? There's the spear of just the like... Why are there so many giant heads? What? And he says... Even since beforehand, he's been saving up for 12 years or something to go on this whole day. It's like, yeah. Oh my God. So what came after the idols one? We get to the Super Bowl of Survivor. Right. A season, winners at war. They brought back 20 people who had won Survivor before. That's pretty cool. Had them play a season to see who'd be the winneriest winner. Now that season should have been the easiest slam dunk. of all time. And to be honest, I quite enjoy it because I just love seeing all of these legends, all of these, you know, inspirations in my life. But from like a purely is the season good at entertaining perspective? The answer is like it's a six out of 10. Maybe a seven if you're like if the exact same season played out and they weren't all past winners, past legends that we all knew and loved from a whole previous season of having character development, then it would be like a 6 out of 10. But I suppose people were expecting it to be like the Avengers endgame of Survivor where this is like the big thing that we've been building up to for 20 years with all our previous winners and culture of the game. And then we enter the sad times. Not because Survivor gets bad, but because Survivor has to take a break because of Covid. So 2020 COVID pandemic happens and Survivor is off air for like the longest it's ever been. Wow. I think it was about a year and a half. Yeah. And when they come back, things have changed. Survivor is a new show. Really? It's, I mean it's the same, it's the same show but it's, it, oh I'll just get into it. Yeah go for it. Survivor used to be 39 days, the classic line 39 days, 20 people. One survivor. That's my terrible Zephyr's impression. But you know, it doesn't roll off the tongue as nice. 26 days, 18 people. One survivor. Yeah. Now you've got 26 days instead of 39 days. And I'll make that call back to why I took 10 days off of how long you need to dedicate to surviving now. 26 days instead of 39. Yeah. Survivor becomes... Now there are some good things about the new era of Survivor. CBS in that time put in a diversity initiative, where the casts of the TV shows have to be 50% people of color. And so that, we go from having like three black winners to then having like two minority winners back to back. We break our streak of having... What was it? We had a streak of... I want to say seven male winners in a row, eight male winners in a row, and then we get two female winners back to back. Like it does good on the diversity side of things and I'm very happy about that. But then the changes to having 26 days, they do everything they can to try and make it as hard as a 39 day season. And the way they do that is they overload survivor with advantages. You no longer just have the hidden immunity idol. You now have... a game where you can risk your vote to try and get two votes. Oh, you know, have a knowledge is power advantage where you can ask someone if they have an advantage and they're not allowed to lie to you. And if they do have an advantage, you get it from them. Right, right. What's funnily enough, the knowledge is power advantage has always got messed up by the person with the knowledge is power, telling someone about the knowledge is power. Yeah. And so it turns out knowledge of the knowledge is power is power. Hmm. Yeah. That's. You'd think in the, in the name of the event, as they tell you, knowledge is power and you go and tell everyone about it and you don't think, maybe, maybe I'm being told something by the producers. Maybe I shouldn't be telling everyone about this. Interesting. So they would almost play that as like a public, like, would they be like, Hey, like, I'm going to turn this power on you unless you, uh, you know, I've never tried that. It's never worked out. Yes. People get crafty, but yeah, so that's another part is there was the do or die twist where the immunity challenge happened and you and I could choose whether we wanted to compete or not. And if we choose not to compete, then we can't be immune. But if we choose to compete, the person who comes last has to play the fucking Monty Hall problem. where they get to choose a box and then get told whether or not you can either switch the box or not. Right, right. So you choose a box and if you don't switch, and one box has a flame and two boxes have a skull. Yeah. And if you choose the box with the flame you're safe and if you choose a box with the skull you're eliminated. Just like that you're done. Just like that. Wow. But only if you chose to compete in the challenge and came last. Yeah. what the fuck were they thinking? And they headed all the Senate once. Yeah. Wow, that's so hard. They made it so that idols, you had to say a special phrase to activate them. And every, there were three tribes, because sometimes they do three tribes. Yeah. And every single tribe had to say their unique phrase at the same time to activate the idols. And so one person had to say, I think butterflies are just dead relatives saying hi. Yeah. Someone else had to say, Someone else would hear that and go, Oh, they have the idol. So I'll say my phrase, you know, broccoli are a lot like mini trees. And the third person goes, Oh yeah, I hear the idol phrase as well. And he goes, I'm as confused as a goat on Astro turf. Well, those are the actual phrases. Were they just examples? Those are the actual phrases. What the heck? Wow. Yeah. Survivor got weird trying to justify. Tilted upside down, haven't they? They, yeah, it's slowly getting back to normal. But they really went hard in season 41 and 42. So we're on 44 now. We're on 44 now. So what was 43 like? Was that raining it in a little bit? It was raining it in a little bit, but there are some people who would say that it's still two months. And arguably it is still two months, because there are still some really dumb ideas. The Knowledge is Power still hasn't gone away. They seem to like that for some reason. The what power, sorry? Knowledge is Power. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's not gonna way. Have you? You've built games before, right? I have. So like I used to work a little bit at do a little bit of app design and stuff. And I imagine the situation of them being so into this knowledge is power. It feels like when you have a great idea for a mechanic, but your players don't get how it's meant to be used. Yeah. You keep thinking you can force them into using it the way you envisioned it, but it just doesn't happen. So I, I feel like that's what they're going for with like, maybe they have this idea for this. insane swerve that could happen with it, but the players just aren't using it like they are not should, but you know what I mean? Like the producers want them to. Yeah. No, you're so right. Yeah. No, there's, there's also, I forgot to mention after season 40, they introduced this thing called the shot in the dark, which is everyone gets given a dice, right? A die, a six sided die. And if you want, you can give up your vote. that tribal council, play your shot in the dark and you have a one in six chance of being immune. Right okay. Which I think the shot in the dark is relatively interesting. It adds a nice sort of twist to it. Essentially it's like if you don't want to vote for someone you can protect yourself. Well you can try to protect yourself it's more of a Hail Mary. Yeah I don't dislike that. It's more like if you know you're going to be out and there's nothing you can do you might as well go for it. Makes sense. Yeah. And so, yeah, Survivor has gone very weird. But I sometimes I think to myself, is this the same game that I fell in love with back in 2011, 2012? They've added so much to it. It's like this, and we're going to come back to wrestling again, but some wrestling companies, are you familiar with the concept of the money in the bank? I'm not. So the money in the bank was a thing they added to wrestling where they have a ladder match. And the winner of the match is the one who climbs to the top of the ladder and grabs this briefcase down that's called the money in the bank. And inside the briefcase... I'm sorry. I do know about that because I played a fucking Raw versus Smackdown on the PS2. And in the story mode, that was the last match of the game. And the thing is, if you have this for one year, there's a contract inside. Supposedly, there's a contract inside this briefcase, but on many occasions it's been knocked open and shown that it's empty. But inside this briefcase is a contract that says you can challenge any champion for any title at any time. So normally it was created to give heals. You know, we're getting very meta here, but it was created to give heals that couldn't believe it, beat the champion away to become champion without actually having to beat them one on one. So like, if I remember correctly, the first usage of it was after John Cena had just completed it, an elimination chamber match, which is basically just a big cage match where it's six guys inside the cage. And he's all battered and then Edge is another wrestler comes out and caches it and just hits it with his finisher and then he's the champion. And so like so many companies have tried to copy this formula, but like try to make it their own a little bit. And they've just been too complicated with it being like once a year, this championship can put their title on the line to give a chance to challenge the main champion for their thing. But if they don't win, then they lose the chance. that as you're telling me all these new survivor rules I'm like oh god it's just like wrestling yeah it's too confusing. And then season 33 and 44 uh they're still new era they're still 26 days but I feel like I'm hoping that survivor will go back to normal soon but funnily enough it's always like the more things change the more they stay the same. Very recently in season 44 Like, they used to switch it up sometimes two tribes, sometimes three tribes. Yeah. But for the past four seasons it's always been three tribes. Oh. And it's getting like, the contestants are metagaming so hard. Like, Survivor reuses challenges because it's cheap. In season 44 there was a contestant who had 3D printed a bunch of puzzles before going on and so every time there was a puzzle that he practiced before, he smashed it. Oh. And there's a split in the fanbase whether that's really cool or really fucking lame. Interesting. You can practice... before being on Survivor because they reuse it all the time. I guess at this point, a lot of people would be big fans of Survivor that would come on and for doing training, I guess, and stuff for it. Yeah. That's very interesting. Yeah. And then even my favourite moment of season 44 was that for the past three seasons, Geoff had made the final five move to a new island. Right. He says was to make the game even harder, but in a better way, it was because they had to clean up the previous island to get ready for the next season. And so the cast of season 44 brought all of this stuff to the final six tribal council and Jeff goes, you're going to a new island. And they're like, look, we've got everything. So it doesn't matter. Well, we'll have everything anyway. But Jeff was visibly furious about that. I've heard that that's a kind of running theme of Survivor is that Jeff gets annoyed by things that people do. Is that correct to say? Oh, yeah. All right. I've hit the end of the eras and so let's fucking talk shit now. Let's talk about Jeff Probst getting mad. Yeah. So like, I remember, I don't know if it was parody or I don't know for what it was, but there was something I read in a magazine years ago about a South Park sketch where Cap Cartman was doing a rant that was a parody of a Jeff Probst rant where he was yelling at someone for not respecting his authority. Is that a thing or was that just something South Park made up? allegedly it happens off screen where if you don't give Jeff good answers at tribal council he will like let's say I ask you so how does how does it feel being in the game if you just go good they're gonna cut the cameras and they're gonna lay into you they're gonna go don't give us one word bullshit answers yeah okay go give us something to work with and yeah in season 20 Jeff's person who he thought should have been voted off instead and he was like, so why did you guys vote off, you know, why do you guys vote this guy off? Why do you guys, why do you, why did you keep this girl around instead of, instead of keeping the big strong guy around? And this girl just goes, Jeff, I didn't vote for him. I voted to keep him. Like Jeff gets really, he's mellowed out a bit with age. And some people think that's worse. Some people think mellow Jeff. There was this one contest that he did really poorly in a challenge. dunked on them for like days straight. Right. Ooh, Jeff is like, isn't it so inspirational that people are like out here doing their best? I'm like, nah, I miss the old Jeff. I miss the mean Jeff Robes. The mean Jeff. It's like Simon Cowell, he's softened in later years, it feels like as well. What about... With Jeff, what is his, like, is he a producer of the show? Like, does he have creative input or is he sort of like, they just fly him in and out for the... So he started as a host. He started as a host for, and he was a host for 13 seasons, I want to say. And at a certain point he said, I'm bored. I want to do something else with my life. Yeah. And they said, how about we make you an executive producer? And he was like, sold. So now he, all of this, all of the stuff that we're shit talking is almost definitely Jeff Frobe's idea. And I talked about Mike White. Mike White was once having dinner with Jeff. And Jeff said, we're bringing back this twist for a new season. Yeah. Mike White just goes, yeah, but have you considered not doing that? And then Jeff didn't bring it back. Well, there's a different, a different Jeff. Do you know Tyler Perry? He's a famous person. Yeah. I not, not like super personally. He's also Jeff Probst friend and he introduced one of my least favorite changes of Survivor. What was that? Contestants used to get given swimsuits because that's, it's gross to swim in your jeans. But Tyler Perry was like, oh, that's too... That takes me out of the show. I get, you know, pulled out of my suspension of disbelief when I see them in their swimsuits. You shouldn't give them swimsuits. And that led to the contestants only having one pair of clothes. And after a swimming challenge, they're constantly damp. Yeah. And it all boiled over when like a dozen or so girls were like, yeah, you guys gave us life threatening UTIs by doing that. Oh, yeah. That can't be very hygienic at all, can it? Yeah. Yeah. So they've changed it now they get a few sets of clothes, thankfully. That's really interesting because I always figured like, with who are watching it, the fact that you have these challenges and they all have like very clearly like branded, you know, their tribes have like branding and stuff is like, to me, it was like, it's not like I'm watching it thinking that they're actually just in the middle of nowhere. Like I understood to an extent that like it's a television show. Yeah. So that is really bizarre. It was perfectly weird. Yeah. Is the merch game with Survivor a thing? Like, do people, like, rip? Do they reuse tribes? They don't reuse tribes, but I talked about them reusing challenges. It's quite often they'll take a challenge, paint it a different color, and then it's a new, it's the challenge for the next season. Yeah, yeah. And it's gotten to the point that people can 3D print their challenges and test them. Wow. So they reuse a bunch of challenges because they're all in Fiji now and it's cheaper to just drag balance beam seven out of storage than it is to create a new idea. Yeah, that's true. So we've got about six minutes left in the Zoom call. Any closing thoughts that you wanna, anything else you just really wanna get out there into the world? I want to tell a really funny story about Jeff Frohme's getting angry. Please. In season 29, someone said to him, you were naked cooking pancakes, right? And Jeff's like, bacon, yeah. And this dude, Wes, who's like a country dude, is like, yeah, cooking bacon. That was hilarious. And you see Jeff being visibly uncomfortable because some dude is just mentioning that time he made a naked cameo on Two and a Half Men. Yeah. It's so good. And then Jeff got like, annoyed with him. Yeah, Jeff was just like, yeah, shut up. Of all the things I've done in my life, that's your favourite thing that I've done. Yeah. And then Wes. It's so good. Yeah. I'll see, I mean, you guys have hopefully listened to me talk about Survivor for about an hour and a half at this point, if not longer. I've lost track of time. So hopefully it's either inspired you to give it a shot or run very fast in the other direction. Hopefully the give it a shot thing. And hopefully I will no longer have to hear the phrase, oh, is that show still on? Yeah. Well, I think I'm definitely going to go and watch. I'll have a look. I'll get you to write down and send me the seasons that you'd recommend I watch. Um, and I'm going to, I'm going to dunk my face in and have some nostalgia. Um, but yeah, no, I appreciate your time joining us on the podcast. It's been a good conversation. Thanks very much for having me. Three weeks of content. I'm not going to complain about it getting stretched out to that. So, um, yeah, I absolutely have had the time of my life. You know how often I get to nerd out about Survivor? Never. This has been phenomenal. Well, folks, if you're listening and you're into Survivor as well, I'll give Henry's socials a plug at the end, so definitely get in touch, come and see him at a show, come and run up to him afterwards and tell him how much you enjoy Survivor. Please do. We, um, we're in, we're hoping to start off this thing at the laugh cellar, where, um, I assume it will have happened by the time this goes out, but we're gonna do like a sort of comics table thing where you can come up and talk to us afterwards. So if you see Henry at the comics table at the Austin Club, and I mean, you know, I feel like my survivor knowledge is pretty robust now based on this very intense crash course. Yep. If you've enjoyed, if you've enjoyed what's with me, I'm a stand up comedian sometimes, so I try to be. Yeah, no, definitely. Definitely come and talk to us about Survivor. I'll smile and nod and pretend that I understand and you guys will have a great time. Oh, heck yeah. Sweet. Thanks so much for having me. You're very welcome. We'll catch you next time. And we are back! Hope you enjoyed that third and final part of that episode. Feels great to get that uploaded and out into the world again. I've had those three interview files sitting on my hard drive for a wee while now, so very satisfied to have that done and dusted. As always, if you need more Henry Hickman in your life, I know I sure do, you can find him on Facebook at Henry HickmanComedian, and he is a heathen who does not use Instagram, so uh... send him a DM and pester him on Facebook to get on Instagram because that is, I don't want to say it's the way of the future, it's certainly the way of the sort of 25 plus millennial or zillennial audience which is kind of what we fall into so yeah, pester Henry to get on Instagram. As always I am on all the social media platforms except for Twitter at Tayloruddle Comedy and as always don't forget to check Can Do Comedy on Facebook to see what events we have coming up. I don't think we have anything too spectacular coming up in the near future. Just the usual Tuesday night quiz at our Bradys bar and bistro. Wednesday night quiz at Moi Moi. Thursday night. If it's not the last Thursday of the month, we are at the Laugh Seller at Austin Club. And then on the last Thursday of the month, we are at Sprigganford Meraveille. And this month's show is actually going to be an interesting one. We're going to do a new material night. We're going to do a sort of Christmas themed, you know, bringing out some gifts, bring out some new jokes kind of theme. I've got a Christmas ensemble that I wore to a Beats by Bingo event that I'll probably be dusting off and bringing out for that. Henry and I are actually working on a little bit of a secret project together. We are hoping to put on a show that's gonna be on Tuesday nights at the Austin Club in 2024. I don't wanna say too much about it cause we're still ironing out the details, but. If you were one of the people that came out to my pop culture quiz at Meepalopolis in the first kind of half of 2023, this kind of show, I think, is going to be right up your alley. Again, don't want to release too many details about it because it might change. The idea is going to be very pop culture heavy. There's going to be audience interaction and it's going to be like a fun... It's not so much a show, maybe more like a little social gathering, like a little club. where the audience members can vote on things and the audience members can suggest characters and locations and maybe it might be a sort of Mad Libs style storytelling. We're not really too, I'm just gonna stop talking. I don't know, we don't know what the show is gonna be yet but it's gonna be pop culture focused and it's gonna be featuring Henry and myself and using a bit of technology that the audience can participate in. That's probably the best elevator pitch I can give you. So keep your eye out on that. Follow us on Cando Comedy on Facebook, as we'll be announcing it on there once we kind of get the eyes crossed and the T's dotted. So once again, thank you so much for listening. It's really good to see the numbers of the podcast are actually going up. We're getting pretty much double the amount of downloads that we used to get when I was kind of starting out. You know, that's not like we were getting heaps. That's just a, that's kind of a benchmark for how the podcast has grown since we've started doing it. I'm just super appreciative of everybody that tunes in every week. I really want to make this into kind of my main project, I guess you could say, especially in 2024. As always, if you want to help the show, give me a review on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, whatever your player is, help me climb up the rankings a little bit and get the podcast recommended to more people in their feeds. I'd really, really appreciate that. All right, that's enough from me. Thank you so much for listening. We'll catch you next week.

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