Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle

41. Coombe As You Are w/ Matt Coombe

November 29, 2023 Taylor Ruddle Episode 41
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
41. Coombe As You Are w/ Matt Coombe
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In this episode we take a slight divergence from the usual model of having a topic to talk about and I present to you another wee Wednesday bonus episode, an interview with my friend Matt Coombe! It's your pretty standard Two Dudes Talking format podcast, just having a catch up with Matt and talking about what he's been up to. Matt is a comedian and comedy producer up in Auckland with a lot of hustle, so it was cool to pick his brain a bit about that as well as the fact that he's a zoomer so I could ask him things about where he sees the future of comedy going. He caps the show off with a hilarious tale of an encounter with a vicious and violent duck that he had. It's a great listen, I hope you enjoy it!

If you need more Coombe in your life, follow him on Instagram at @coombegram, @coombeandfriends and @laugh_mobnz and on Youtube @Coombetube.

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Hello friends welcome back to another episode of Roddome this I am your host the calcium King Taylor Ruddle in this episode we have a very special guest he is a young man who is very near and dear to me we have Matt Coombe joining us today Matt is a stand-up comedian based up in Auckland and he is a young man but he has a hell of a lot of hustle in him he runs heaps of the open mics also I think he runs a couple of ticketed shows up there He ran the University of Canterbury O-Week show that I was very lucky to be able to get a spot on, mainly because half of the audience had COVID, so they needed people to jump in last minute, and I was more than happy to dive right on in there. Matt and I actually just got nominated for a few awards at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards 2024, three? I don't know how they work. I think they're for 24. nominated for a whole bunch of stuff for producing gigs. And if you've ever listened to this podcast before, you would have heard me talking about what a thankless job producing comedy shows is. And the fact that Matt does so many of these is outstanding, as well as working full-time on top of his usual gigs and stuff. So very, very driven young man. In this episode here, we didn't really know what to talk about. Normally in my Rattle Me This series is, I like for the comedian to have some kind of obsession or niche topic that they talk about. But Matt didn't really have one, so we just kind of did like a general two dudes talking kind of podcast. And there's a story in there where Matt talks about a duck, an encounter that he had with a duck that had me absolutely laughing my head off listening to that. Matt messaged me a couple of days ago, he was slightly concerned that this would be, in his words, the worst episode of the podcast, because I didn't realize it at the time, but he was very, very sick when we recorded this podcast. and he didn't want to cancel on me so good on him for soldiering on. So in order to temper your expectations and maybe make it a little easier on Matt's conscience I've released this one as another bonus episode, a Wednesday bonus episode. I remember we also had a lot of tech issues with Zoom. There was a week or two when I was recording some episodes back a few weeks ago and for some reason Zoom, the connection between Zoom, Christchurch and Auckland was not good. I remember both cities were having a lot of rain and I think that might have been a... making it a little difficult so because of the technical issues and Coom being slightly nervous that people's expectations are going to be high, I've released it as a bonus episode so just take it for what it is. So with that let's get into the interview, please welcome to the show Matt Coom everybody. I don't know I'm living like this perfect comedian dream like working full-time so I can afford to go to gigs and claim all that shit on taxes Have you gotten on to Henry? Yeah, yeah Henry's a lifesaver. I just made the switch over so like it's yeah, it's been golden It's like so good to aim. I didn't realize how much It weighs on you having to keep track of like putting money inside of a tax But now that I don't have to I'm just like man that $23 is all mine Yeah, yeah, yeah. My favorite thing though is like, because now it's working with my warehouse tax. So I'm getting less and less pay every day. It's fucking awful. Like a $200 gig, it's turning into like 93 bucks. Yeah, this country, I remember when I was studying, I had a, the hell was it? It was not a student loan. It was like a student allowance or something. And If you made over a certain amount each week, you had to be on hold with them at the IID for like 40 minutes just to tell them like, Hey, I made $3 more than my uh, little quota allows, and then they'd be like, all right, well, we're going to dock you a student allowance, $3. And they were like, okay, cool. I don't have to do this again. Or I'm like, I don't know if you, if you make more next week, you have to do the same thing. You're just like, Oh, Jesus. Like, it feels like you're being punished for being like industrious and hardworking sometimes. I, Oh, I definitely feel that. Especially since like. I'm working all this time plus producing, plus doing comedy. I'm broke as fuck still. Like I'm making a lot more money, but I'm also probably spending a lot more. And it hurts because I'm at retail. Like I have people who are doing like benefit fraud. And like the other day someone literally bought a 75 inch TV and a PS5 on Wens. And I was just like, why the fuck do I even work? Like there's no need to work in this country. Oh, I see. Right. You can just get there. Yeah. That's tough. Hey. Um. Yeah, that's, it's, it's bizarre, right? Because then like, I think it's, I think it depends on how you ask though, like, because then sometimes if you go on like the Reddit for New Zealand, you'll see people that will just be like, how was, how am I supposed to survive on like wins? They've got like 10 bucks left over after rent and stuff like that comes out. So it's, it's maddening, eh? Yeah, definitely. Let's shit on poor people this whole time. This would be a pro national podcast. That's what the world's missing. Technically I'm unemployed at the moment, so I could provide the other side of that coin for you. Yeah, so what you're gonna do is rock up to the warehouse, get a 75-inch TV and a PS5. All good, mate. Maybe that's what I gotta do then. That's the missing piece of the puzzle. I don't think I'd have the time for a day like, are you into gaming? Ah, I used to be until I sold my PS4 and my PC broke. which is like the biggest, like, honestly, I could spend a whole day on the computer. So it breaking was the biggest help for me personally. I've had that same effect with, you know, how Reddit, do you know any about the drama with Reddit at the moment? No, no, I haven't heard anything about Reddit. They're basically just making it harder for people to run side apps. Like you can browse it on the official Reddit app, but it's apparently not very good. And I think about a month ago, a couple of weeks ago now, they... like crack down on people with these like unofficial apps. And I thought like, Oh yeah, maybe I'll download the original. But like, like the same thing with your PC is like, it's actually been good because I'm not like wasting time just scrolling on Reddit now. It's like actually been all right. Maybe, maybe if, uh, Twitter and Facebook and all that, um, go down as well, I might actually get something done throughout the day. Oh, I joined threads. used it once, I hated it so much. I was like, this is so sh- like I'd never liked Twitter, like I'm part of that generation where we don't give a fuck about it. But every comedian's like, bro get on Twitter, get on Twitter. Like Tim Baird. Tim Baird saw one of my Facebook posts, he's like, why the fuck are you posting it? He didn't say that, he's very kind. But he was like, why are you posting it here so like six Facebook people can see it, put it out onto Twitter. And I put it on Twitter and it got one like And I tagged him in it and it wasn't even from him. I think it was great. So he was just like, put it on Twitter, I like it. And then he just like, seen it. Yeah, he's just like, oh, nevermind, not as funny anymore. We can talk a little bit about social media for our like topic, because we're both producing shows. And like, do you enjoy social media? Like, I'm not, I don't think I really enjoy it, but it's kind of a necessity for what we do. Um, like I re I very rarely think to take out my phone and film and record stuff when I'm like out and about. Um, but like when we're promoting stuff, there's really, you know, I don't know of any other ways to get the word out to people. And when we asked them at shows, like, how did you hear about the show? Like most of them just mumble on Facebook. So like, I don't know. What are you, your event finder mainly for yours? Yeah. That's crossing over to like Google now. So when you search up comedy events, it's crack up as, cause sometimes my free Saturday night comedy shows up high on the Netflix show. Just like, take that. You get to see it a lot, man. I just chuck it through chat. GPT writes everything for me now. I'm going to have to eat some crow, I think, because I was one of the people that thought Event Finder was gone. Like, um, do you remember how probably like just after pandemic, they changed up their system, so you have to pay. Uh, you know, you have to subscribe to it, basically to list ticketed events. And I think you can list one for free, uh, one like paid event for free. And I noticed that like none of my, none of my listings on it were really getting any like page views and I thought like, geez, they really like, they really want you to pay to, to host events on there. And I thought, oh, this platform done. Like that's the, that's the canary in the mineshaft when When, whenever a service goes from free to starting, trying to get you to subscribe to things, it's usually a sign that it's not going well. Um, I'm saying that with Pornhub, man. I think it's, I think it's been going stronger since they introduced that premium shit. Cause, cause they can assure the quality, I guess. Right. You want to find the extra good shit. You gotta go, you gotta pay for that. Well, I suppose that's the thing is money, uh, money talks, right. But, uh, yeah, no, it seems like I have to eat my words that I actually noticed my last. Um, gig that I was running, uh, got a lot of views on event finder. So I think I was wrong. I think they, they might've steered into the, you know, when you slide, slide on an icy road and you have to steer like you like counter steer or whatever. Yeah. I think they've drifted back on. Yeah. Um, big advocate for event finder. But the thing is also you list it on event finder and what I've started experimenting with is you list half the tickets on event finder. half the tickets on another thing. Cause then you get that double Google search. You make them fight for it. Yeah, whoever sells more deserves it more. You have like two lines at the door, like the event finder people and the humanitics people, like, no, you're in the poor section. Go get over on the humanitics section. Event finder, we roll out the red carpet, shake their hand personally. Humanitics, we go spit in their face. We're like, ugh. I remember when we was- We're lucky we let you in here, you freaks. I remember when I was delivering pizzas, I was working for hell and we showed up at a house and a guy in a Domino's car rolled up at the same time. And I was like, man, did this person get like, you know, he got like a pizza from hell and he got like a couple of sides from Domino's and we like arrived at the same time. And the dude and I didn't really know what to do. We're like, man, we're supposed to like fist fight in the street now. What's the protocol here? We should. one that you started producing, was that the Redbar? No, that was Zaxbar, which was a fella. I'm like, for someone who produces a lot, I've fallen and a lot of gigs have just been handed into my lap, to be honest, because yeah, Zaxbar was run by Ashard and AJ and then I emceed at once and they outsourced it to me basically. They were like, hey, you seem like a pretty trustworthy fella. Like, how about you? You want to run this everywhere? Well, I emceed one time and they're like, oh. you should just come every week and then run it. And then I was like, okay. And I was running it. Yeah, they'll come. Oh yeah, okay. Interesting. One of them, yeah. So they gave it up and I just took it over. Yeah, that's one thing if any new comics are listening. I know there's a couple of like newish comics that are running. Definitely if you get the opportunity to run your own thing, definitely do it. Cause like you'll get good real quick, especially with the MCing. Like when I was hosting an open mic every Tuesday. That was like the quickest I got better. And like the whole time I've been doing standup, it was just like when you're just, you don't have a choice, but you're hosting every week. It's like, yeah, you got to learn how to do it quick. Um, but then after Zach's, uh, what came after that? We missed the intro. Should I start it again so we can get the intro into it? No, I would like to keep this a podcast for as long as I can. Okay, so we're not going to talk about how you've been embezzling funds and haven't paid taxes in the past six years. Yeah, no, I'd really prefer if we could leave that out if that's okay with you. So what else are we talking about? Running stuff. What's your kind of plan for the next couple of years? Are you like pretty happy working in gigging or are you thinking you might start doing like laugh mob full time, that kind of thing? I typically feel like I need to keep working because I get bored as like, I booked a week of annual leave, but I'll produce, I'll do all this. I did the same amount of everything, which was still very little. So I need something, but I would like to work part time. Yeah, I would love to do like four hours a day, five days a week. So I'm like 20 hours a week plus producing. That'd be the goods, eh? Just enough to pay the bills. I was watching, do you know the sketch show called Portlandia? No, I haven't heard of that. Do you know who Freddie Armisen is? He's an SNL comic. Yeah. He likes him and I cannot remember her name is, but he's got like a writing partner and they made this show Portlandia together. I've only seen a couple of episodes of it, but it is quite funny. And the first episode they're talking about how apparently that dream of being like a slacker never died in Portland. And he was like, yeah, people just work a couple of days at a coffee shop to pay the bills and then just hang out with their friends. I was like, that sounds great. Like, why can't we have that here? It is genuinely like the best way to live. Fuck working full time. This shit sucks. Yeah, I think that's a generational shift, right? Like our, my, this is one thing my parents, I think they're a little bit uneasy about me doing like the creative kind of pursuit is because like to them, like the baseline of like whether you're like successful or not is if you're holding down 40 hours a week. And like, they've definitely come around to it now. And like my, they're like stoked that I'm getting gigs and stuff like that. I definitely know it took them a wee while to kind of understand that like, you know, to like our generation, it's not really that appealing to just like... Whoa, okay, hold on, mate. Let's put this distinction right here, our generation, we know full-ass... You know, vaguely sort of mid-30s guys, you know, generally our generation. I look mid-30s. I barely cracked 20, mate. We always joke that I look like the next Pokémon stage after you, right? Yeah, next evolution. Yeah. I mean, but yeah, no. So you are, you're a young man, but I mean, you're like a Zermut. I'm a millennial, right? So we're not so different. You and I. Okay. Maybe not to you, mate. Okay. Fair enough. Let me feel like that first time we met, I was just like. Oh, I was real anxious because I was like, I heard, Craig is telling me about how like, you're a little bit older than me. I was like, oh fuck, he's gonna think I'm just the most immature, annoying person ever. I think five minutes into that conversation, I was like, I love this man. I'll die for him. Craig, who is this child speaking to me right now? Yeah, it was weird when you did that, to be honest. You know, I don't have to spank him if he keeps talking up. Send him to the naughty step, Craig. This child is, yeah. But this is the weird thing with standup, I think, is like, I've never met like another standup and been like, like that we felt like worlds apart, if that makes sense. I feel like you can see like the comics table after a gig or whatever, and it'll be like people from early 20s up to like 50s. And I don't know, I think that's quite cool. I've never, I've never been like, man, check out this old. you know, MF'er or like, I don't understand anything this bloody Zoom is saying. And like, yeah, I don't know. It's a nice... Well, yeah. That's not been your experience? No, no, I agree with that completely. I'm, I just want to clarify, we're not allowed to swear on the Taylor Riddle podcast with an MF'er. Okay. Well, here's the way, so we could talk about this a little bit actually is like, you work fairly blue on stage, I think. Like you curse and... talk about explicit stuff is like, I don't really, but I do in my personal life. So it's like, I never know what people are expecting me to do on this. I feel like they get that it's more casual and I'm going to drop curse words, but like, I really didn't realize how little I curse on stage until a couple of years ago, someone pointed it out. Really? Yeah, there's definitely a place for that. But I go blue because that's where the true laughs are. I feel like that's where you can get gut laughs really easy, right? Like it's not so cerebral quite often. I would say you're like pretty good at coming up with the thinky stuff. Like we tend to bounce gags off each other and all that. So the listeners can't see, but he pointed to his temple there. Just silently. I mean, there's also in like Auckland and the gigs I'm doing currently, it's more of a fight. Like at the Classic, the clean and smart stuff goes super well. But when you're in a ding dong land and you're struggling to get people's attention and you're just like, Oh, here's a clever antidote about politics and shit like that. They are, we don't care. Yeah. So I guess cause some of your trauma and stuff and they're like, huh? Well, whereas I feel like you're doing more like restaurants and like corporate gigs. So your customer base is definitely like, if you did go my style, it'd probably eat shit. And same with like, I did your style up here. It would probably eat shit. Yeah. It's interesting. I think Canterbury people are quite, um, I don't want to say Tim it is the wrong, maybe Tim is the wrong word, but like I've had people that have been to shows and they've just been like, a lot, a lot of swearing in that show. Wasn't there? come on, surely you curse as much as that at home kind of thing. Um, what's been good is we've been doing laugh club, which is at the Austin. Let's call a little underground. Actually this one thing, are there any, there's got basement theater up in Auckland. Are there any other like basement gigs up there? Oh, I mean, technically Ding Dong's in the basement and upstairs. Uh, but apart from that, not, oh, we got El Bruto on Tuesdays. That's pretty basementy. Oh yeah. That's run by, um. What are they called? Real Terrible, which is, uh, is he Chester? Yeah. I always keep, I go to call them Chester. I'm like, wait, no, that's not right. It's Chester. Yeah. No, good on them. They, I really liked the design for their one. It's a, that like human cartoon pizza thing. Looks great. No, definitely. Yeah. Nothing, man. I'm just back on my grind. I'm doing, I'm trying to do, uh, I'm trying to be like, The easiest way for me to progress now is to get lots of reels. So now I'm just trying to do a lot of hyper-specific shit because if you, like what I was doing was I was casting real, like just generic nets out with all my content. And now I'm just like, if I go hyper-specific and it happens to latch to someone into that, I reckon it's going to go way more viral. Do you know, weirdly enough, I was talking about this with David Corrios recently. We were talking about making jokes like for the internet and, um, It feels like all three of us have had this mic, because not a lot of comics in New Zealand experiment with reels online, do they? I mean, some people post them, but a lot of the times that's just them posting a seven minute unedited wide shot of them at an open mic or something, right? Like that's a lot of people upload that, and then they're just like, yep. And it's like, God, why would you upload just a random open mic set? Like that is harrowing to me. But that being said, I think... a lot less people watch that kind of thing than I think. So you probably can upload the same crap a few times and not everybody's gonna see it. But yeah, that's something we've both been experimenting with is the online stuff. Are you still doing YouTube clips? I am recently, I've been very bad because I was at a couple of gigs where I got filmed professionally. And they have not sent me that footage back yet. So I'm just, I'm sort of waiting for that cause I was going to release the Coombac special. Oh, that's a good name. I like it. I love that clip that you had. It was like a guy and I guess it was like his wife or something and he like starts rubbing her leg and she just hits him in the belly and he just like backs off. I was literally just watching that back. And then I was just like, Oh, what the fuck? Cause I didn't notice that at the time. Obviously it's just amazing. The stuff you catch in the background of your reels in my case, often a lot funny in the actual reel itself. I've started noticing at these ones that cause like the laugh seller is really intimate. You can probably get 25 people in there. So like, you know, you only need 15 for it to feel like it's a full house, which is great. Cause like, it's just so good to run new jokes for cause like. you, even if it's like a small mic, you can get a good like kind of gauge as to how well it's going to do in like a big room and stuff. And I've noticed like, um, people, I don't know how to explain this, but it's almost like they forget that we can see their reactions to stuff, especially in a room like that, which is tiny. And like, I've had people like whisper something to each other and like, I've just been like, what was that? And then like, they look over at me like, hang on, like, wait, we didn't think you were like paying attention. And I just had this realization of like, yeah, like, some people that are gonna do that kind of thing, like they sort of don't really care what I think about their reaction. They're just like with their buddies and they're just like, you know, they nudge their friend and like whisper like an inside joke or they'll kind of like, you know, like if you do like a punchline, they'll like nudge them and be like, oh, that's you. And like, I really have to stop myself from trying to force myself into that area, into that interaction, do you know what I mean? Yeah, I forced myself into it because I think it's way funnier to be honest. If they whispered that shit, I want to find out what's happening. Like, yesterday I did, oh, not yesterday, two days ago I did Papa Moa. Yeah. And I was in the cinema and then one dude. That looked like a cool room. It was a sick room. We all thought this dude had fallen asleep and then I called him out on it. And he had his phone and he was just watching the Warriors game. So he looks up and he's like, oh, nah, bro, you're all just watching the Warriors. Man, the confidence, eh? I was like, damn, those diehard fans. We did this spot at Methvin, which is like pretty about 40 minutes from Christchurch. And there was a cut, the weird thing was, it was a bit of a hard night because it was like a rural crowd. And the DMC, my friend John, he didn't quite, he didn't quite know how to MC a rural crowd. So it was a bit of a long night for us, but there was this two, they were a couple. And like the whole night they had the dude's phone playing like the Crusaders game. silent like he'd muted that so like he was he was a G you know he was considerate um and somehow even though they were like half focusing on us half watching the rugby they were still some of the best like most interactive like they laughed the loudest they were just great audience members man these guys are like really good like just that's how you know you're doing a rural well just a kiwi gig when someone's trying to keep an eye on the rugby as well as watch the comedy That's why what we gotta do is every gig we do, we just hand out phones and play a pre-recorded match so then they'll love our show even more. It's a bit like when they joke that young people need Minecraft parkour and Yeah, yeah, yeah. Supply slider and like Family Guy clips to focus on anything. Have you seen any of them? Okay. Oh, you know, I definitely agree with you with that. I've actually even seen now in like cinema in America, the what's called AMC, I think their name is. They're literally having specific rooms where they have like on the side screen, like on main movie and on the side, like a subway service clip. Oh my goodness. I just saw that, I was just like, someone went to watch Barbie and they're just like, oh yeah, it was a bit distracting trying to watch the subway service clip. This Barbie movie was getting in the way of me enjoying my Minecraft parkour. I was going to release a version, you know, that COVID joke special that I did. I was going to release a version of that, which was going to be like, the main video was going to be tiny in the middle and it was going to have Minecraft parkour and subway surfer at the top of it just to see. Cause it was one of those things where if it got a bunch of views, it would be great. But if it didn't, it also was just kind of dumb and funny. Yeah. And it was definitely such an easy thing to do. Yeah. That we'll just see like the onion. Do you know the onion? Yeah. you'll see them that will do like these threads that are just like Q&A's almost. And in the background, it would just be Minecraft Park or one. It'll be showing the text on the screen. It's like, wow, even the onion are like, we're going to stop fighting. You know, like we're going to stop trying to swim upstream. We're just going to embrace it and we're just going to go for it. Yeah, I mean, there's the perfect guy I've seen who does it is like Mr. Purple Purple. So it'll be like a family guy scene. Hey, hey. Hey, Peter. It's like, Hey, Peter. And then it'll be like the wheel of fortune clip. And it was like, Oh, what's your letter? It seemed like Z, like from the clip ZZ. And then that piece of shit ball from the game below, it just comes up and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I guess this is a good, interesting question is like, um, I know a lot of older comics are like despairing that like people's attention spans going away and then they've got to do stuff like that. Like you're not making content for the people in the room, you're just making it to post online. Like what do you see if you stand up? Like what do you see? Do you see any trends that are going to take off? Like as a young person, what are your impressions of the way it's going to progress? Well, I mean, it's obviously now just crowd work clips and a lot of them are veering the degrees of the same shit. And that's why no one's going viral. Cause everyone's like, Oh, what do you do for a job? Oh, that. You guys are a couple? You're not a couple, dude. You know, he's trying to fuck you. Right. And just all that kind of thing. Right. Now we can finally reveal all the bad shit we've been saying off camera. The third tape because the comedy gods don't want us together. They know we were too powerful. That's true, man. We we would shake the earth to its very foundations. I think that's just I think to the listeners out there, this is probably going to be a spotty one. We've had some techies, I suspect, probably because new Christchurch right now is having hella rain at the moment. Not quite as bad as what you guys up there had. Craig made the comment, Auckland does everything better. So I think we do. Yuck. So yeah, let's finish off that question and then we'll wrap it up. So yeah, like you were saying, it's all kind of crowd, like you say, it's all crowd work stuff and it's all just like, are you two together? No. Oh, you know, he's trying to bang you, right? And all that sort of nonsense. But I guess if you look at the, you're aware of the comedian, Matt Reif. He like sold out a world tour. like using that business model. So I guess it's like, you can't really argue with the results, but it is kind of lame to see, I guess, isn't it? Well, I mean, I think Robert Scholes, I don't know if you've seen him, blonde guy, he really popularized it, doing all these things. And then Matt Rife. Yeah, probably. I know, so in short, yeah, he really popularized it. For sure. Smashing out these I know a lot of, like he was getting boosted, like my friend, she didn't think he was funny, but she thought he was hot. So she'd watched the video longer, which means it got pushed to more people, which means he got higher views and all that stuff. And then people who did find it funny, cause he is funny, obviously got to see the video. So it's just like, damn, I also love, I don't know about this, this sort of side topic, but like when people find out you're a comedian, I don't know if your friends do this, they will send me reels of other comedians. All the time, man. All the time. I'm just like, well, cool. Thank you for sharing the, but also if you had that same energy sharing out my clips, take three friends that might like this video. You might've had this, um, you've done a few corporate gigs and stuff yourself. Like you've done kind of like not just pub and club gigs. There's this, um, we get it down here quite a bit, but you know how there's always like a couple of dudes that like. kind of like want to join in and they think they're helping the show by heckling and, you know, calling out stuff and just being like generally disruptive. And then afterwards when you're all kind of chilling, they come over and like want to like banter with you and be all like, I, you know, I'm not like these sados out here. I got I got a sense of human like, you know, they, I'm one of the cool guys like you guys. I put a bit of comic too, you know, like, and it's just like I've started doing, it's that exact same thing as like, when people find out at a non-stand up thing, and they find out I do stand up, it pretty quickly becomes just like, have you seen this bit by like, this comedian? Like, oh, that's, he's really funny. And you know, it's just like all that sort of thing. And so like you said, it's always the same kind of conversation. So now it's become a thing where like, I kind of like being in events where people don't know what I do, because it's like, they don't, they don't like try to It's almost like they want the comedian's approval, even though you're kind of like, you don't need it, man. Like I'm going to talk to you because you're just another human. Like you don't need to like prove to me that like, oh, like, you know, you and me, or, you know, we're a couple of funny buggers. Like, it's just like- Oh no, I'm elitist. I'm like, make me laugh. Tell me your jokes then. This is you to comment. No, no. This is me to like, include some crowd members after the show. You make them tell you. But have you ever had it where- They came up to you after a show and they're like, you know, they're sloshed and they're like, I got a joke for you. And you're like, Oh God, here we go. And then they're like, you know, they tell you like the first line of the joke and you already know what the joke is and you've heard it before. And you're like, I know the end of the joke and they're like, I'm going to tell you the joke. And you're like, I know the joke. I know how it ends. You're not going to make me laugh with it. Like I've heard it so many times. And it takes them like 15 minutes to tell the joke. And you're just like, yep. As I said at the start, I knew how that joke was gonna end. Like, you're not gonna get any laugh out of it. Cause I don't, I don't, this is their surprise at it. Yeah, I had that. And then the guy was like, oh, I just watched this comedy show. He was so sloshed. He forgot that I was one of the comedians on the show. He's like, oh yeah, that fat guy who took his shirt off was hilarious. I was like, oh yeah, what was his name again? He goes, I don't know. I was like, oh, did he look like this? Take my shirt off. He's like, yeah. He's like, oh, for the next time, here's a joke. bullshit ever. And the thing is I didn't laugh because obviously I didn't find it funny because it was very fucked. And he goes, oh, explain the joke back to me. And then I was like, at this point, I'm like, fuck, I'm going to mess with them. I was like, oh, can you just say it one more time? Now I've had your explanation. If you just retell it. I reckon I'll get it this time and give you a laugh. I just walked off. Yeah. There's always racism. And like, I remember a guy starts telling me a joke and it's that same kind of thing. Like, I got a joke for you. And you're like, ah, yeah, okay. And then like the first line is like, couple of labos are walking along, right? And I'm like, oh, I don't want to hear the rest of this joke, man. Like, it's, I guarantee the fact that the urban original has nothing to do with the punchline. Like, so you're just like, ah, yep. Righto. Have a great night, pal, I think was the argument. Kevin Bridges is like, that's how you get rid of drunk guys at bars. You just slap them on the shoulder and like, have a great night, pal. That's too good. So useful. It was a paradise duck, which a paradise Sheffield and had a white head, brown body and like me and my mate were chasing a chicken cause we're bored and he's unemployed, so we had nothing better to do. So we're chasing this chicken and then this duck like head to the ground. and runs at me and like I'm 120 kg, six foot dude. Yeah. So I stay still thinking, oh, it's not gonna chase me. It chased me, tries to bite at my toes and then I run away. I figured out I'm slightly slower than this duck. Cause like it starts and the ducks already chased up like caught up to me. But then yet, like we had all these other people come across walk past the duck right next to it. I was the other side of the car park, head down. chase me and if I ran it ran faster which was absolutely fucked and then um so yeah families walking past it nothing happened and I swear to god this duck started to we saw him chase an old man the old man didn't even realize he like tried to bite at the back of his leg and then he hits it and the dude just turns around he's like what the fuck looks down and sees his duck and walks. Ducks are bizarre because I feel like we forget how harmless they really are Like for some reason, something about a duck charging you is scary, but it shouldn't be. Like what's a duck really going to do to us? The thing is like my mate chased it, like ran at it to try and scare it off. It started running towards him. Like we get into our car and I kid you not swear on my life this happened. The duck was literally like, we could hear the noise on my car. He was fucking pecking at the car door. And I kid you not. And then a lady comes up and she's like, she's like trying to feed away from the car, cause we were like, we're trying to leave. but we couldn't leave because I don't want to accidentally kill this fucking psycho duck. The duck runs at her and then she gets up scared and accidentally kicks it. The duck just gets in the car and just drives off. Yeah, the duck's chasing the car, the Terminator and the second one where it's running up to the back of the car. Genuinely, it was like that running hit on ours, like because we got in the car, we're thinking. It was scared off. It won't fuck with us. It fucking knew we were in the car and it still wanted to attack us. It could smell your fear. That show was genuinely the most, I mean, I don't run often, but that fucking thing had me literally scared to shit. It was cracked. That duck is willing to die to defend its territory, eh? But it's not even defending its territory because we first saw it like 10 minutes away from the car park and it genuinely followed us to the car park. I was like to my mate, I was like, bro, we're not going to let a duck bully us. I want the fuck is happening. This little kid, because the duck starts messing around near a camper van. This little kid runs at it full speed and the duck runs off. And then I'm like, hold up. It's scared of this five year old kid that's like tiny, but a six foot man, he's like, yeah, this is my time. This is what I'm willing to take on. Bazaar. I love it. Genuinely the weirdest, like I don't go out of nature often, but fuck. Cause like, yeah, my mate's mom, like, she's like a massive conspiracy theorist. Right? Like when, when I was five and I went to his house for the first time, I realized he doesn't have a mic, like a microwave. And now that I'm 22, she's like, ah, it's a terrible thing with the Starlink. We're going to get a hundred percent coverage. What I was like, do you want to live off the grid? And she's like, yes. Do you know what's happening to the animals? And I'm like, okay, now I see where she's coming from. These fucking ducks are crazy because the starling shooting wifi race. I was going to know where you are too. He's going to be like, I'm chasing that guy. Oh God damn classic. All right. Well, this has been a pretty chill chat. Let's say let's wrap this up here. We've easily got 40 minutes of content here. I am joining me sir. Anytime. Boy, if in the week and the people find you out in the world. on social media. Where can they find you? The world sounds like a nice place to be. Okay so my home address is 34.avtorbay.o630.auckland.newzealand. You can leave that in, that's not my address. That's just some random code, this address. My Instagram, cumgram, coombegram. You can follow me home. You can follow me on Tinder. You can follow my OnlyFans. It's Taylor Ruddle feet pics. He doesn't know I've taken them yet. sensational. I'd appreciate your time, man. Any good. I'll catch you later, bruv. you enjoyed that listen just to kind of chill out podcast episode to two fellas talking to each other if you need more Coombe in your life you can catch him several areas online the first one I would recommend you follow him on is his Instagram page which is at Coombegram you can also follow another Instagram page called Coombe and Friends that's his kind of the name that Matt and my other good friend Craig Westenberg when they do a solo show they refer to the Matt taking place of the Coom and Craig being the and friends. They post some very funny kind of shitposting page I think but it's worth a laugh so go and follow them if you enjoyed Matt. And then more seriously you can follow where he produces all of his shows if you're interested in getting along to some of his comedy gigs you can follow laugh mob nz on Instagram. There is an underscore between laugh and mob. If you follow that page you'll also see a little bit of my graphic design as I tend to do a lot of design for Matt. Matt doesn't appear to use his Facebook or doesn't use any Facebook for marketing, but he is on YouTube where he posts shorts pretty much every day or every other day. So look up at its Coombe on YouTube. He actually had an interaction with a punter go kind of viral and end up on some news websites when they, um, uh, some guy from the crowd made some homophobic comments to him. Um, so yeah, if you look up his YouTube page, you might be able to find that and see what happened there. As always for me, at TaylorOddallComedy on all the social media platforms, as well as check out Can Do Comedy to see what kind of events we've got coming up. Winding down a bit for Christmas now, I think for the foreseeable future it's just going to be Tuesday Night Quiz at Bridie's, Wednesday Night Quiz at Moi Moi, Thursday Comedy Show either at Austin Club or Spring and Fern depending on the date, check the page for more information and that might be it for us. Got a few things in the mix coming up in 2024, but that is going to be basically it. It'll be the first year that I actually have a bit of a Christmas break. Every job that I had done, for whatever reason, I didn't get much of a Christmas break. So that's going to be interesting. I wonder how I'm going to respond to that. The podcast will keep rolling through all the way to the end of the year. You know, it's a lot of fun to record and a lot of guests are going to be. sitting on their thumbs with nothing to do so I'm sure they're going to be more than willing to come and record a podcast with me. Leave us a review on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or whatever podcast player you are listening on that really helps me out a lot. I'd love to get the podcast back on the comedy charts some time in 2024. So that's all from me once again. Really appreciate you listening. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Ruddler over and out.

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