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48. The Muppets w/ Bridie Thomson

January 22, 2024 Taylor Ruddle Episode 48
Ruddle Me This! with Taylor Ruddle
48. The Muppets w/ Bridie Thomson
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This time I'm joined by Bridie Thomson, an up and comic comedian, voice actor and potentially puppeteer based in Auckland to talk about The Muppets, as well as the idea of the Muppetverse / Jim Hensen-verse / whatever you call it.

We talks about what The Muppets mean to Bridie, get into the history of a show a little bit and then end on some rapid fire Muppet based questions. It's a fun, cosy, very casual wee chat about a beloved series, what more could you want?

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Good morning folks. Welcome back to another episode. I am as always your host, the now award winning hack, fraud and charlatan, Taylor Ruddle. I'm recording in a slightly different room today, so the acoustics a little different. I do apologize about that, but hopefully everything is all good. This week on the podcast, I am joined by an Auckland stand-up comedian and voice actor, Muppets Jim Henson universe type Dearly, we didn't really figure out a good name for the whole the whole Muppet verse I'm up a versus a good name for it. Now. I wasn't super knowledgeable about the Muppets I think keen listeners of the show remember Amy Ball lace telling me a little bit about the setup of the Muppets what it was all about and I am rather disappointed to say in between then and now I did not manage to find the time to do some more research On what the Muppets was all about but lucky for me Bridie is a massive fan of the Muppets and she was more than willing to come on the podcast and have a chat about them. So I'm not going to waste any more time ahead. Let's just get straight into the interview. So everybody, Ruddle Maniacs, welcome to the show. Bridie Thompson. Hello Bridie, welcome to the podcast. Hello, hello. So what are we gonna talk about today Bridie? We're gonna talk about the Muppets, but I would like to say more, it's more generally like the Henson, Jim Henson universe, the Muppets multiverse. So just like, it's not just the Muppets show, it's Muppets of every kind. Yeah, cause that's what- That's what piqued my interest a little bit is when you mentioned that there was a shared Jim Henson multiverse, because as we all know, multiverses are very kitsch right now. They're very in. Oh, yes. And so we're going to get in on the algorithm there. Just off the top of your head, what kind of universes are also in this Jim Henson verse? You mentioned the labyrinth and then the dark crystal and then Sesame Street in that too. Yeah. So I think because Sesame Street actually came before The Muppets show. So yeah, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal. Oh gosh, what else is there? Apart from all the side, the thing with this multiverse is it's just suspended of disbelief. It means nothing. If people try to find meaning in the timeline, it means nothing. It's just puppets. So it's not a continually evolving story because they also do things like the Muppets did Treasure Island, which is also really relevant because like I said before, off the air, I'm currently recording Treasure Island as an audio book. So I may have to actually watch the Muppets, the Muppets version of that. Yeah, it is so good. I saw that, weirdly, a weird memory I have is that when I went to Australia, when I was like, I think, 12 or something, there's a 4D ride of Muppets Treasure Island where like, you know, sand, sand in your face, water, a little bit of water. I think I've been on this too actually now that you mention it. I've definitely been on a pirate themed 4D thing that shoots water at you. That's just unlocked a bit of a core memory. Yeah. Wow. I think I've seen two 4D movies. and they were both on that trip and I remember them not at all but I remember the experience of well that's all that sticks with you isn't it they also did a Christmas Carol I think yes Christmas Carol is one of my favorites uh with old um one thing we will learn quickly is I'm really bad with names um that's fine I probably don't know many of the names so you can just describe the puppet it's not the puppet it's the guy Michael Oh yeah. Who does he play in The Muppets Christmas Carol? He's Scrooge. Oh, I see. So then is Scrooge a puppet or is it a character playing one of the puppets? Because I think was Gonzo like Tiny Tim or something? Tiny Tim, Gonzo, wait, Gonzo's, or was Gonzo Scrooge? Tiny Tim was Robin, who's Kermit's plays Michael Caine. Like he's the actor. No, he doesn't play Michael Caine. He is Michael Caine playing a human role. Oh, okay, right. So they're humans. I'm screwed, however. I obviously haven't watched it in a while. There's usually one or two humans. Oh, gotcha. Because that was the thing that fascinated me with Sesame Street is that they're humans mixed in with the puppets. And another time was a WWE show where they had the puppets is like the, all the muppets were like the guest. the guest host for the week and all the puppets were interacting with the wrestlers and you would be surprised at how well they fit into the WWE universe. It was like perfect. It was, it was awesome. See, I've been, I like, I know nothing about this WWE feature, but that sounds ink. Like I, for some reason I feel like I've definitely seen Animal, like I can see him as a wrestler. Yeah. Well, they did a storyline where, um, what is the science guy called? Is he Beaker? Yeah, or yeah, because the orange head one. He's the one that says meat, meat over and over again, right? Yeah. So the gimmick they did with him was that they were making this potion that would give, um, you know, it was like superhuman strength and swiftness and all that sort of thing. And there's a comedy wrestler called Santino who was in a match that night. And so the Muppets were trying to get this magic potion to him so that he would be able to win his match. And. He was running through the backstage area and all the bad guy wrestlers were trying to hinder him and stop him from getting to them. And eventually he did get the potion and then won his match. But it all just, it all just was so seamless. So the wrestling world and Muppets world makes perfect sense when you hear it like that. Storylines the same. It's, it's, I guess then you could almost say that WWE is in the Jim Henson verse because they're kind of, they've done this one crossover episode. Were there any others that the Muppets have done as a kind of like a remake of other classical movies and books and stuff like that? There's like the Muppet Break Caper. That's like one of the first movies. Something to me tells me that sounds like an old timey book, but I've not read that. I haven't seen that one either. I don't know if there's any other remakes. There's definitely elements that they take from a lot of, you know, classic stuff. Like the other movies off the top of my head is like Muppets in Space. Um, but that's, that's about that sort of Gonzo's backstory, but it's not. Could be backstory. Who knows? Yeah. There's Elmo and Grouchland when Elmo started popping off. Oh, I have seen that one. Yeah. I watched that as a child, I think. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah, like, Elmo falls through Oscar's trash can. I just remember it being very like Roger Rabbit. Is his trash can some kind of interdimensional portal to his, like, his people's universe? He's a bit like Doctor Who. Yeah, that's what they say. Like, there's a grouch land and there's just heaps of different grouches that are all, like, different. like just all different. I can't even remember what happens in that movie, but I know I remember Elmo entering the like grouch land. Colours and the meow. Yeah. So I guess we've sort of gone off on heaps of tangents here. I'll see if I can steer it back to something that resembles structure. So the Muppets show, I've only watched little bits and pieces. I didn't really grow up on it, but I had another episode of the podcast with a friend of mine, Amy. She gave me a little bit of an intro to the Muppets world and to what I gather the Muppets show is a variety show kind of like SNL almost where they do like skits and song and dance and then when you're watching it you're kind of seeing like the behind the scenes bits where the Kermit and the others are like backstage being like whoa tough crowd tonight and all that kind of thing. Yeah, so they recently or not recently like 2015 or maybe or something they came out with like The office and like the title card was like the office, but it was the Muppets and it was like a behind the scenes show. But the Muppets show did start as a variety show, I guess. The first episode, my favorite part of it is the first episode of the Muppets show is called Sex and Violence. And like, and I thought because they got picked up in the UK, they didn't get picked up in America, that America was like, we don't want that puppet stuff. All I can think is that it was like a Sex Pistols, maybe Sex and Violence came out at the time. But other than that, if you watch it, it's gotten like it doesn't make sense. Yeah, well, my assumption was that Sesame Street and The Muppets were both for children. But that's not the case is that The Muppets is more of an adult audience. It's aimed at, aren't they? Especially like, yeah, especially in the early days, like, because we were like my partner and I watched this, like, stuff doesn't always age, not everything can age well when it's from like the 50s, 60s, 70s and there's some really questionable, really questionable content from Miss Piggy just being overly, overly whatever word you want to use around her, like the male celebrities and like, yeah, it's definitely not for kids, but then it's meant to be like family friendly. Yeah, it does have that sort of that vibe of being like. PG-13 kind of, there's like a wink and a nod. And then there's some jokes that the adults get and then some jokes that the kids don't quite, maybe don't quite understand. How did you kind of get into Muppets? Did you grow up on it as a child? Did you rediscover it later on in life? What was your kind of story with them? I definitely grew up on Sesame Street. My bedroom wall had glow in the dark Sesame Street stickers on it. They're still there to this day. Not in the- Nice. like in my childhood bedroom. It was just something that, I don't even remember watching Sesame Street. I just always was, I was always drawn to Sesame Street. And then like, I guess because I've got like older parents for my age, they knew the Muppets. That was like what he got kids into. Or, you know, like, yeah, they'd been around. And then it was... When I was studying, I studied film and then during that time, I went on like a puppetry tangent because I was in a show called Avenue Q at the local community theatre, which is Avenue Q is essentially an adult Sesame Street, but a musical. It was on Broadway and then, and it was just the, I got to play like 17 different puppets and just run around and do puppetry for a few weeks. So you're a puppeteer yourself? I have to... That's a bold statement. A loaded question. My partner is a puppeteer and a puppet maker. So there's like pro master and then there's baby puppet fan. Humble apprentice kind of level. Yeah. I love, yeah, and I just really got into puppetry and I, for my last thing, my film degree, I kind of based it on a potential kids show with the prime character being a puppet that I made that was coming to earth and learning about like global warming and climate change. That's quite an old topic. But it was the cat. Yeah, yeah. Like how we, yeah. And then it just is a natural, like, I just got back into the Muppets from there, being like, I love puppetry and wanting to learn more about puppetry as a craft. Um, I was just talking to someone about this the other day. I went to go and see a David Kareios show and one of his friends works for, like, I don't know, is Tusk puppets, is that anything to do with your partner? Or is that a different company? That's, I. John, he definitely probably knows them. And if I was to go and be like, do you know this? He'd be like, yeah, it's my mates. Um, yeah, totally. Well, um, but yeah, she was telling me that, uh, there are different, you've got the type of puppet that the muppets are, which is the hand, and then you control the hands with like little sticks attached to them, but then there's also, is it what they call hand rods? Yeah. And the technical term, not hand sticks, surprisingly. Hand rod. And then the other one of those ones with that, I don't know what you call it, the marionettes or something where you can control the whole body, which apparently is a completely different, it's a different discipline learning to do these two different ones here. So it's a very small world that I'm not doing a podcast about this a couple of days later. So then I was going to say, that was your getting into it. you are also a stand-up comedian and a voice actor. So would you say that any like, because the Muppets all have very distinct voices and they have their kind of characters. Did anything sort of influence you into the way you perform either the stand-up comedy or voice acting? I think, yeah, the voice, like the puppetry and voice acting thing definitely plays hand in hand because I just, I mean, I just like making voices and weird noises. I think the thing with the Muppets is that the Muppets are really bad. Like their variety show is none of them are good at what they do, but they do it with such confidence and they have the time of their lives doing it that I think I, yeah, I probably took Miss Piggy being someone I look to. as a independent woman and a strong, she is so confident in herself that, like, it's kind of a scale of like, okay, are you Miss Pickycock? Like, cause she just believes she can do anything and is the most gorgeous, beautiful, talented thing on earth. I don't, I definitely don't think that for myself, but I like to take some of her confidence in my stride and be like, you don't think like. Miss Piggy. But would it be fair to say she wasn't intended to be interpreted that way? Or do you think that was kind of their plan all along? She's like the diva type, right? Like there's always a I think because Miss Piggy's got a guess. She's got a sort of backstory. I think she's from Iowa or something and was had lots of lots of little pig-lit siblings and had to like crack through the family and like make something of herself. Um, but I think she was really intended to just be like the, yeah, like loud female character. Okay. Um, cause there's not, there's really not many female characters. And the whole of the muppets. When you're thinking about it. Yeah. Like that looking at it, I guess, cause even if they're like a thing, they're usually a male thing, or like the. They're not like main characters. So it'll be like someone's mom, someone's auntie, someone's girlfriend from something. Yeah. She was really like the, she filled all of the women roles. That was kind of a, a very nineties kind of thing. Like there's always, I know there was two women in the power ranges. So I'm not quite wrong there. I dunno, I dunno what I'm talking about. I was going to say though, um, I've always been curious as to what Kermit and Piggy's relationship is there one sided or is Kermit also interested in Miss Piggy? So Miss Piggy and Kermit is a, is a, is a, is a two, like it's a mutual, but it's an incredibly toxic relationship. I did not expect to hear you say toxic relationship. My word. I could go on. I. I've only recently started enjoying this piggy because I thought she was just quite problematic and abusive for quite a long time. Right, right. And this is, I will only get serious about serious things and Muppets is really serious. Serious business. A serious business. Like she karate chops people out, like she'll throw Kerma across the park. That's right. She does do karate, doesn't she? That's right. So I think- I think they sort of got together early. I want to say I read the other day that they were on again, off again for like 40 years. Wow. That's incredible. It really is. And then they broke up. They broke up at some point. And so one of the newer Muppets movies was about like, I want to get the gang back together. But how are we going to get Miss Piggy to come? Because Miss Piggy was off, I think she was editor for Vogue. And, and they hadn't, Kiwi, Matt and Piggy hadn't talked to each other. And then by the end of the movie, they end up together again. Which is not much of a spoiler because you never know if they're on again or off again. I didn't know in the first place. So yeah, that changes nothing as far as I'm concerned. But they weren't married. So, you know, they weren't tied to anything. Um, yeah, they weren't living in San Francisco. And then they, they finally properly broke up during the office, uh, like officially broke up. So I think as of today, they're officially no longer together. Right. Okay. I think, actually, I think this piggy is dating Tofa Grace. Right. And, and Kuma ended up dating like another pig with brunette hair. Oh, so he's got a type. Who's gonna tell me? I'll come at you dog. What was it gonna say? How did the tiff, was that, um, because I do remember Miss Piggy used to kind of swoon at the wrestlers and so evidently Muppet and human relationships are, um, it's not a big deal. Yeah, I don't think she's, I, like, I don't think she's fussed on the species of the type of, like, she's like frog human, let's go. She really is a feminist icon. Yeah, questionably so. Yeah, I think Tofa Grace was like a, because it was her late night talk show. So I think he was just like a guest or something. I can't really remember. It was because the one thing with the Muppets is they've always got a celebrity guest. So like the Muppets show, they had a different celebrity guest. never the same one. And so they continued that through like to the most recent season or series of they made a series of The Electric Mayhem which is the band inside the Muppets world. That's with the monster or whatever he's called the drummer? Animal. Yep. Oh, animal. Sorry. Yeah. Monster. He's a monster. Yeah. I think this was so fascinating about the franchise is it's so like It's all over the show, they have all these different formats for TV shows and different, not quite mediums, because they're always visual as far as I'm aware. Yeah, I think, I know, I guess there was songs like in the early, well no, there's always been songs. I think there's like Jim Henson records and songs, but there's always, it's always with a visual element. Yeah. I think because at its core, it's all about puppetry. Do you know much about the history of how the Muppets came about? Was this a puppeting type that Jim Henson pioneered or did he kind of just master it and evidently take it to new levels? He definitely created a really, really specific style. Because I know that marionettes have been around forever. forever, ever, ever. But because like the way the puppets were used was spanned between like people in mascot sort of suits or two people with like, there's just so many different types that, yeah, I think he definitely like developed and progressed and adapted and yeah, just like really. coined the techniques because they still use the techniques today. Wow. As time has marched on, I think people maybe look at Walt Disney slightly less favourably. Is Jim Henson still kind of beloved of a figure or are people kind of, I don't want to say turning on him as such, but just what's the perception of Jim Henson like today? If you're aware at all. Yeah, I actually... Muppets is a funny one because it attracts most wholesome of people. He died in the 90s, so he's been quite long gone and usually they've unearthed some tragic stuff. Something always comes up, doesn't it? Yeah, as far as I know. And I hope that I'm not about to... Google and find out something devastating news. But I don't think as far as I know, Jim Henson has not been cancelled. That is a very, very clever way to put it. I've definitely had to rethink certain sentences that I was about to say on the podcast. I thought, hang on, let's just, let's just word this a little smarter to not bite me in the butt in a few years. played certain puppets that have caused controversy. Yeah, I can. I guess that's the great thing about the fact that they're puppets is they feel easy to replace and people don't really catch on maybe unless the voice changes a tiny bit. But I remember watching. Go ahead. Oh, sorry. No, you go ahead. I remember watching a Sesame Street video as to how all the puppets work because I remember thinking to myself, like, how do they just, how do they do? Big Bird and how did they do Snuffleupagus and everything? And a lot of them, the people that are performing the characters now, had basically been studying the previous puppeteer and almost like inherited the role. And I always remember thinking like, what happens if you get someone who can't do the voice? Repeat, like, does the character's voice just change and people have to deal with it? Or but yeah, I don't know. That's. It's quite a cool, I like the idea that the character's getting passed down to student from teacher every, I don't know, whenever the teacher retires, I suppose. Yeah, well, one of the controversies was that the guy, the guy who in the Muppets series, the newer one, like 2015 one, the guy who was playing Kermit, like didn't get on with anyone and was like, his notes were real insane or something. But his Kermit was just not Kermit. Like, you're going to be a muppet's curious. Like he listened to it. He'll like, man, that's not Kermit. That's not my Kermit. That Je ne sais quoi was not there. Yeah. He, it was Kermit, but it was an impression of Kermit, you know, I understand. Voice wise. Uh, but, um, yeah, then he ended up going, um, talent, talent will only take you so far, right? You do have to be good with people. Or you at least have to coexist with people in your kind of cast mates, don't you? Yeah, well, especially when you're essentially laying on top of each other for eight hours of a day with your arms, pits in each other's faces. They sit on those little roller chairs and wheel around the set, don't they? So we've got about seven minutes left. Let's kind of wrap up on some, maybe some kind of rapid fire questions. And then we can have some closing thoughts. Um, have you ever, uh, like made a fan, not like a fanfic, but like a fan, if you could add any character, but like you complete, you have complete control, you, you are the Muppets. Um, what would you, what would your character be if you were going to join the Muppets like tomorrow? Oh man. Um, I think it's like a mix between Janice and. Miss Piggy. But so at the very start, I've never been able to figure out who the Muppet is, but they're like, I would be a human person Muppet, a humanoid, if you will. And just like real lanky and long and probably, I can't believe I haven't thought about this. Just real dopey. A very dopey Muppet. By humanoid, you mean sort of like Bert and Ernie kind of... Are they humans? I'm not quite sure what they're supposed to be. I think it's a humanoid, yeah. Or like I'd be a monster, like a furry monster. That'd be cool. Okay, so next question. Do you have a favourite song and dance number from the whole history of the Muppets? I mean, the feeling I have when I hear the Muppets show song... And that song's like followed me through my life. So when I did speech and drama, like as like a kid, the Muppets show was our little theme song. So watching it and hearing it, it's just so good. Really gets you jazzed. It is quite a catchy song. What was my next question be? Are there any characters who have left the Muppets that you wish you could bring back? I don't know if anyone's really left. I think I could, I know who I'd like to see more of. Yeah, let's go with that. Who would you like to see more of? I, there's a muppet called Lou Zealand, who is, he's got nothing to do with New Zealand, but he kind of looks like a little Shakespearean dude and he has special talent is that he throws fishes. Everyone hates him, but everyone thinks he's the worst, but I really like him. Lou Zealand, I'll have to Google that after this. So then let's flip that question and say, if there was a character that you would like to see them feature less, or you feel it's just too much, who would you shuffle to the supporting cast? Wait, I don't know what people feel about this, but I think Scooter. Which one is Scooter? So Scooter's like, he's kind of like the production manager, stage manager, he's orange, he's just a guy. And he was played by Frank Oz, who is my favorite. performer. He was Yoda in Miss Piggy. That was my fun fact. I wanted to slip in. But Scooter, I'm just like, he's just a guy. He's just a hardworking guy and like good for him. But we don't need that much of Scooter. I can do without Scooter. Taylor Swift is just like, yeah, get rid of Scooter. Yeah. I mean, yeah. Riley So. Although to be fair, she made billions off that tour. So I think he might have actually helped just make her rather than. Yeah. And I think Scooter is actually, the Muppet Scooter is actually a good guy. I don't just like him. Yeah. Just, yeah, we just don't need him right. We don't need as much of him. I can understand that. I think we'll finish on this question. If you could see any piece of literature, movie, etc. done with the Muppets and you get to cast it and stuff like that. Do you have any thoughts as to what you'd like to see remade or reimagined with the Muppets? And if you have any thoughts on like leading cast? Rocky Horror Picture Show, this discussion has come up with someone's Facebook post, but there's like a deadly, oh my gosh, what's his name? Miss Piggy would be like Magenta. And I could go, this is the huge question for Rocky Horror Picture Show, any ensemble show, but I think I would like to see, oh, I'm going to be thinking about this for a really long time. Probably not the best question to ask with two minutes left in the Zoom call to be honest. There's so many characters. Yeah, no kidding. The casting one was a bit of a bad question to throw in. We're on the time crunch. This has just flown by to be honest. Um, where can the people find more of you online? What, uh, where would you like to direct them? Uh, probably I'll try. I'm trying to do the Instagram thing maybe this year. Uh, but Bridie Thompson on anything, uh, B R I D I E and that is Thompson with no P. Um, Just like my local swimming pool. Hopefully. Yeah. My mom says that we're not wet. They always put that, they just write OOL and then they write, see how there's no P in it, keep it that way. Good way to remember it. Have you got anything coming up you'd like to plug, any gigs or anything like that? No gigs yet, except in April I'll be in Wellington doing gigs. That we can't announce because they're embargoed at the moment? Nah, Them's and Them's and the Neurodiverse Night. in April in Wellington and I'm sure some stuff will come up doing, oh this might get weird, February the 13th at the wine cellar in Auckland, it's an improv show. There you go, so thank you so much Brady, this interview has absolutely flown by, I hope you've enjoyed it and I'm sure we'll have you back to talk about one of your many other, what did you call them, fixations or obsessions? Hyperfixations. Thank you very much. Thank you. Welcome back everyone. Hope you enjoyed that. I certainly enjoyed the conversation. It just absolutely flew by. Did not feel like 40 minutes at all. I certainly learned a lot about the history of the Muppets as well as why Miss Piggy is actually quite the feminist icon of a character and apparently how toxic the relationship between Miss Piggy and Kermit has been all these years, although apparently, apparently over. So I hope you enjoyed that episode. Brady and I had a chat. last week sometime and there's a few topics that should like to come on and chat about on the podcast so you can look forward to seeing Bridie Maker return sometime in the future. I really hope that audio isn't coming up but literally a street sweeper just drove past my bedroom window. It's always the damn time that you decide to record as when the garbage truck or the street sweeper or whatever you decide to come rumbling past. So apologize if that audio Fingers crossed it didn't. I'll have a check in the post show editing. And if you're hearing this, that means very likely the audio did not show up. So given that there wasn't a super long interview, probably got a little bit of time for a bit of a life update. What's been going on with me? So we're into the third week of January now. It'll be the fourth week by the time this episode drops. I am still chugging away. We've got the usual gigs kind of running every week. We've got Love Seller on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 o'clock, $10 entry. The first two shows that we had were absolutely gangbusters, basically standing room only. I'm really hoping that's going to be a good omen for 2024. The usual Quiz Nights as always, Bridie's Bar on Tuesdays from 7.30pm and Moi from 6.30pm, both of those free to play. Had a bit of a chat with Sam from G Quiz the other day and he's hoping on expanding the quizzes that we're running in Christchurch so the possibility of us adding another quiz or two to our weekly repertoire are quite high. Things are going relatively well for me. I can't quite announce it just yet, but I've got some cool news for the podcast that will probably be announced within the next week or so. I'm not quite sure yet, but very cool news that will be just super beneficial for the growth of the podcast. We've of course got the live edition of Rattle Me This at Little Andromeda on the 13th of February, the day before Valentine's Day. Check out the Little Andromeda website to get tickets to those. I'm really looking forward to doing that live in person and hoping that the people that come out are fans and not just hoping that they can, I don't know, like hurl abuse at me in person. I don't know. But yeah, the machine, the machine ticks on. I'm still not 100% cashflow positive yet, but I'm working on getting a regular Beats by Bingo gig set up and then potentially another Quiznight. So if I can get both of those up and running, do a little bit of the podcast. Hopefully the podcast can generate a little bit of money this year. And I should be sitting relatively pretty to not be homeless, which is always a plus. I've been thinking about how I can find some voiceover work. online, so I think I'm going to be going the Fiverr route and just see if I can upload my voice reel to Fiverr and maybe get a little bit of voice over work on the side I suppose, but it's not really on the side if it's your main if you're unemployed. So yeah, if you've got some voice over work you'd like me to do, I'd be more than happy to take a crack at it, so just flick me a DM on the Facebook. I think that's about it really, we've got those two... fundraiser shows for the Cancer Society coming in February as well but I will be talking to you much sooner than that so I will be able to keep you updated on that. As always follow the Can Do Comedy Facebook page, follow Taylor Ruddle Comedy on all the comedy platforms and I think we'll just wrap it up there. Thank you so much for listening, really appreciate it. Thanks to Bridie for coming on the show. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you, hope you're getting back into the swing of the new year and I hope 2024 goes swimmingly for you. I'll talk to you again very soon. Ruddler out.

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